Saturday, September 27, 2008

Music Lover

It's weekend again and it's digiscrapping time! I noticed that for my past layouts, I have tried the shades of blue, green, brown, and some brighter colors such as yellow, pink, and orange. Have tried most colors, except for the daring color red.

For this week, I tried to experiment with creating a layout featuring the color red. And for the pics, I chose to feature one of Zion's interests : music. At his young age of 2, Zion enjoys listening to music, be it on my or my brother's mp3 player. Even our stereo here at home is not safe with Zion because he knows how to turn it on if he wants to listen to the radio. This is not a surprising phenomenon because ever since he was in my womb, I already exposed him to music. I usually listen to my mp3 player when I was still pregnant with Zion. I put one end of the earphones near my tummy to allow him to hear whatever was playing on my mp3 player. I listen to a variety of music that time, from classical to hiphop, and even reggae! When Zion grows up, it would no longer be a surprise if he would appreciate a wide range of musical genres.

Credits for this layout: Paper background, polka-dot red-white-and-blue ribbon, and red buttons from Going Circles kit at; Beadstring and tag from Radiant Roses kit at; Frizzel Edge embellishment used as border from Kiddy Kit at

Monday, September 22, 2008

A Blessing

I had to take a leave from work today because my stomach wasn't doing well. After doing a quick visit and checkup with our family doctor, I decided to stay home and rest. While at home resting, I tried to play with my little Zion. While playing with him, he suddenly asked me (in his "bulol" manner), "mommy, aryupayne?" (i.e. mommy are you "fine"). And when I asked him if I could go to work already instead of playing with him, he strongly answered "NO!" with matching tears in his eyes. These are only examples of how endearing my little boy is. These are only some of the reasons why I consider my Zion as one of life's blessings to me. I have been unlucky in some aspects of my life, but I must say God has been good to me for sending a little bundle of joy in Zion.

I created the layout above during the weekend, but due to my hectic schedule, it's only now that I will be posting this. Another layout dedicated to my precious Zion.

Journalling: "If one feels the need for something grand, something infinite, something that makes one aware of God, one need not go far to find it. I think that I see something deeper, more infinite, more eternal than the ocean in the expression of the eyes of a little baby when it wakes in the morning and coos and laughs because it sees the sun shining on its cradle..." - Vincent Van Gogh.

Credits for this layout: Journalling note from Express Yourself kit from; All the rest of the papers and embellishments from Aqua Glass Collection at

Friday, September 19, 2008

Little Asian Flavor

I love Fridays! Aside from the fact that I get a respite from the burnt-out effect from work, I usually set aside Friday nights for digiscrapping. I don't know but this hobby is REALLY, TRULY, MADLY, DEEPLY ADDICTING! ÜÜ Just imagine, every Friday morning, while attending to my problem tickets at work, I am already thinking of what layout or pic I would do and use when I get home. ÜÜ

My first (and hopefully not my last) layout this week uses this cute Sushi Bar mini-kit which I found from Ikeagoddess (see credits below for the exact location). Since I can't find some pictures of Zion in Japanese kimono, I just used those pics of him wearing his Chinese silk pajamas (well.. at least parehong may Asian touch and feel diba? Ü). My mom (Zion's grandma) bought this cute pair of silk pajamas for Zion while she was on a vacation. My brother is featured with Zion in one of the pics.

Credits for this layout: Sushi Bar Kit from (found the link at Ikeagoddess).

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Relaxing Mood

I found this new mini-kit by LorieM. The colors of the papers and embellishments were refreshing and makes me feel close to nature. I can't help but create a layout using this mini-kit.

Pic used features me in front of the Batis Pool in Leo's Leisure Park in Pampanga. Similar to the mini-kit, the resort was also refreshing and makes one feel closer to nature.

Credits for this layout: Relaxing Mood mini-kit by DesignsbyLorieM at

Sibling Revelry

My second layout for this week features pics of me and my brother Philip. My brother and I are not really the perfect brother-sister siblings. There are also times when we get into each other's nerves, and fight like 5-year olds (note that I'm older by 15 years... my brother is only 16 years old... hehehe.. Ü). But most of the time, we get along well. I must say that my brother Philip, despite his young age, has been one of my closest male friends. Sometimes we cover each others' backs when our parents are making their infamous "sermon".

The pictures were taken from different locations. The first one was taken from Camayan Beach in Subic. The second one from 8 Waves in Bulacan, and the third one from Leo's Leisure Park in Pampanga.

Credits for this layout: Seashore Splendor kit from

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Carnival Fun

Thank God it's the weekend again. Time for digiscrapping! Ü Since I'm quite happy right now, I chose a "theme" and a set of pictures that depicts happiness. This is the reason I chose the Carnival as a topic for my first layout this week. The pics in this post were taken last March 2008 while we were enjoying an afternoon and early evening at the Big Red Barn, located somewhere in the Ortigas area near Tiendesitas. Zion definitely had a great time riding the merry-go-round, the mini-ferris-wheel (with Mommy!), the choo-choo-train, and even having his picture taken with one of the mascots (I don't know but it looks like a yellow bird/duck?).

Credits for this post: Background papers and Coral RicRacs from Festival Collection kit, Orange button and Staple from Promise Collection kit, Peach Flowers from Vintage Collection kit, Vintage floral frame from Harvest Spice collection kit. All kits from

Sunday, September 7, 2008

50 Years

Now I can say for this week, my theme for my layouts is definitely on the "blue side of things". After my "Faith & Light" layout last Friday which utilized the color blue, here's my 2nd layout for this week - 50 Years which incidentally uses blue papers and embellishments. This is also my 2nd attempt (afte the Faith & Light LO) to use Photoshop. Hope I'm improving. Ü

Both pictures used were "stolen" shots - the first pic was taken when Zion was about 3 or 4 months old, and the second one is a picture of my Dad (Zion's grandfather) taken while he was sleeping (I'm thinking if I should show this LO to my Dad... he might ask me to remove it from the net due to his "macho" pose while sleeping.. hehehe... Ü). Zion is the "50 Years Before", while my Dad is the "50 Years After".

Credits for this layout: Jeannelle Paige July 08 Freekit at for the Background paper, Blue Flowers, Blue buttons on the flowers, and the blue pins; Moody Blues Collection at for the blue printed papers used as frames; Festival Collection at for the light blue ric-racs; Splendid Collection at for the light blue Alphas.

Friday, September 5, 2008

Faith & Light

Here's my first (and hopefully not my last) post for this weekend - Faith and Light. This layout is created using only Photoshop CS3 (no intervention from scrapbookflair... Ü). I tried to stick with one kit only for this layout since I was trying to focus on how I could play around with Photoshop, and not really on the embellishments. One thing that amazes me with PS is the text (babaw ko ba? hehehe.. Ü). To be honest, I just experimented with the colors and the effects I could do with the text. Well.. I must admit that I still have a lllllooooooottttt to learn about Photoshop. But I hope my first layout proved that I could have a future in using PS.

Oh I almost forgot! Regarding the pic, this was taken at the Candle Gallery at the Shrine of our Lady of Manaoag in Pangasinan. Devotees who visit the Shrine, usually light candles (white or colored) while praying for their wishes/petitions. It is definitely a matter of faith.

Credits for this layout: Blue Dream Kit by DigiscrapbyCoco.