Sunday, July 11, 2010

Dare to Explore

For my 2nd layout this week, I would like to feature some more photos from the summer outing I've had with my close friends from my most recent workplace. As I've mentioned in my layout One Last Summer Together, my friends from my last workplace and I went to the pristine island of Potipot in Zambales. In the island, was a big wooden branch that was somewhat strategically placed in one part of the island. It's location was really perfect for picture-taking. We had so much fun taking pictures on the said location. Some of our pics were quite serious, but most of it were definitely wacky.

Journalling: Dare to Explore

Credits for this layout: Jejak Petualang Kit by Jak-ART-a Scrappers available at Aprilisa Designs; Baby Boston Font available at Kevin and; Summer picture with friends from Shy Arizala;

July 2K10 Calendar Layout

For my calendar layout this month of July, I feature my best friend Weng. She will be celebrating her birthday this coming July 12. My best friend Weng and I were friends since we were in the first grade. We have been together in our elemenatary and high school years. And although we went to different universities when we reached our college years, the friendship never faded. I can consider Weng as my (older.. hehehe) sister. We have seen each other in our best and worst fits, and we were able to accept each other's good and bad sides. God may not have given me a sister, but with Weng as my best friend, who needs one?

Happy happy happy birthday Bespren Weng! May God bless you always! :-)

Credits for this layout: Frisson Kit by Petit Moineaux; Evening Sphere WordART by LieN Clickphoto Designs;