Sunday, December 19, 2010

Elemental Scraps On-Sale

While surfing the net for digiscrap freebies, I chance upon this notice in one of the digital scrapbooking sites I frequent. Elemental Scraps is closing down its doors for good on December 31, 2010. Due to this, most of the digital scrapbooking items are on sale. Some are on 40 - 50% off, while some of the Mega Kits are on a 80-87% off. Imagine mega kits on sale as low as $1.00! And these kits are not the run-of-the-mill kits. They are bundle kits, having as much as 20papers and 40-50+ elements. Despite of my being a digiscrap freebie hunter, I just can't resist the urge to buy 3 of those mega kits. And the nice part is, I only spent $3.00 (PHP 150.00 approximately) for it! Imagine the savings I got.

So to all my fellow digiscrap addicts out there, hope you'll find time to visit the great
Elemental Scraps Sale. It is only until December 31, 2010. Hope you'll also find some nice items! :-)

Pao & Pup

Before my December layouts turn into an array of Christmas stuff, I would like to post one layout for one of my close buddies in my former office - Pao. Incidentally, Pao is also a December birthday celebrant, and he is also one of the ninongs (i.e. godfather) of my son, Zion. Pao is a level-headed friend whom I consider as a good source of information when it comes to music, film, and photography. He was one of the guys I consulted when I was contemplating which DSLR model to buy. Together with another good friend, Ron, they are the guys whom I talk to / email when I need some male-point-of-view opinions. But I must admit, that tough-looking as he is, this guy hates cockroaches the way I do (especially the flying ones). Once he had this wall post in Facebook that mentioned something about that yucky insect. It really made me laugh, and I can't help but to comment - "Wala talagang lalakeng macho sa lumilipad na ipis" (i.e. No man is macho enough when confronted by a flying cockroach).

For today's layout, I was going through Facebook earlier when I chanced upon Pao's profile picture which I found cute and funny. :-)

Journalling: Happiness is a warm puppy - Charles Schulz

Credits for this layout: Back to Basics Mega Kit available at Elemental Scraps ; Fontmoochers font available at

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Under the Christmas Tree

I had the rare chance to stay at home today, rest, and do some digiscrapping. It was a miracle to think that Zion's nanny was on her day-off today, and we had to go out earlier just to attend the 4th day of the anticipated Simbang Gabi mass (i.e. Midnight Mass). And since Zion's nanny was on a day-off, I had the chance to spend some quality time and bond with my Zion. How fast time flies. Just some 3 or 4 Christmases ago, Zion was still a baby whom I had to carry just for us to have a picture under or near the Christmas tree (see this layout when Zion was still about 6 months old). After 3-4 years, I don't need to force him to pose near or under the Christmas tree. Since then, there is no need to beg or prod Zion. He voluntarily poses in front of the camera. In fact, he is the one asking me to take his picture. There are even those moments (like the picture I used in this layout) wherein he asks me to join him in the picture.

This picture was taken during our visit to Vista Marina in Subic, Zambales last November. There was a giant Christmas tree in the hotel's reception area, wherein everybody had their pictures taken. As expected, Zion was a very willing model/subject in my attempt to play with my camera. And since Christmas is a time for love and family, I didn't hesistate to have my picture taken with my little man.

Credits for this layout: Christmas Cheer Kit by Connie Prince available at Gottapixel.

Zion and Santa Clause

In our family, it has been a tradition to play Santa Clause to all the kids in the family. My grandparents started it with my mom. My mom (as well as my dad) continued the tradition with me and my brother. And now that I have my own son, I am continuing the tradition of Santa Clause with Zion. As it has been, the kids write a letter to Santa Clause and place it on the Christmas tree on the night of December 15. I can't remember why it had to be on December 15. I think it was just in time for the start of the Simbang Gabi (i.e. Midnight Mass) and of course, to give Santa enough time to ask his elves to assemble the gift. :-) The kids are on "waiting stage" from December 16 to the evening of December 24. I remember going to bed early on the night of December 24 so that Santa could drop my gift without me noticing him. :-) The kids (well.. at least my brother and I) would wake up as early as 4 or 5AM of December 25, to check our gifts under the Christmas tree. And since we did our best to behave ourselves, we would often get what we wished for. Well, as for Zion, it is his 4th year to ask for a gift (we started when he was just 1 year old). This year, he told me that he wished for a bike accompanied with a helmet. As his mom, I told him that he should always be good so that Santa would give him his bike and helmet. :-)

Journalling: He knows when you are sleeping / He knows when you're awake / He knows if you've been bad or good / So be good, for goodness' sake... / Santa Clause is coming to town..

Credits for this layout: Merry Christmas Collab Kit available at DigiScrap Mania Shop ; Fontastic font available at

Sunday, December 5, 2010

December 2K10 Calendar Layout

How fast time flies! It was only today that I realized that it is already the month of December. No wonder my parents are busy cleaning the house and have started setting up the Christmas decors. And as of my last check, it is only 21 or 22 days before the Big Day called Christmas!

For my calendar layout this month, I featured my son, Zion. Why Zion? They say that kids are the usual people who are happy during Christmas, because they receive an assortment of gifts from almost everybody - their parents, their siblings, godparents, and of course, who can ever forget Santa Clause?!? The pictures in this layout were taken during our short weekend vacation in Vista Marina Hotel in Subic, Zambales. The hotel had put up their Christmas decors early, so our entire family (especially Zion) had a fun time taking pictures with those Christmas decors.

Journalling: Because this is your season, dear child.. Enjoy every moment of it...

Credits for this layout: Home for the Holidays Kit by DK Designs