Saturday, April 11, 2009

Of Discovery

It's the 3rd day of our 4-day weekend. I don't want to think about it, but I have to go back to work the day after tomorrow... *sigh*... Oh well... I think I just have to make the most of what remains in the weekend.

Since my parents had to go and visit my Lolo and Lola (i.e grandfather and grandmother) in the province, Zion, his nanny, and I had to stay at home and spend the rest of the day here. Since there is nothing to do, I went through the pictures I have here in the PC to check which are good for digiscrapping.

Since it is summertime (and we haven't went out yet for our family outing), I went through the pictures we had last November during our vacation in Bohol. I chose 3 pictures featuring Philip while he was playing near the seaside. He was picking up corals and fossils that were washed away on the shore and threw these back to sea. It was fun watching him because he was very serious while he was doing this, although there was a time when he got tired of it, took off his shirt and just jumped into the water! =)

Credits for this layout: Secrets of the Sea Collab. Kit from

Friday, April 10, 2009

Let the Sunshine In

I am making the most of this 4-day weekend by relaxing and resting from my head-breaking problem tickets. As I've mentioned in my previous post, I tried to debug one disastrous program earlier, and the program just won't cooperate. So I stopped (hehehehe..). To compensate for my frustration in debugging that program, I turned to digiscrapping to relax my mind. So here's another layout for today.

My second layout for today features our outing in 8 Waves Resort in Bulacan last 2007. Zion was about a year-and-a-half old that time but he sure knows how to enjoy the sun and the water. For this layout, I chose pictures of Zion with his godmother (Ninang) Josie (my cousin), his godfather Philip (my brother), and of course, his one and only Mom (me!!!).

Credits for this layout: I Want Sunshine Kit from SuzyQ Scraps available at

Friends Are Flowers

It's the 2nd day of our 4-day weekend. I tried work from home earlier and debugged one problematic ticket, but it is seems that that blasted program just won't cooperate (gggrrrr....). So to rid myself of some negative energies, I tried to download some digiscrapping materials from the Net and created one layout this afternoon.

The picture used in this layout was taken during Zion's 2nd birthday. It was taken by one of my "kumpares" (i.e. one of Zion's godfather). It features my close friends from my former office. Well.. not all of them are in the pic since some are out of the country. I love these friends of mine. They are always there, in good and bad times, and I considered them my support group when I was going through my "rough and dark days". Zion is definitely lucky to have Tito's and Tita's (including 2 Ninongs - godfathers) in them.

Credits for this layout: Citrus Brights Kit from

Life Is Worth Living

It's a four-day vacation for us. Whooohoo!! After some very stressful days at work, I was able to take some rest and relaxation and spend time with my precious Zion.

I devoted most of my layouts for the month of April to my son Zion. For my layout this week, I chose a layout which features my son and I while we are walking at the Boardwalk in Subic. The journalling I used simply expressed my happiness and feelings in having a son as lovable and as precious as my Zion.

Journalling: Life has given me my share of joys and sorrows, good and bad times, success and failures. It has opened my eyes to the ugly and beautiful. It has allowed me to reach the highest peaks. But it has also allowed me to feel pain and defeat in their purest forms. I was able to taste heaven and have been through hell and back. All these life has thrown at me. Despite everything, life is still worth living... Worth living because of you... my Zion.

Credits for this layout: Sweet Envy Kit 5 from

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Friends In Burgers

I would from deviate my theme this month to post a funny layout featuring 2 of my friends in the office (from left to right) - Cae and Shy. The picture was taken while we were having lunch at Brothers Burgers at Boni High Street. When we took this picture, the first shot only shows the "Angus Burger" above Shy's head. Seeing the funny result, we re-took the picture, this time capturing both the Angus Burger and Lamb Burger above Shy and Cae's heads.

Credits for this layout: Two Soon Collection from, Tropically Hot Collection from, Kevin and Amanda Spring Mini-kit from Word Art from Scrap Pony at

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Love is Zion

Now this should have been a layout for Valentine's Day. But since I chose to feature some couples last February, I guess I'll just have to post this layout this month - since I also devote my layouts this month to my one and only, Zion.

Pictures used in this layout features Zion in some of his most recent and wackiest shots. Knowing my digicam was suffering from a bad case of shutter lag, I am still glad and thankful that it was able to catch up with Zion's poses.

Credits for this layout: Red Velvet Hearts Collection from