Saturday, February 27, 2010

Friends For Life

I love my high school girlfriends. If there is one set of friends I would like to keep and stay in touch with all my life, they would definitely top my list. My high school girlfriends and I have actually known each other since we were in the 5th grade. My best friend, Weng, who's part of this high school circle of friends, have been my bestfriend since we were in the first grade. We have, literally and figuratively speaking, seen each other grow and mature. We know or at least have a good idea how one would react given a particular situation. We know each other's trip, likes, and dislikes. We have loved and accepted each other despite the personal differences.

Journalling: We have known each other since our first day in grade school. We have been together for the longest time. We have seen each other roll in laughter. And we cried our hearts out together. We were witnesses to how love made each one go insane. And we were there to bring back one another to reality. We have seen each other grow. We have loved and accepted each other despite the differences. Thank you for always being there... Friends for Life...

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By Your Side

As I've mentioned in a previous layout, I really treasure those moments wherein Zion and I have a picture together. The picture I used for this layout is one of those pictures that I like. It was taken during our weekend getaway in Clarkfield in Pampanga last September 2009. Zion and I was having a fun time rolling and jumping on the hotel bed, when I decided to take a picture of us together. One of my friends who saw this picture commented that Zion and I look like "pinagbiyak na bunga", that if I didn't have pimples on my face, Zion would be my male-mini-me version. Of course, as Zion's mom, I'm happy with comments like these. :-)

Journalling: LOVE... is having you by my side always.

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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Erick & Ching @ 33

If there is one reason why I still believe Love exists, despite my not-so-nice experiences in it, it would definitely be my parents. I have seen my parents literally and figuratively grow old and mature together. Of course there is no perfect relationship, and even my parents have had their share of fights and arguments, but the good times always outweighed the bad. They may have had their rough moments, but they somehow managed to make things work, raise two stubborn kids (and now helping their daughter raise another stubborn kid, in the form of their grandson Zion), and keep the house strong. Come March 6, my mom and dad will be celebrating their 33rd wedding anniversary. It may be a long way to their golden anniversary, but I am proud to say that 33 years is not a bad number of years to say that my parents have definitely shown what Love is all about.

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Neo & Apple

Last January 2, 2010, my officemate Apple got married to her fiance' Neo. Prior to their wedding, we gave Apple a bridal shower last December. We rented a hotel room in Makati, and connived with Neo so that the bridal shower would be a surprise party for Apple. It was good that Neo was cooperative and was a fast-thinker, because he was able to convince Apple to accompany him to the hotel room. Of course, there was some hesitation and doubt on Apple's part, but Neo assured her that the hotel room they were about to check was for Neo's balikbayan aunt and cousin. When they got to the hotel room, Apple was so surprised when she turned on the lights and a bunch of ladies shouted "SUFRISE!". We deliberately said SUFRISE as a tease or pang-aasar for Apple because she mispronounced this word before. To Apple and Neo, belated congratulations and best wishes!! :-)

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Saturday, February 13, 2010

This Moment Together

I am really happy whenever there is a chance for me and my son to have our picture taken together. This seldom happens even during family outings because I'm the family's official photographer. I take pictures of everybody, and I'm quite meticulous about the poses and the angles from where the shot is taken. Unfortunately, there is a downside to this duty. Whenever I want myself to be photographed - either solo or with my son or with the rest of the family - I have hard time giving instructions to whomever will be taking the shot. In addition, another downside would be I have less pictures than everybody else. And the "saddest" downside would be, I only have a few pictures with my own son. Zion would have more pictures taken together with his grandpa, grandma, my brother (his Ninong - godfather), and even his nanny! This is the reason why I really make it a point to ask, or should I say require, the last person with whom Zion is photographed, to take a picture of me and my son together. I make it a point to make a deal with that last person, that I would only take their picture together, if he/she, in return, would take a picture of Zion and his mom together.

Journalling: This moment together... this moment together...

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Reason for Believing

I was going through Zion's baby/infant pics, when I chanced upon those pictures that were taken immediately after he was taken out of my tummy (I gave birth via C-section). Funny as those pics may appear, it made me realize how fast time flies. The little infant before is now an active, funny, sometimes-naughty, 3 year old boy. Three years ago, I may have doubts on myself on how I would raise him, given the circumstances surrounding my pregnancy and his birth. I know it wouldn't be an easy task. But when I saw his angelic face when I first visited him in the hospital's nursery, I knew and believed God wouldn't send an angel like Zion, if He had no plans and means to help me sustain my son. As my former boss told me, "There is a reason and purpose why God sent Zion into your life. You just have to believe and have faith in whatever that reason and purpose would be.".

Journalling: Zion Enrique Gabriel * April 23, 2006 .... You're my angel... the reason I believe.

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Saturday, February 6, 2010

Simply Adorable

Last week, my family had a weekend getaway at Vista Marina in Subic, Zambales (Philippines). We spent the weekend there. It was great respite from the busy and hectic work week. I was able to spend quality time with my family, and most especially with Zion. I guess even Zion had a great time last week, as seen from the photos I used in this layout. These photos were taken at the hotel lobby of Vista Marina. Zion enjoyed the shoot and he almost dipped his hands into the mini-fountain behind him. His nanny had to rush during the picture-taking because Zion suddenly dipped his hands into the fountain.

Journalling: You simply Adorable.

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Strike A Pose

Last December, our office had our yearly Christmas Party celebration. This year was held at the SMX Hall near the Mall of Asia here in the Philippines. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to attend the said celebration because of responsibilities here at home. To have an idea of what the party was like, I asked my officemate/friend Shy for some pictures taken during, and even the before-and-after shots. Here's two of the pictures she took before the party. These photos were taken at the lobby of the SMX. I was literally laughing my heart out when I saw these pics. I never realized my friends in the office had that potential (and desire!) to be models. So to Joann, Apple, and Cae, way to go ladies! Strike a pose! ;-)

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