Saturday, January 30, 2010

February 2K10 Calendar Layout

It's just a few days away before February - the month of Valentines, the month of love (so cheeeeesy!!!). So to give tribute to the month of love, I am featuring my brother Philip together with his girlfrined Nella in my February calendar layout.

Just a side note. My brother and his girlfriend Nella will be celebrating their first year anniversary as a couple (boyfriend-girlfriend) this coming April. Of course I will be creating a separate layout for them when April comes. I just hope that Nella will be more patient and tolerant of my brother's short temper and his being uber jealous. Tee hee!! :-)

Credits for this layout: Love and Hope Kit by Jaelop Designs; Calendar template from Miss Mint 2010 Calendar templates from Peppermint Creative;

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Grand Opening : Kreative Kreations Korner

Hi everyone! I just want to make a short announcement. Kreative Kreations Korner will have its grand opening on the 29th of January (this coming Friday!).

The designers will be offering discounts on their kits. Check out also the KK CU Grab bag which will be offered on a discounted price this month (January) only!

See you at the shop! :-)

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Home * Family * Blessing

Here's another layout which features some more pictures which I took when the year 2010 ushered in. It featured my mom & dad, bonding moments among the "tres Enriques" (my dad, my brother, and my son), my grandfather together with his great grandchildren (i.e. Zion, and my niece and nephew), my grandfather together with his grandchildren (i.e. my brother, I, my cousin and his wife); and at the center is a picture of me and my son. I must say that this new year is one of the happiest new year celebrations my family had. The kids (i.e. Zion, and my nice and nephew) were not even scared when the firecrackers started to explode. My grandfather laughed with his great grandchildren. My mom and dad were, as always, cheerful as the new year entered. My brother was quite sleepy minutes before 12MN, but we managed to "drag" him out of his bed and celebrate with us. As for me, well, I made the necessary superstitious preparations to bring in good luck for 2010 - wore red, had coins and bills in all of my pockets, and was munching on a bunch of grapes (round fruits). Hopefully, 2010 would be a lot better than 2009! Let's all hope for the best! :-)

Having some place to go is HOME; Having someone to love is FAMILY; Having both is a BLESSING.

Credits for this layout: Home Kit by Just Jessa Designs available at Kreative Kreations Korner; IOTW Extras WordArt by Tina Chambers available at Creating Keepsakes

Happy Family

When the year 2010 ushered in, I took pictures of our family. I try to do this every time the new year sets in. Somehow it reminds me to be thankful because my family and I had survived another year, and we are together in facing whatever comes in the new year. It is also nice to compare how we look, how we grew (or aged... hehehe...) in just a span of 12 months - most especially Zion. It's amazing to see what 3 years can do to my little angel. *sigh*...

A happy family is but an earlier heaven. - George Bernard Shaw.

Credits for this layout: Home Kit by Just Jessa Designs available at Kreative Kreations Kornerl WordArt from Bethany Elegant Word Art.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Fun, Sun, Beach

I cannot forget Zion's first time at the beach. He was barely a year old when my family and I brought him to Camayan Beach in Subic (Philippines). My dad was quite hesitant in bringing his beloved "apo" (grandson) to the beach, because his "apong tisoy" (fair-skinned grandson) might get sunburned and or rashes from playing on the sand. So when we set Zion's beach chair, and when we got him all-dressed up with his beach getup, his Lolo (grandfather) was closely watching him. But as Zion's mother, I made sure my son had a feel of what the beach was like. I allowed him to play, walk, touch, and almost rolled on the sand. I allowed him to waddle a little in the sea water. And to my father's shock (tho' he can't do anything about it because I'm still Zion's mom), I allowed Zion to experience and have fun under the sun. Well.. I just made sure to apply baby lotion and sunblock so he won't get sunburn. A little of everything is not that bad, most especially if it pertains to the sun and the beach. :-)

Journalling: Fun & Sun @ the Beach, Subic, Phils. 02.03.07

Credits for this layout: Viva Carnaval Bundle Kit by Caroline B. available at Kreative Kreations Korner; font: Segoe Script available at

Carnival Time

I guess if one would ask my son, Zion, to name those memories which would really stick on his mind, he would definitely include the day we went to the Big Red Barn in Tiendesitas, in Pasig City (Philippines). It was a fun theme park, with lots of rides for the young ones (as well as the young once). Zion definitely enjoyed the merry-go-round, the mini-ferris-wheel (wherein I rode with him - thank God it was able to handle my weight!), and the chooo-chooo-train. His godmother/my cousin Jo rode with him in the merry-go-round and the choo-choo-train.

Credits for this layout: Viva Carnaval Bundle Kit from Caroline B. avalailable at Kreative Kreations Korner.

Friday, January 15, 2010


I joined the Sampler Challenge for January at Kreative Kreations Korner (wherein I'm also a part of the Creative Team. This was the layout I created for the challenge. Here's a link to the January Sampler Challenge.

Anyway, for this layout, I used Zion's pictures when he was just a few months old. Notice that, young as he was during that time, he already had the penchant for posing in front of the camera! And those poses weren't your ordinary poses, they showed Zion's naughty and wacky side! Truly deserving of the Filipino expression "Kagigil"!! Tee hee! :-D

Gigil / Kagigil: a Filipino term; noun. the irrestible urge to pinch someone because the object or person is well liked or loved; adj. incapable of being resisted or withstood.

Credits for this layout: Remix Mini Kit by Wilma4ever available at Kreative Kreations Korner. Sebastian and Veteran Typewritter fonts from

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Through the Years

Here's my 2nd layout for the Vintage Harmony Kit (see credits below) under Kreative Kreations. This layout uses my parents' picture which was taken at the entrance of Bohol Beach Club. This breathtaking resort is located in the province of Bohol in the Philippines. The picture was taken around 2 years ago. I enjoy taking pictures of my parents.. I'm not sure why.. I guess it reminds me that despite of all the uncertainties that come with any relationships, that genuine love still triumphs in the end... :-)

Journalling: I'm glad I stayed with you... Through the years...

Credits for this layout: Vintage Harmony Kit by Caroline B. also available at Kreative Kreations Korner; Jane Austen font available at; Journalling comes from the song "Through the Years" by Kenny Rogers.

The Look of Innocence

This is my first layout as a the CT (creative team) member in Kreative Kreation Korner. I found the opening when I was surfing the net for digiscrap freebies and famous digital scrapbook shops. I sent an email to one of the shop owners, Ms. Wilma4Ever to ask her if they were accepting newbie digiscrappers. I gave a brief description of myself, as well a link to this blogsite and my gallery at Scrapbookflair. I was just so happy and excited that she liked my layouts, and allowed me to try being CT member in their shop.

For my first layout using one of the kits in the shop, it featured my son Zion. This picture was taken during his school graduation ceremonies last year. I'm not sure if he was nervous, or anxious, or excited. But that facial expression is surely something I would always remember and smile about.

Journalling : the Look of Innocence

Credits for this Layout: Vintage Harmony Kit by CarolineB available at Kreative Kreations Korner;

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Party and Folly

Here's another layout which is sort of a Part 2 of Apple's bridal shower layout. This layout shows the 10 of us who attended the bridal shower. Well, as I've said in my recent previous layout (Apple's Shower), even though there were only 10 of us who attended Apple's bridal shower, we sure had a LLLLOOOOTTTT of fun. The food was great, the games (and the participants) were hilarious (we were able to "gang up" on our 2 teamleads who attended the shower and joined the games... tee hee!!). And of course, the party became more lively, when the Tequila was opened. Teee heee!!! :-)

Journalling: No Party is any fun without Folly.

Credits for this layout: Funky Scraps Kit by Pouyou Designs; Party On! WordArt from Tina Chambers available at Creating Keepsakes; our friend/officemate Shy for the pictures she took during the bridal shower.

Apple's Shower

Before we took our Christmas vacation last December, we gave our friend/officemate Apple her bridal shower. She'll get to tie the knot today, January 2. Unfortunately, I won't be able to attend her wedding because of the wedding's venue.

We had a Hat Party theme to celebrate Apple's bridal shower. Even if we are just 10 (including Apple herself), we sure had a lot of fun during the party. We had spaghetti, chicken lollipops, native delicacies, and of course, Tequila! Tee hee!! :-)

I'm not sure if Apple and Neo (Apple's soon-to-be hubby), will be able to check out this layout soon, but nonetheless, I would like to wish them both Congratulations and Best Wishes on their wedding! May God bless their union and be with them always! :-)

Journalling: It's always a party when my friends are here; We don't need streamers or balloons floating near. 'Cuz when we're together, there's fun everywhere. Our dreams are Confetti, tossed high in the air.

Credits for this layout: No Boys Allowed Kit from Un-leash-ed Scraps available at Digiscrapdepot; Party On! WordArt from Tina Chambers available at Creating Keepsakes; our officemate/friend Shy for the lovely pictures she took (unfortunately, she's not in pictures above).

January 2K10 Calendar Layout

Happy New Year!!!! I would like to greet everyone a happy and prosperous new year. I hope that as the year 2009 leaves, it would take with it all the unhappy memories the past year brought. And as 2010 enters, I wish that this year would be a much better one than last year.

As another year begins, I would like to feature a quite-funny calendar layout for January 2K10. This layout features my son Zion when he was just about 2 years old. He was staring at something at his side. But the funny thing was how he stared at whatever object he's looking at. When I showed this shot to everyone here at home, they were laughing because Zion looked very "mataray" (i.e. Tagalog word from snooty, or snobbish) in this pose.

Journalling: Look, do I look like I care??

Credits for this layout: Why Don't We Kit available at Sweet Digi Scraps; Spring Mini Kit from; WordArt from WordArtWorld; Miss Mint 2010 Calendar Stamps from Peppermint Creative