Sunday, June 20, 2010

One Last Summer Together

I just had to spill this out.

Last week was not a good one for me. I was informed by my boss that I was included in the list of people who will be retrenched because our job position will already be scrapped out. Though we have a good and somehow generous separation pay, I must admit that it was not really pleasing. The thought that I won't be able to get a new job immediately, scares me, especially that I have a 4-year old son to support makes the situation more difficult. But I guess the second reason why I was saddened because I will surely miss the few people in that office whom I can call my true friends - those people who went out of their way to get to know the real me before passing their judgment, those few people who were true and honest, those few people who stuck by my side when almost everyone thought different of me.

I dedicate this layout to them. The pictures used in this layout were taken during our summer 2010 getaway in the pristine beaches of Potipot Island in Zambales. I will definitely remember and cherish this outing we had (though we were not complete that time) - and will surely miss the people I've been with during that outing. To my office friends - Glenda, Shy, Cae, Ara, Apple, Mae, and Joann - thank you for everything, most especially the friendship and the memories. :-)

Credits for this layout: Spring Dress Kit by Cristy Vanderwall available at; Vaguely Repulsive Font available at; Summer picture with friends from Shy Arizala;

Happy Dad's Day 2010

Today is a day wherein the world gives credit to fathers, the responsible and loving head of every household. For my layout today, I feature my own Dad, together with my brother and my son. My Dad is not a perfect man. There are times wherein we don't see eye-to-eye because of his more conservative outlook on things. But I can definitely say, I couldn't and I wouldn't ask for a much better Dad, because my Dad has been a very responsible, loving, and understanding father to me. I hope and I pray that when my brother and my son, become fathers themselves, they too, will be like my Dad.

To my Dad - Happy Father's Day!! We may not always see things from the same perspective, but your love, patience, and understanding have made you what you are now - the best Dad anyone could have.

Credits for this layout: Dadditude Kit from Peppermint Creative; Not His Angel font from Kevin and

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Four Generations

I was lucky enough to be able to go to a lot of places this summer. One of the places I've visited was the Summer Capital of the Philippines, Baguio City. I went there last May with my family. We have been to Baguio several times before, but somehow, each visit is always unique and the experience is always fun and rejuvenating. Perhaps it can attributed the cool climate of Baguio, which is around 18 - 20 deg Celsius (a far cry from the scorching 37-38 deg Celsius here in Manila last summer). This cool climate makes everyone relaxed and less irritable.

One of the places we've visited in Baguio was the Philippine Military Academy. Filipino men and women who dream of joining the Army study and train in this prestigious place of learning. The picture I used in this layout was taken in the said place. The four guys in the family had their picture taken in front of the bronze emblem of the PMA. Four generation of Tarrancos - my Dad Erick, my son Zion, my brother Philip, and my grandfather Lolo Pilo.

Credits for this layout: Sweet Afternoon by Sunshine Studio Scraps; Spring Mini Kit by Kevin and; Amazing Ruler font available at Kevin and;

June 2K10 Calendar Layout

The month of June marks the end of summer here in the Philippines. Rains have started pouring in, and parents start to prepare their kids for the start of another school year. June is also Father's Day month, and incidentally, it is also the birthmonth of my grandfather Lolo Pilo. So for my calendar layout this month, I am featuring my grandfather - Lolo Pilo. Lolo Pilo is my Dad's father and he used to be a farmer in our province in Quezon. After my grandmother, Lola Azon, died, my Dad convinced him to stay with us here in Manila so that he could officially "retire" from being a farmer, and to prevent him from having drinking sessions with our other relatives in the province.

Lolo Pilo has a great reputation for being close and loving to his grandchildren (including me!). I remember our trip to Quezon when I was about 5 years old. I wanted to go hiking with my Dad, my uncles, cousins, and my grandparents. However, the hike was difficult given the muddy and slippery mountain roads. Since I wanted to join the hike (and I was already throwing tantrums), Lolo Pilo carried me during the entire hike and on our way down the mountain. He also killed and cooked one of his pet chickens, when we were there, because he knows that I am not fond of seafoods when I was still a kid. My grandfather would always have a special place in my heart. Let this layout be a small token of my gratitude and appreciation of all the things Lolo Pilo has done for me.

Credits for this Layout: Daddy Number 1 Kit from Jaelop Designs; Miss Mint 2010 Caledar Templates from Peppermint Creative;

Kapurpurarwan Rock - God's Magnificence

It has been some time before I was able to create some digiscrap layouts. I was too busy with some summer family activities, as well as some summer activities with my office pals (hope to create digiscrap layouts out of those summer activities. :-)). Let me make up for those time by creating 3 digiscrap layouts this week. Here's the first.

This first layout is a continuation of my adventure in the northern province of Ilocos, here in the Philippines. The pictures used in this layout were taken at the Kapurpurawan Rock in Ilocos Norte. Basically, Kapurpurawan Rock is a rock formation near the shorelines of Ilocos. The view (both rock formation and the angry sea) is soooo majestic and breathtaking from afar, and much more when you are actually near or on top of the rock formation. I must admit it was a long and somehow tiring trek to get to the rock formation (I actually sprained my right ankle during the trek). It was made harder because the rain poured when we were on our way back to the bus. But every sweat, tear, (and even sprain) was worth it. Looking out onto the angry sea while on top or near the top of the rock formation will make one reflect on God's magnificence as manifested in the grandeur of Mother Nature.

Journalling: Mother Nature is God's way of showing man that He provides and is always there.

Credits for this Layout: Tendresse Kit by Happy Scrap; Socially Akward font available at Kevin and;