Friday, February 27, 2009

March Calendar Layout

I'm trying to keep up with the "goal" I placed upon myself to create a calendar layout at the start of each month. So far, I think I'm able to do so. =)

For the incoming month of March, I chose my parents as the subject of my calendar layout. Why my parents? Because March is their wedding anniversary. On the 6th of March, my parents will be celebrating their 32nd wedding anniversary. I am happy and I am proud that they lasted this long, especially during these times wherein commitment and dedication are rare gems, just like pebbles in the sand. The picture used for this layout was taken near the beach of Bohol Beach Club last November 2008.

Lyrics to the song "Through the Years" by Kenny Rogers

Credits for this layout: March 2009 Calendar from Peppermint Creative; Beach Bliss Kit from; Cherished Memories Kit from Mandy Mystiques.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Maging Sino Ka Man

As mentioned in my previous post, I wasn't able to post new layouts for the past 2 weeks. I surely miss digiscrapping, so I tried to make up for it by creating 2 layouts this week.

And since it's still the month of L-O-V-E, I am featuring another couple for this layout. This time, it will be my Tito Nap and Tita Leila. After my own parents, I consider these 2 people as my 2nd parents. Everytime they come over to Manila for a vacation, they usually stay at our place, and having them around is really great. Also, I remember my Tita Leila's concern during my 6-weeks onshore assignment in the US. She would call me every week (sometimes twice or thrice a week) just to make sure I was ok and for me not to be homesick. My Tito Nap would even spend for my airfare ticket just for me to go to their place at California (I was at the freezing area of Minnesota that time). Unfortunately, Minnesota wasn't celebrating Martin Luther King's Day that time so there was no long weekend for me. It is so nice to have an aunt and uncle like them. And it's so nice to hear their love story (I can't tell it here.. sorry.. hehehe..). Their theme song "Maging Sino Ka Man" truly speak for their relationship. Their love story is a clear proof that true love really exists.

Credits for this layout : Beach Bliss Kit at

I Do

It's been quite awhile since I was able to update this blogsite. I was so busy with work and last week (Valentine's Day), my brother and I invaded my parents' date. So it was quite a time (2 weeks I think) before I was able to create some layouts.

To keep the "love spirit" going this February, I chose another couple to feature in my digiscrap. For this layout, I chose my cousin Jomer's wedding with his fiancee' Teresa. It was a civil wedding held last July 2007 at their hometown in Batangas. My cousin Jomer is quite the shy-type so most of his pictures (like the ones I used in this layout) shows his being timid. Teresa, on the other hand, is the outgoing type and definitely complements Jomer's introvert character.

Credits for this layout: Pretty in Pink Dance Collection from; WordArt from Heart's Expression available at

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Sweet Valentine

I must admit Valentines was never my favorite season (hehehe...). But hey, why spoil the moment for those who enjoy the occassion (like my brother... hehehe..)? So for my first layout this month, I'll be featuring my brother Philip and his "close friend" Nella in this simple yet sweet layout. I am not so sure what is the real score between them (my brother is soooo "showbiz" in answering questions about them), but from the pictures I think anyone can make an accurate guess where they're heading. Hehehe... =)

Credits for this layout: Enjoy Life Kit from; Wordart from Heart's Expression from Gbrosas, available at