Sunday, December 19, 2010

Elemental Scraps On-Sale

While surfing the net for digiscrap freebies, I chance upon this notice in one of the digital scrapbooking sites I frequent. Elemental Scraps is closing down its doors for good on December 31, 2010. Due to this, most of the digital scrapbooking items are on sale. Some are on 40 - 50% off, while some of the Mega Kits are on a 80-87% off. Imagine mega kits on sale as low as $1.00! And these kits are not the run-of-the-mill kits. They are bundle kits, having as much as 20papers and 40-50+ elements. Despite of my being a digiscrap freebie hunter, I just can't resist the urge to buy 3 of those mega kits. And the nice part is, I only spent $3.00 (PHP 150.00 approximately) for it! Imagine the savings I got.

So to all my fellow digiscrap addicts out there, hope you'll find time to visit the great
Elemental Scraps Sale. It is only until December 31, 2010. Hope you'll also find some nice items! :-)

Pao & Pup

Before my December layouts turn into an array of Christmas stuff, I would like to post one layout for one of my close buddies in my former office - Pao. Incidentally, Pao is also a December birthday celebrant, and he is also one of the ninongs (i.e. godfather) of my son, Zion. Pao is a level-headed friend whom I consider as a good source of information when it comes to music, film, and photography. He was one of the guys I consulted when I was contemplating which DSLR model to buy. Together with another good friend, Ron, they are the guys whom I talk to / email when I need some male-point-of-view opinions. But I must admit, that tough-looking as he is, this guy hates cockroaches the way I do (especially the flying ones). Once he had this wall post in Facebook that mentioned something about that yucky insect. It really made me laugh, and I can't help but to comment - "Wala talagang lalakeng macho sa lumilipad na ipis" (i.e. No man is macho enough when confronted by a flying cockroach).

For today's layout, I was going through Facebook earlier when I chanced upon Pao's profile picture which I found cute and funny. :-)

Journalling: Happiness is a warm puppy - Charles Schulz

Credits for this layout: Back to Basics Mega Kit available at Elemental Scraps ; Fontmoochers font available at

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Under the Christmas Tree

I had the rare chance to stay at home today, rest, and do some digiscrapping. It was a miracle to think that Zion's nanny was on her day-off today, and we had to go out earlier just to attend the 4th day of the anticipated Simbang Gabi mass (i.e. Midnight Mass). And since Zion's nanny was on a day-off, I had the chance to spend some quality time and bond with my Zion. How fast time flies. Just some 3 or 4 Christmases ago, Zion was still a baby whom I had to carry just for us to have a picture under or near the Christmas tree (see this layout when Zion was still about 6 months old). After 3-4 years, I don't need to force him to pose near or under the Christmas tree. Since then, there is no need to beg or prod Zion. He voluntarily poses in front of the camera. In fact, he is the one asking me to take his picture. There are even those moments (like the picture I used in this layout) wherein he asks me to join him in the picture.

This picture was taken during our visit to Vista Marina in Subic, Zambales last November. There was a giant Christmas tree in the hotel's reception area, wherein everybody had their pictures taken. As expected, Zion was a very willing model/subject in my attempt to play with my camera. And since Christmas is a time for love and family, I didn't hesistate to have my picture taken with my little man.

Credits for this layout: Christmas Cheer Kit by Connie Prince available at Gottapixel.

Zion and Santa Clause

In our family, it has been a tradition to play Santa Clause to all the kids in the family. My grandparents started it with my mom. My mom (as well as my dad) continued the tradition with me and my brother. And now that I have my own son, I am continuing the tradition of Santa Clause with Zion. As it has been, the kids write a letter to Santa Clause and place it on the Christmas tree on the night of December 15. I can't remember why it had to be on December 15. I think it was just in time for the start of the Simbang Gabi (i.e. Midnight Mass) and of course, to give Santa enough time to ask his elves to assemble the gift. :-) The kids are on "waiting stage" from December 16 to the evening of December 24. I remember going to bed early on the night of December 24 so that Santa could drop my gift without me noticing him. :-) The kids (well.. at least my brother and I) would wake up as early as 4 or 5AM of December 25, to check our gifts under the Christmas tree. And since we did our best to behave ourselves, we would often get what we wished for. Well, as for Zion, it is his 4th year to ask for a gift (we started when he was just 1 year old). This year, he told me that he wished for a bike accompanied with a helmet. As his mom, I told him that he should always be good so that Santa would give him his bike and helmet. :-)

Journalling: He knows when you are sleeping / He knows when you're awake / He knows if you've been bad or good / So be good, for goodness' sake... / Santa Clause is coming to town..

Credits for this layout: Merry Christmas Collab Kit available at DigiScrap Mania Shop ; Fontastic font available at

Sunday, December 5, 2010

December 2K10 Calendar Layout

How fast time flies! It was only today that I realized that it is already the month of December. No wonder my parents are busy cleaning the house and have started setting up the Christmas decors. And as of my last check, it is only 21 or 22 days before the Big Day called Christmas!

For my calendar layout this month, I featured my son, Zion. Why Zion? They say that kids are the usual people who are happy during Christmas, because they receive an assortment of gifts from almost everybody - their parents, their siblings, godparents, and of course, who can ever forget Santa Clause?!? The pictures in this layout were taken during our short weekend vacation in Vista Marina Hotel in Subic, Zambales. The hotel had put up their Christmas decors early, so our entire family (especially Zion) had a fun time taking pictures with those Christmas decors.

Journalling: Because this is your season, dear child.. Enjoy every moment of it...

Credits for this layout: Home for the Holidays Kit by DK Designs

Sunday, November 28, 2010

For Dear Yaya Linda

Before the month of November finally comes to an end, I would like to feature another birthday celebrant of this month - our very own Yaya Linda, Zion's ever-reliable nanny. Yaya Linda has been Zion's nanny since Zion was one week old. I am proud to say that Yaya has been with the family for more than 4 years now. She has taken very good care of Zion since day1, and she has seen Zion grow from being an infant until now that Zion is already a preschooler. In these times, wherein finding a reliable and trustworthy nanny is difficult as finding the perfect pair of shoes, I surely feel lucky to find one in my Yaya Linda. Not only is she a nanny to Zion, but she also serves as a second parent and grandparent when I am not or when my mom (Zion's real grandma) are not around. So to our dear Yaya Linda, happy happy birthday! I know you may not be internet-saavy, and may not be able to read this, but just the same, I want you to know that I am so thankful for always being there for me and Zion. Thank you for everything.. :-)

Journalling: For all the love, the patience, the understanding.. For being a very good secon parent... Thank you dear Yaya Linda.

Credits for this layout: Remember When Kit by Kim B's Digi Scraps.

Saturday, November 13, 2010


For my second layout today, I am featuring another friend whose birthmonth is also in November - Ara. Ara was my Quality Analyst when I was doing development/programming work in my previous company. She was a fresh graduate when she joined the company and our team, but over time, I really think she improved a lot. Having seen how she works, I really think she deserves more than what she's having now (i.e. matiisin lang sya talaga... hehehe..). Aside from work, I consider Ara as one of my girl buddies in my circle of friends in that company. She was very fun to be with it, but she definitely has something between her ears. Despite the fact that she is younger than most of us, this lady (lady daw o?!? heheheh...) knows when and how to speak her mind. When I was still with that company, we used to discuss and make okray (i.e. criticize and diss) people, things, and even systems/processes which we think are really out of line. Lastly, I also consider Ara as my "daughter-in-law-na-hilaw" because of her self-professed crush on my 4-year old son, Zion. Goodluck always Ara! Your boypren Zion wishes to extend to you his hugs and kisses! :-)

Credits for this layout: Funny Valentine Kit by Scrap Indonesia; Girls Divas WordArt by Kellie's Kreations.

For Bhel

For my layout today, I would like to feature one of my girl friends - Bhel. Bhel has been my officemate and friend back in Sunlife. Together with two other friends - Ron and Pao - I consider them as my closest buddies back in Sunlife. Incidentally, Bhel is also a November birthday celebrant. Her birthday is just a few days after my birthday. Bhel is definitely one unique lady. She can juggle her work as an IT professional, a pro badminton player, and also an avid fan of Nick Carter and Parokya ni Edgar (a local band here in the Philippines). On her birthday this year, we are planning to celebrate it by watching PNE's gig in one of the nearby music spots. Well.. I hope she gets the chance to have a duet with PNE's lead singer, Chito. Tee hee!! Advance Happy Birthday, Bhel!! :-)

Credits for this layout: Delightful Girl Kit and Love & Like Kit both by Simply Clean Digiscraps; Evening Sphere WordArt by LieN.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

November 2K10 Calendar Layout

It's 2 days before the first day of my favorite month of the year - November. I will not say why I like this month. :-) But since it is my favorite month of the year, I will post my monthly calendar layout a little earlier. :-)

For my calendar layout this month, I feature myself. :-D. Well, I enjoy taking pictures of my family and friends, but seldom do I enjoy being in those pictures. There are only those rare occassions wherein I want to have my own pictures taken. It's not that I don't want to be with family and friends. It's just I feel self-conscious when I know I am being photographed. This is the reason behind the picture in this layout.

The picture was taken in Ugo Bigyan's Pottery in the town of San Pablo in Laguna. The place was one of the venues included in the Viaje del Sol trip (check Within the compound of Mr. Ugo Bigyan, is a corner where a simple wooden chair is located. I surely love this spot within the compound. It may feel eerie at the start, but it definitely registered well with the camera, and relaxing on the chair somehow brings a feeling of serenity. I sat there, shut my eyes, my ears, and even my mind. And even for a few seconds, I felt peace within.

Journalling: "Simplicity ... Minsan gusto mo na lang huminto, pumikit, maging bulag at bingi sa lahat ng ingay ng mundo... " (i.e. There are times when one just wants to pause, close his eyes, and be blind and deaf to all the distractions in this world.)

Credits for this layout: Simplicity Kit by Little Angel Designs; Photomask by Bouille; Veteran Typewritter font by;

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Be Happy

One of the famous advertisements here in the Philippines is that of a multivitamin. I guess it was because of its tagline - Be Happy. Another known politician in this country used a similar campaign motto during the May 2010 elections - Gusto ko happy ka (i.e. I want you to be happy). I guess it's a common thought that everyone wants to be happy - may it be in one's personal life, love life, career or family life. I also share that thought - I also want to be happy. But I personally think that one's happiness relies on how one defines happiness. For one, I am happy with the simple things - lose 2-3 lbs, a 3-day weekend, good rest from a stressful week at work, digital scrapbooking, travelling to local and foreign places, and a simple hug and kiss from my little one Zion.

For my layout today, I feature my cousin Josie during our trip to Lake Pandin (as part of the Viaje del Sol trip) in the province of Laguna. To be honest (and she might get pissed with this comment), my cousin Josie is not really fond of smiling. She is normally the serious type, mukhang problemado sa buhay type of girl. There should be some good reason before she actually smiles, albeit laugh. It is during this rare occassions, during these more relaxing moments, when I actually see my cousin smile. And I am glad that I've got my camera ready to capture this kind of moments.

By the way, to my cousin Josie, belated happy happy birthday (last October 15)!! Hope to see you smile more frequently. :-D

Journalling: If you want to Be Happy, Be. - Leo Tolstoy

Credits for this layout: Citrus Twist Kit from Sprouting Seeds Studio; WordArt by Bethany Elegant WordArt.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

October 2K10 Calendar Layout

For my calendar layout for the month of October, I am featuring a former colleague and friend from my former office - Catherine, or Cae as we fondly call her. =D. Cae is one of those friends whom I can describe as sugar and spice rolled into one package. Sugar because she is definitely a good friend to me back in our previous company. She was honest enough to tell me what was wrong with me and what people say behind my back - and I admire people, most especially friends, who are honest inside and out. She is also one helluva spice! =D Cae can make anyone smile and laugh with her antics and pranks. Everyone in our circle of friends had fallen victim to her kakulitan... and even our previous manager was not spared. :-D

To Cae, advance happy happy birthday (for October 11)! Wish you happiness and success in your new work and office! Meron ka na naman bago mabibiktima dun.. Hihihihi! And definitely, I wish that you will not miss your flight after you have rescheduled it. :-P

Journalling: "As we go on.. We remember.. All the times we had together... As our lives change, come whatever.. We will still be friends forever.."

Credits for this layout: Spontaneous Delight Kit by Carrie Stephens available at Shabbyprincess; Pictures taken by another friend Shy Arizala; Journalling taken from The Graduation Song by Vitamin C.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Everything About You

As I've mentioned in my one of my most recent posts, the main reason why I bought a DSLR camera was my son, Zion. For this reason, when I got my DSLR camera, he was also one of my first subjects in trying out the various features of the cam, especially the continuous shooting mode. I really find the continuous shooting mode a very great help especially if I have to take pictures of Zion while he is performing in school.

The pictures I used in this layout were from the "test shots" I took while exploring the features of my DSLR camera, most especially the various scenes (including the very challenging Manual mode) and the continuous shooting mode. The set of pictures on the upper right corner were the shots I took using the continuous shooting mode. I was quite delighted with the way the camera clicked continuously and the way it was able to take successive pictures of Zion, that if I scroll through those pics, it would appear as if Zion was actually moving (like the way they create cartoons!). I'll try to experiment and explore the other features of the DSLR camera. Hopefully, I'll get to post more layouts in the future using the pics taken from the cam. :-)

Credits for this layout: Little Star Freebie Kit by Andrea of Here A Scrap There A Scrap; WordArt from Random Thoughts by Linda.

Let's Play

About 2 weeks ago, my good friends and kumares came over to my place for some catching up and some bonding moments among girlfriends. One of my kumares, Bhang, came with her son, Enzo, who is my godchild. Incidentally, Zion was also at home that time, so both our boys were able to spend some together in their own chitchatting world and of course, in play. Their common interest? Plants vs. Zombies! The game had helped us, their moms, to calm them down, and prevent them from interfering with our own girl talk. Both boys enjoyed the game, and both willingly paused everytime we asked them to pose in front of the camera. :-)

Credits for this layout: Boy's Kit by Claudia Sachs.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Little War Boys

After waiting and wanting for soooo long, I was able to buy my own DSLR camera. I actually bought it not because of the hype in DSLR cameras. I bought it because I was really pissed off with my old point-and-shoot camera which has a very very severe case of shutter lag. It was taking almost 5-8 seconds before the picture can be taken. So just imagine my frustration everytime I have to attend Zion's school activities and I wasn't able to take any good pictures of Zion while he was performing because of my camera's shutter lag. So to get more acquainted with the new DSLR camera, I am still trying out the different shooting modes of the camera as well as trying to play around with the manual mode. I must admit that since the DSLR has a looooot more features than the ordinary point-and-shoot camera, I am still learning about what the camera can and cannot do.

The pictures I've used in this layout were part of the experimental shots I took using some of the shooting modes of the camera. My two willing victims were my son Zion and my own brother Philip. My brother Philip is a frustrated military student who just took the ROTC (Reserved Officers' Training Corps) now he's in college to get a feel of what military life is all about. Oftentimes, he "trains" his own nephew (my son) Zion and they get to play soldiers like what they're doing in the pictures. The "photoshoot" was very funny and relaxing as the two boys willing goofed in front of the camera.

Credits for this layout: 7 Colors Kit by Rainbow Designs Format; WordArt from Kellies Kreations;

Septemeber 2K10 Calendar Layout

I know I lagged again in updating this blog with more digital scrapbook layouts. *sigh*. Again, I was busy adjusting at work. Have this high productivity number of hours to meet. Plus, I was being asked to do some additional admin. tasks which sometimes eats even my time at home and with my son. Oh well.. proby guys can't complain that much... *sigh*... Hopefully all this effort at work will earn me my regularization come January 2011 or hopefully earlier.

Anyway, having my girl friends Weng and Bhang here at home about a few weeks ago was a very good respite from my work-from-home weekends. It has been 2 years since Weng and I have seen each other because she was working in Dubai (UAE). It has been several months since Bhang and I have seen each other since she was studying hard for her 2nd college degree which was Nursing. The weekend together was a great time to bond and catch up on each other's lives. It was also a great time since my son Zion was able to play with Bhang's son (my godson), Enzo. The two boys had a blast playing Plants vs. Zombies, while my girlfriends and I shared stories and updates while munching on pizzas and soda. I hope there will be a repeat of this the next time Weng comes home for a vacation. :-)

Credits for this layout: Plentiful Kit by Shabbyprincess; WordArt from Bethany's Elegant WordArt.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

In Your Eyes

It has been some time since I created a layout which featured my son Zion. I was busy creating layouts which featured my friends from my former workplace, the places I visited last summer, and some family layouts, but not Zion solo. So for my layout today, I am featuring my son Zion. The close-up shot used in this picture was taken during Zion's 4th birthday party last summer. It was taken by my officemate-friend Shy, who served as the party's photographer.

They say that all kids are beautiful, especially in the eyes of their own mothers. I know this may sound conceited, but I really do think that there is something in my son's stare that can make me really feel fulfilled as a mother, and as a person in general. Perhaps it is my mommy-side that is speaking, but everytime I look at those pair of small brown eyes, a certain feeling of peace, happiness, and fulfillment settles in me.

In Your Eyes
... i can see my dream's reflections

... found the answers to my questions

... i can see the reasons why our love's alive... You and I

... we're drifting safely back to shore, and I think I finally
learned to love you more....

Credits for this layout: Mango Tango Kit by Delicious Scraps; Larger Mine, Segoe Script, and Howser fonts available; In Your Eyes song by George Benson; Shy Arizala for the picture.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

August 2010 Calendar Layout

I apologize for not being able to do some digiscrapping for almost a month. I was quite busy job-hunting and responding to job interviews for the past weeks. But I guess, all the time lost in digiscrapping allowed me to find a new job, in one of the very reputable I.T. companies, not only here in Manila, but also in the world (sorry but I can't mention it here in my blog). It was definitely a God-given blessing-in-disguise. :-) Well, now that I've finally submitted most of the job on-boarding requirements, I am hoping that I could do some digiscrap layouts again.

I also know that we are already in the middle of the month of August. Nevertheless, I would like to share my August calendar layout with everyone. For this month's calendar layout, I featured another good friend, Geraldine. Gepotz, as I fondly call her, will be celebrating her birthday this month. She is a very good friend since we were back in the 6th grade. We were classmates again in high school, we eventually went to the same university, and we also took the same college degree. Gepotz is a very well-grounded lady whom I have always counted on for her objective opinions and level-headed advice. Similar to my mom (they have the same birthdays), she has a practical outlook on things, but she always has this soft spot for people close to her like her family and friends. To my very good friend Gepotz, happy happy birthday (on the 29th)!! God bless! Stay cool! *hugz* :-)

Credits for this layout: Doux Bruissements Kit by Au coin de l' Objectif; Evening Sphere WordArt available at Lien Clickphoto;

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Dare to Explore

For my 2nd layout this week, I would like to feature some more photos from the summer outing I've had with my close friends from my most recent workplace. As I've mentioned in my layout One Last Summer Together, my friends from my last workplace and I went to the pristine island of Potipot in Zambales. In the island, was a big wooden branch that was somewhat strategically placed in one part of the island. It's location was really perfect for picture-taking. We had so much fun taking pictures on the said location. Some of our pics were quite serious, but most of it were definitely wacky.

Journalling: Dare to Explore

Credits for this layout: Jejak Petualang Kit by Jak-ART-a Scrappers available at Aprilisa Designs; Baby Boston Font available at Kevin and; Summer picture with friends from Shy Arizala;

July 2K10 Calendar Layout

For my calendar layout this month of July, I feature my best friend Weng. She will be celebrating her birthday this coming July 12. My best friend Weng and I were friends since we were in the first grade. We have been together in our elemenatary and high school years. And although we went to different universities when we reached our college years, the friendship never faded. I can consider Weng as my (older.. hehehe) sister. We have seen each other in our best and worst fits, and we were able to accept each other's good and bad sides. God may not have given me a sister, but with Weng as my best friend, who needs one?

Happy happy happy birthday Bespren Weng! May God bless you always! :-)

Credits for this layout: Frisson Kit by Petit Moineaux; Evening Sphere WordART by LieN Clickphoto Designs;

Sunday, June 20, 2010

One Last Summer Together

I just had to spill this out.

Last week was not a good one for me. I was informed by my boss that I was included in the list of people who will be retrenched because our job position will already be scrapped out. Though we have a good and somehow generous separation pay, I must admit that it was not really pleasing. The thought that I won't be able to get a new job immediately, scares me, especially that I have a 4-year old son to support makes the situation more difficult. But I guess the second reason why I was saddened because I will surely miss the few people in that office whom I can call my true friends - those people who went out of their way to get to know the real me before passing their judgment, those few people who were true and honest, those few people who stuck by my side when almost everyone thought different of me.

I dedicate this layout to them. The pictures used in this layout were taken during our summer 2010 getaway in the pristine beaches of Potipot Island in Zambales. I will definitely remember and cherish this outing we had (though we were not complete that time) - and will surely miss the people I've been with during that outing. To my office friends - Glenda, Shy, Cae, Ara, Apple, Mae, and Joann - thank you for everything, most especially the friendship and the memories. :-)

Credits for this layout: Spring Dress Kit by Cristy Vanderwall available at; Vaguely Repulsive Font available at; Summer picture with friends from Shy Arizala;

Happy Dad's Day 2010

Today is a day wherein the world gives credit to fathers, the responsible and loving head of every household. For my layout today, I feature my own Dad, together with my brother and my son. My Dad is not a perfect man. There are times wherein we don't see eye-to-eye because of his more conservative outlook on things. But I can definitely say, I couldn't and I wouldn't ask for a much better Dad, because my Dad has been a very responsible, loving, and understanding father to me. I hope and I pray that when my brother and my son, become fathers themselves, they too, will be like my Dad.

To my Dad - Happy Father's Day!! We may not always see things from the same perspective, but your love, patience, and understanding have made you what you are now - the best Dad anyone could have.

Credits for this layout: Dadditude Kit from Peppermint Creative; Not His Angel font from Kevin and

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Four Generations

I was lucky enough to be able to go to a lot of places this summer. One of the places I've visited was the Summer Capital of the Philippines, Baguio City. I went there last May with my family. We have been to Baguio several times before, but somehow, each visit is always unique and the experience is always fun and rejuvenating. Perhaps it can attributed the cool climate of Baguio, which is around 18 - 20 deg Celsius (a far cry from the scorching 37-38 deg Celsius here in Manila last summer). This cool climate makes everyone relaxed and less irritable.

One of the places we've visited in Baguio was the Philippine Military Academy. Filipino men and women who dream of joining the Army study and train in this prestigious place of learning. The picture I used in this layout was taken in the said place. The four guys in the family had their picture taken in front of the bronze emblem of the PMA. Four generation of Tarrancos - my Dad Erick, my son Zion, my brother Philip, and my grandfather Lolo Pilo.

Credits for this layout: Sweet Afternoon by Sunshine Studio Scraps; Spring Mini Kit by Kevin and; Amazing Ruler font available at Kevin and;

June 2K10 Calendar Layout

The month of June marks the end of summer here in the Philippines. Rains have started pouring in, and parents start to prepare their kids for the start of another school year. June is also Father's Day month, and incidentally, it is also the birthmonth of my grandfather Lolo Pilo. So for my calendar layout this month, I am featuring my grandfather - Lolo Pilo. Lolo Pilo is my Dad's father and he used to be a farmer in our province in Quezon. After my grandmother, Lola Azon, died, my Dad convinced him to stay with us here in Manila so that he could officially "retire" from being a farmer, and to prevent him from having drinking sessions with our other relatives in the province.

Lolo Pilo has a great reputation for being close and loving to his grandchildren (including me!). I remember our trip to Quezon when I was about 5 years old. I wanted to go hiking with my Dad, my uncles, cousins, and my grandparents. However, the hike was difficult given the muddy and slippery mountain roads. Since I wanted to join the hike (and I was already throwing tantrums), Lolo Pilo carried me during the entire hike and on our way down the mountain. He also killed and cooked one of his pet chickens, when we were there, because he knows that I am not fond of seafoods when I was still a kid. My grandfather would always have a special place in my heart. Let this layout be a small token of my gratitude and appreciation of all the things Lolo Pilo has done for me.

Credits for this Layout: Daddy Number 1 Kit from Jaelop Designs; Miss Mint 2010 Caledar Templates from Peppermint Creative;

Kapurpurarwan Rock - God's Magnificence

It has been some time before I was able to create some digiscrap layouts. I was too busy with some summer family activities, as well as some summer activities with my office pals (hope to create digiscrap layouts out of those summer activities. :-)). Let me make up for those time by creating 3 digiscrap layouts this week. Here's the first.

This first layout is a continuation of my adventure in the northern province of Ilocos, here in the Philippines. The pictures used in this layout were taken at the Kapurpurawan Rock in Ilocos Norte. Basically, Kapurpurawan Rock is a rock formation near the shorelines of Ilocos. The view (both rock formation and the angry sea) is soooo majestic and breathtaking from afar, and much more when you are actually near or on top of the rock formation. I must admit it was a long and somehow tiring trek to get to the rock formation (I actually sprained my right ankle during the trek). It was made harder because the rain poured when we were on our way back to the bus. But every sweat, tear, (and even sprain) was worth it. Looking out onto the angry sea while on top or near the top of the rock formation will make one reflect on God's magnificence as manifested in the grandeur of Mother Nature.

Journalling: Mother Nature is God's way of showing man that He provides and is always there.

Credits for this Layout: Tendresse Kit by Happy Scrap; Socially Akward font available at Kevin and;

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Enjoying the Long Road

Another place which we visited during our trip to Ilocos was the Patapat Viaduct. The Patapat Viaduct is a loooooong bridge. On one side is the mountains of Ilocos, while on the other side is a raging sea. The long bridge connects the province of Ilocos to the Cagayan Valley. We stopped by the end of the bridge to get some pictures. Some of us walked along the looooong bridge, while the others posed at the middle of the road (there were only a few trucks and vans that were passing that time). My mom and I opted to stay and pose near the bridge, having the long bridge as our background. My brother was more "emo" that time. He doesn't want any picture. So I had to steal a shot from him while he was "thinking about things" while he stood facing the sea.

In fairness to my "emo" brother, it was nice to just stand by the side of the bridge and look over the sea. There's a calming effect when one does it. Personally, it allowed me to breathe in fresh air, relax, and take my mind from the stressful city life.

Journalling: Note to Self: Take time to enjoy the Long Road called LIFE. Patapat Viaduct, Ilocos Norte, Philippines, April 2010.

Credits for this Layout: Without End Collab Kit from; Font: Baby Bostong font available at Kevin and

Free As The Wind

One of the wonderful places that we visited from our trip to Ilocos last April was the Bangui Windmills in Ilocos Norte. Yes! We have those here in the Philippines! :-) According to one of the locals, the Bangui Windmills are the main suppliers of electricity in the province of Ilocos. If I remembered it correctly, there were around 20 towering windmills in the area, all facing the sea (the locals say it is already the South China Sea). The sight of these windmills was really majestic and breathtaking. Being under one of these gigantic windmills and feeling the sea breeze through your hair and face, one would have an exhilirating feeling of freedom. For all those visiting the northern region of Ilocos, the Bangui Windmills is a must-see landmark.

Journalling: As Free As the Wind.. Bangui Windmills, Ilocos Norte, Philippines, April 2010.

Credits for this layout: Escape Kit by Jayedid Designs; Only by Request font and Fontmoochers font both available at Kevin and;

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Memories at Bantay Bell Tower

One of the "highlights" of my somehow-long vacation a few days ago was our trip to Ilocos province, a province located at the northern part of Manila. My mom, my brother, and I went there as part of a travel group which was handled by Travel Factor. We departed Manila on the evening of April 29, and arrived at Ilocos at 6AM of April 30. Our first stop was the Shrine of Our Lady of Charity St. Augustine Parish Church and the Bantay Bell Tower. It was an old church (which dates back to 1590 when the Spanish colonized the country. Coming near or going inside the church and the bell tower, one can see that both are made of solid bricks - a trademark of old Spanish architecture.

It is unfortunate that we don't have a picture inside the bell tower because my Mom had a hard time walking and climbing the long flight of stairs. Nevertheless, we had fun taking serious and wacky pictures (like the one in the layout), having the bell tower as our background.

Watch out for more pictures from our Ilocos trip in my succeeding layouts! It's my way of sharing with my readers/viewers the places they can visit here in the Philippines.

Journalling: MEMORY is a way of holding on to the things you love, the things you are, the things you never want to lose. || Mama * Cherick * Philip - Bantay Bell Tower - Ilocos Sur, Philippines - April 30, 2010.

Credits for this Layout: Starstruck Kit by List West Designs and Digi Diva; MemoriesWAFreebie by Agnieszkag;

May 2K10 Calendar Layout

How fast time flies. My one-and-a-half weeks vacation has come to an end. Back to work. Back to reality. Nevertheless, I can say that I had a great time during that short respite from work. I was able to process and obtain my Solo Parent ID (yehey for additional 7-days paid leave from work!!), was able to have a foot spa, was able to watch Ironman2, was able to travel up north to Ilocos (one of the northern provinces here in the Philippines), and most importantly, I was able to have some quality time with my family and my son, Zion.

Now back to my digital scrapping world. :-) The month of May is usually devoted to one of the most important women in our lives - our mother. Today, March 9, is Mother's Day. For this reason, I chose my Mom as my model for my May 2010 calendar layout. My mom went with me during my trip to Ilocos last April 30. Despite having a hard time walking, she managed to take care of her 2 children (my brother and I) during that loooong travel to Ilocos. One of the first places we've visited was the Bantay Bell Tower in Ilocos Sur. It was really a landmark that should never be missed when one visits the said province. More Ilocos pictures to come in my next layouts!! :-)

Credits for this layout: Family Ties Collab Kit by Jak-ART-a Scrappers; Love WordArt by Thaty Borges Designs; Calendar Template by Peppermint Creative;

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Put Your Head on my Shoulder

I am on the 3rd day of my vacation which started last Monday. As I've mentioned in my previous post, I took some time off from work, to relax and unwind, to take care of some things here at home, and of course to spend some quality time with my son, Zion. I remember the last time we had a real mother-and-son bonding time was during his Moving Up activity from Toddler Playschool. He was awarded the Little Mr. Newscaster award because of his fondness for talking and telling interesting and funny stories to his teachers and classmates. After the school activity, we had a small celebration. It was also my brother's graduation from high school, so my Mom and I decided to have a sort-of double celebration - for my brother's graduation from high school, and Zion's moving up from Toddler Playschool to the much formal level of Nursery (this coming June). Since it was loooong and hectic day, Zion was really exhausted at the end of the small party. As expected, after all the hustle and bustle and his being hyperactive, he would end up carrying him, as he slowly dozes off to sleep while resting on my shoulder.

Journalling: Always remember this moment.

Credits for this layout: Sahabat Lama Kit by Jak-ART-a Scrappers; Moments WordArt by Agnieszkag;

Trust Yourself

Last Monday (April 26) was the start of my one-and-a-half vacation leave. Well, it was supposed to be a 2-weeks leave from work, and we were supposed to visit some relatives in Canada. However, due to some unforeseen circumstances, we had to postpone the trip to next year. It would be quite a hassle on my part, since I wasted PHP6000 (approximately $120) just to get this Canadian visa. Oh well. I am hoping that I could still get one next year.

As a consolation, I still took my vacation leave. I just shortened it to a week and a half (instead of 2 whole weeks). I still have a lot of things to take care of, including my Solo Parent ID, my son's enrollment, and of course, a short trip to a local spot here in the Philippines. I took leave off from work, as a reward to myself - a much-deserved reward after going through some stressful and grueling things at work. Well, I hope that this long break from work would give me some time to unwind and spend some time for myself and my family.

Journalling: You can Trust Yourself. Other people's opinion are driven by their needs and emotions - not by magical insights about your worth.

Credits for this layout: Back N Why Kit by Caroline B. available at KreativeKreationsKorner; Photomasks Pack2 by Brouille; WordArt by Bethany Elegant WordArt

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Little Angel of Love

Zion is excited nowadays. Aside from it's summer, and he is on vacation, his birthday is just a few days from now. He will be turning four years old. Usually, the family takes him to church to attend a thanksgving Mass, then we treat him to a small "gimmick" or dinner wherein noodles or what we commonly call "pancit" is always part of our order. We do this, as a superstition or a family tradition, so that the birthday celebrant will have long life and a lot more birthdays to come.

The picture used in this layout was taken during Zion's birthday celebration last year. It was sort of a candid shot, taken without him knowing it. He's not really in deep thought in this picture, he was just starting to get tired and sleepy. :-)

Journalling: Little angel of Love...

Credits for this layout: Sweet Childhood Collab kit by Jak-ART-a Scrappers; Between Heaven & Earth Wordart by Feli Designs.

It's A Boy Thing

One of the recent places we've been to last Holy Week was the Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar in Bagac, Bataan. If you're that kind of person which loves old Philippine architecture, then this is the place for you. It features famous old houses, mostly from the Luzon area, which were reconstructed in the said resort. The owner, as he was described by our tour guide, was sort of "house collector" - wherein he buys old houses, bring down the house piece by piece, and reconstruct it in the said resort. Talk about an expensive hobby! Tee hee!! :-)

Well, it appears that my son Zion, my brother, and my cousin had a great time, as seen in the photos used in this layout. They may be boys, and may be quite indifferent while I was marveling at the old houses, but they sure know how to appreciate good places (and good photo venues) when they see one.

Journalling: It's a Boy thing...

Credits for this layout: Boys2Men Kit by Snowsmoon Designs; BoysBoys WordArt by Kellie's Kreations;

Friday, April 9, 2010

April 2K10 Calendar Layout

For my April Calendar layout, I chose my son Zion (nicknamed Zeegyboi) to be featured in the calendar layout. Aside from April being his birth month, Zion always watches whenever I create my digiscrap layouts. When I feature other people in my layouts, he would tug at me, and say "Mommy, lagay Zion picture!" (Mommy, put Zion's picture). So this time, I called him while I was creating my April calendar layout, and asked him whose picture is on the layout? He gleefully answered, "ZION!!". So to my dear son, it's your time to shine in this month's calendar layout. Advance happy birthday!! :-)

it's your time to shine... Zeegyboi

Credits for this layout: New Beginnings Collab Kit by
Jak-Art-A Scrappers

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Brother Sister Model-Wannabees

I enjoy taking pictures of myself and my brother together. Somehow, our pictures are always on the wacky and funny side. My brother Philip seems to have the knack for finding a good angle for pictures, and my being a frustrated-print-ad model (teee heee!!!) always complements my brother's posing talent.In the picture used for this layout (taken from last year's our Labor Day trip to Tagaytay), my brother and I were feeling like models so we readily posed like one even if there are a lot of people in the area (hahahaha!). For all we care. What is important is that we're having a fun and enjoyable time, and the fun we're having can be seen in our pictures. :-)

Journalling: Laughs shared by Sisters and Brothers are the best kind.

Credits for this layout: Bright Springtime Kit by Alba Eire Creations available at KreativeKreationsKorner; Siblings WordArt from Linda Reichardt available at Random Thoughts by Linda.

One Lucky Baby

When Zion was around 1 year old, he has this naughty habit of biting/eating small foods from someone else's hands. I'm not sure if he does it on purpose, or he simply can't reach the table and he can't talk straight yet during that time, making communication with us grown-ups quite difficult for him.Zion's usual victim had been my Dad (his grandpa) who is usually caught off guard because he is watching tv or reading the newspaper while eating. The pictures I used in this layout were taken while Zion attempts (and successfully) grabs a piece of bread from my Dad's hand. Notice how he first eyes his "prey", afterwhich, he opens his mouth wide enough (as he attempts to scare his potential victim), and finally goes for the kill. He has done this "stint" several times, and I can say that he has always been lucky to bite off the food from my Dad's hand. :-)

Credits for this layout: Bright Springtime Kit by Alba Eire Creations available at KreativeKreationsKorner; Luck WordArt by Dora's Lemonlove Creations available at

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Thank You For Having You

My apologies for not being able to post some layouts last week. Aside from being busy with my regular job, I was busy with my son Zion's 4th birthday party celebration. Well.. the party is still a month from now, but knowing how venue reservations are here in Manila, I had to scout for the possible venues for his 4th birthday party. I tried to beg off from having his birthday party, but my little man's pleas were too much for me to take, so poor me had to give in to another birthday party this year. Aside from Zion's pleadings, my mom and dad were giving me their usual "pangungunsensya" (guilt sermons), telling me that when I was a kid, I always had a birthday party each year, until I reached the age of seven (7). So it was a 3-against-1 thing, and I lost. :-)

Come to think of it, I am happy that Zion came into my life. I admit that our condition is not that easy. Raising a child is not an easy task, but being both a mother and a father makes the task more difficult and complicated. There are those moments wherein I seriously think how will I be able to make ends meet if my parents are no longer around. There are those moments wherein I'm soooo pissed with my work that I just want to walk out of the office, but then I think about how will I send my son to school, and I just endure everything at work. Nonetheless, at the end of the day, after a tiring (and sometimes frustrating) day at work, I go home to Zion's laughter and hugs. His laughter and giggles is like a breath of fresh air after a suffocating day at work. His hugs and kisses are like doses of power vitamins after a draining day.

Journalling: Thank you for being in my life.

Credits for this layout: Love Cutie Tagger Size Kit by Wicked Princess available at KreativeKreationsKorner; Love WordArt by Thaty Borges Designs;

Prom King & Queen

Last week, my brother had their Graduation Ball / Senior's Ball, as part of the activities of the 4th year High School students. Of course, his date was his girlfriend, Nella. Both of them are graduating from High School this March. My brother was very excited for this graduation ball. He was preparing for this as early as February. Next school year, he will be starting a new chapter in his life, as he enters college. Second to the his actual graduation, I guess his Graduation Ball is one of the most memorable events in his high school life.

Credits for this layout: Love Cutie Tagger Size Kit by Wicked Princess available at KreativeKreationsKorner;

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Mama and Me

I don't always have a 100% perfect and smooth-sailing relationship with my Mother. In fact, when I was younger, we've had our share of arguments and fights. I was the silent rebellious type of daughter while my Mom was the perfectionist type who always wanted things to be on schedule and in order. But as I was growing up, and when I eventually became a mother myself, it was then that I understood my Mom. It was then that I realized that Mama was not an enemy, but instead, she was an ally whose heart was always with her children, despite our being little monsters and silent rebels. She had that soft spot within her, that wasn't present in my disciplinarian Dad. And for this, I am slowly looking at my Mom in a different way. I am happy that it didn't took me years to see these things. Iam thankful to God for giving me Mama. She may not be the perfect Mother, but the heck, I am not a perfect daughter, and nobody's perfect in the first place. Despite of her imperfections, I am still thankful for her for trying her best to raise me in an upright manner, and for never giving up on me, despite my imperfections.

Credits for this layout: My Mother Tagger Size Kit by Tootsie's Creationz available at Kreative Kreations Korner.

What Is A Mother?

I was watching my parents earlier as we were strolling in the mall. Today, they are celebrating their 33rd wedding anniversary. Supposed to be, only the two of them (my mom and dad) has room reservations in a posh hotel here in Manila. But with the recent earthquake attacks in various parts of the world, my Mom urged (and even nagged) my Dad to book another room so that the entire family (i.e. my brother, moi, Zion, my cousin, and even Zion's nanny) can be with them in case an earthquake occurs this weekend. *God forbid!* My brother and I were initially laughing because of my Mom's paranoia, and my Dad was quite irked because he was paying the additional room. But now that I am creating this blog entry and relaxing here in our hotel room, I am thankful to my Mom for bringing us here. Well.. not really because of any earthquake.. but just for the simple thought that she always remember us, her children (and her grandchild Zion as well). My brother and I are all grown-up now, but somehow, my Mom's love and concern doesn't fade as we age. We are still her children, deserving of her love and concern, regardless of what age we're in. And for this, I want to thank Mama, not only for letting us enjoy these simple luxuries, but for the genuine concern and affection she shows us.

Journalling: A mother is the truest friend we have, when trials heavy and sudden, fall upon us; when adversity takes the place of prosperity; when friends who rejoice with us in our sunshine desert us; when trouble thickens around us, still will she cling to us, and endeavor by her kind precepts and counsels to dissipate the clouds of darkness, and cause peace to return to our hearts. ~Washington Irving

Credits for this layout: My Mother Tagger Size Kit by Tootsie's Creationz available at Kreative Kreations Korner.

March 2K10 Calendar Layout

For my March 2K10 calendar layout, I am featuring my Dad. He'll be celebrating his 59th birthday on Tuesday (March 9). When I was growing up, I used to be a Daddy's girl. Whenever my Mom and I are having fights, my Dad would oftentimes intervene, to my delight and to my Mom's fury. Yet despite my being a Daddy's girl, I have a great respect (and fear) of my Dad because he is also a disciplinarian. He uses sort of a "carrot-and-stick" approach when I was growing up. He knows when to "spoil me" but he doesn't hesitate to spank me with his dreaded leather "sinturon" (i.e. belt) whenever I misbehave. He has set the bar when it comes to my grades in school by providing incentives (such as 100 pesos for every 87 and above grade on my report card) for me study harder. And now that I am a grown-up, I am thankful to my Dad for instilling that discipline in me. I may have failed in some aspects in my life but I guess because of the discipline and determination that my father has inculcated in me, I am still able to face and overcome most of the challenges life throws upon me. And for this reason, I am thankful to my Dad. Advance Happy Birthday Daddy! May God continue to bless you with long life, good health, and happiness always. I love you!

Journalling: A father is neither an anchor to hold us back, nor a sail to take us there, but a guiding light whose love shows us the way.

Credits for this layout: Choco Comfort Collab Kit available at Aprilisa Designs. WordArt by Tina Chambers available at Digital Scrapbook Place

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Friends For Life

I love my high school girlfriends. If there is one set of friends I would like to keep and stay in touch with all my life, they would definitely top my list. My high school girlfriends and I have actually known each other since we were in the 5th grade. My best friend, Weng, who's part of this high school circle of friends, have been my bestfriend since we were in the first grade. We have, literally and figuratively speaking, seen each other grow and mature. We know or at least have a good idea how one would react given a particular situation. We know each other's trip, likes, and dislikes. We have loved and accepted each other despite the personal differences.

Journalling: We have known each other since our first day in grade school. We have been together for the longest time. We have seen each other roll in laughter. And we cried our hearts out together. We were witnesses to how love made each one go insane. And we were there to bring back one another to reality. We have seen each other grow. We have loved and accepted each other despite the differences. Thank you for always being there... Friends for Life...

Credits for this layout: Cherished Kit by Kat's Creations available at Kreative Kreations Korner; Rai font available at

By Your Side

As I've mentioned in a previous layout, I really treasure those moments wherein Zion and I have a picture together. The picture I used for this layout is one of those pictures that I like. It was taken during our weekend getaway in Clarkfield in Pampanga last September 2009. Zion and I was having a fun time rolling and jumping on the hotel bed, when I decided to take a picture of us together. One of my friends who saw this picture commented that Zion and I look like "pinagbiyak na bunga", that if I didn't have pimples on my face, Zion would be my male-mini-me version. Of course, as Zion's mom, I'm happy with comments like these. :-)

Journalling: LOVE... is having you by my side always.

Credits for this layout: Cherished Kit by Kat's Creations available at Kreative Kreations Korner.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Erick & Ching @ 33

If there is one reason why I still believe Love exists, despite my not-so-nice experiences in it, it would definitely be my parents. I have seen my parents literally and figuratively grow old and mature together. Of course there is no perfect relationship, and even my parents have had their share of fights and arguments, but the good times always outweighed the bad. They may have had their rough moments, but they somehow managed to make things work, raise two stubborn kids (and now helping their daughter raise another stubborn kid, in the form of their grandson Zion), and keep the house strong. Come March 6, my mom and dad will be celebrating their 33rd wedding anniversary. It may be a long way to their golden anniversary, but I am proud to say that 33 years is not a bad number of years to say that my parents have definitely shown what Love is all about.

Credits for this layout: My Romance Kit by Caroline B. avaialable at Kreative Kreations Korner.

Neo & Apple

Last January 2, 2010, my officemate Apple got married to her fiance' Neo. Prior to their wedding, we gave Apple a bridal shower last December. We rented a hotel room in Makati, and connived with Neo so that the bridal shower would be a surprise party for Apple. It was good that Neo was cooperative and was a fast-thinker, because he was able to convince Apple to accompany him to the hotel room. Of course, there was some hesitation and doubt on Apple's part, but Neo assured her that the hotel room they were about to check was for Neo's balikbayan aunt and cousin. When they got to the hotel room, Apple was so surprised when she turned on the lights and a bunch of ladies shouted "SUFRISE!". We deliberately said SUFRISE as a tease or pang-aasar for Apple because she mispronounced this word before. To Apple and Neo, belated congratulations and best wishes!! :-)

Credits for this layout: My Romance Kit by Caroline B. available at Kreative Kreations Korner.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

This Moment Together

I am really happy whenever there is a chance for me and my son to have our picture taken together. This seldom happens even during family outings because I'm the family's official photographer. I take pictures of everybody, and I'm quite meticulous about the poses and the angles from where the shot is taken. Unfortunately, there is a downside to this duty. Whenever I want myself to be photographed - either solo or with my son or with the rest of the family - I have hard time giving instructions to whomever will be taking the shot. In addition, another downside would be I have less pictures than everybody else. And the "saddest" downside would be, I only have a few pictures with my own son. Zion would have more pictures taken together with his grandpa, grandma, my brother (his Ninong - godfather), and even his nanny! This is the reason why I really make it a point to ask, or should I say require, the last person with whom Zion is photographed, to take a picture of me and my son together. I make it a point to make a deal with that last person, that I would only take their picture together, if he/she, in return, would take a picture of Zion and his mom together.

Journalling: This moment together... this moment together...

Credits for this layout: Sweet Harmony Kit by Letiscrap available at Digiscrapmania Shop; Just a Moment WordArts by Choukette (http://http// available at The French Frog (

Reason for Believing

I was going through Zion's baby/infant pics, when I chanced upon those pictures that were taken immediately after he was taken out of my tummy (I gave birth via C-section). Funny as those pics may appear, it made me realize how fast time flies. The little infant before is now an active, funny, sometimes-naughty, 3 year old boy. Three years ago, I may have doubts on myself on how I would raise him, given the circumstances surrounding my pregnancy and his birth. I know it wouldn't be an easy task. But when I saw his angelic face when I first visited him in the hospital's nursery, I knew and believed God wouldn't send an angel like Zion, if He had no plans and means to help me sustain my son. As my former boss told me, "There is a reason and purpose why God sent Zion into your life. You just have to believe and have faith in whatever that reason and purpose would be.".

Journalling: Zion Enrique Gabriel * April 23, 2006 .... You're my angel... the reason I believe.

Credits for this layout: Calming Down Collab Kit available at Aprilisa Designs; Fairy Essences Challenge... Angel WordArt by Designs by Helly; Love Letter font from;

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Simply Adorable

Last week, my family had a weekend getaway at Vista Marina in Subic, Zambales (Philippines). We spent the weekend there. It was great respite from the busy and hectic work week. I was able to spend quality time with my family, and most especially with Zion. I guess even Zion had a great time last week, as seen from the photos I used in this layout. These photos were taken at the hotel lobby of Vista Marina. Zion enjoyed the shoot and he almost dipped his hands into the mini-fountain behind him. His nanny had to rush during the picture-taking because Zion suddenly dipped his hands into the fountain.

Journalling: You simply Adorable.

Credits for this layout: Pistachio Page Kit by Tamsin McAtee Studios at Kreative Kreations Korner. Evening Sphere WordArt by Lien Clickphoto Designs.

Strike A Pose

Last December, our office had our yearly Christmas Party celebration. This year was held at the SMX Hall near the Mall of Asia here in the Philippines. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to attend the said celebration because of responsibilities here at home. To have an idea of what the party was like, I asked my officemate/friend Shy for some pictures taken during, and even the before-and-after shots. Here's two of the pictures she took before the party. These photos were taken at the lobby of the SMX. I was literally laughing my heart out when I saw these pics. I never realized my friends in the office had that potential (and desire!) to be models. So to Joann, Apple, and Cae, way to go ladies! Strike a pose! ;-)

Credits for this layout: Pistachio Page Kit by Tamsin McAtee Studios at Kreative Kreations Korner. Dreamer One from; Photos from my officemate Shy.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

February 2K10 Calendar Layout

It's just a few days away before February - the month of Valentines, the month of love (so cheeeeesy!!!). So to give tribute to the month of love, I am featuring my brother Philip together with his girlfrined Nella in my February calendar layout.

Just a side note. My brother and his girlfriend Nella will be celebrating their first year anniversary as a couple (boyfriend-girlfriend) this coming April. Of course I will be creating a separate layout for them when April comes. I just hope that Nella will be more patient and tolerant of my brother's short temper and his being uber jealous. Tee hee!! :-)

Credits for this layout: Love and Hope Kit by Jaelop Designs; Calendar template from Miss Mint 2010 Calendar templates from Peppermint Creative;