Tuesday, December 29, 2009

My Christmas

Zion had their annual school Christmas party presentation last December 16. Since I was busy the past days, I was only able to upload the pictures from my camera to the laptop today. I was going through the pictures, as well the videos I took, when I noticed that how fast time flies. Unlike last year when Zion cried (or should I say wailed) during the Toddler Class' entire presentation, this year he was more cooperative. Even if he wasn't able to follow all of the gestures his teacher showed, the least he did was to walk around and laughed while the "Kumukuti-kutitap" song played in the background. Compared to last year's crying session, this year was more presentable and more pleasing to the camera. My son is indeed growing up. *sigh*... Well, as his mom, I just wish that when he grows up, he'll learn the true meaning of Christmas and why we are celebrating. :-)

Journalling: My Joy... My Love... My Christmas...

Credits for this layout: Merry Christmas Collab Kit available at Digiscrap Mania Shop; Love and Hope Kit by Jaelop Designs; Swenson font available at Dafont.com.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Little Computer Geek

I'll like to deviate a little from the Christmas theme to post a funny layout of Zion. The photos used in this layout were taken when Zion was about 2 years old. The photos on the left side were taken while he was playing (or should I say messing) with his toy laptop. He enjoys it when he gets the correct answer and the voice command goes "Excellent!". But sometimes his bully side gets in the way and he intentionally answer incorrectly so that the voice command keeps on saying "Sorry.. try again.. Sorry try again.". On the other side, is his picture showing Zion wearing his grandfather's eyeglasses. My dad was reading the newspaper that time, when Zion suddenly grabbed his eyeglasses to try it. When Zion tried the eyeglasses, his eyes rolled perhaps due to the eyeglasses' high grade.

Credits for this layout: Techno Geek Kit from Peppermint Creative.

Christmas Cheers

Merry Christmas!!! Yeah I know my Christmas greetings is 2 days late. Well, I was busy with work the past weeks, and busy preparing for the Holiday seasons these past days.

For this layout, I chose to create a "non-traditional" Christmas layout. Non-traditional because it doesn't use the usual Christmas colors of green and red. Instead, I used the girly pastel colors of pink and sky blue. Well, the pictures I used were "girly" also. It featured my mom, my cousin, and I during our trip to Singapore. The pictures were taken at the Singapore airport during our last day in Singapore. There was these HHHUUUGGGEE christmas balls in the airport waiting area. My cousin and I went on a photo-shoot trip. We didn't mind that some of the people were staring at us. We're just enjoying the holidays anyway... Tee hee!! :-)

Credits for this layout: A Little Whimsy Kit by Scraps by Andrea available at Stufftoscrap.com

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Word Art Freebie - Book Quotes

I must say that I haven't updated this blog lately because of my busy schedule at work and here at home. Have been busy (and sometimes frustrated) with my office work. And the Christmas season also means Christmas school programs for my son Zion. Hopefully, I could create some more Christmas layouts using the pictures I got from Zion's school Christmas programs. Hopefully, I could create those layouts before the Christmas season comes to an end. Tee hee!! :-D

For now, I want to share this set of WordArt on some famous Book Quotes. This is my first time to share some stuff here in my blog. And since I'm just a newbie in Photoshop, as well as in digital scrapbooking, I would like to start with sharing WordArts. Here's my first set of freebies. Hopefully, I could share some more wordart freebies in 2010.

Please feel free to share your thoughts and leave some comment here in my blog. Merry Christmas!! :-)

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Bhangskie & Chepot

If there is one friend that I miss lately, it would be Bhang. "Lola Bhang" as I fondly call her is not miles away. In fact she is still in Manila. However, due to our busy schedules (she's currently taking up her 2nd college degree), we seldom meet and would only communicate via SMS or if Bhang is online in YM.
Bhang is one of those few friends I have whom I feel very comfortable with. We can talk about anything under the sun - from the safe and mundane to the most sizzling and taboo topics. Bhang is one of those few people to whom I can put down my guard, and be myself, without being afraid of being judged and measured incorrectly. We only met a few years ago (through another close friend Weng), but it seems that we've known each other since kindergarten. Perhaps Lola Bhang's friendly and open-minded nature allowed her to melt and get-through my ice-cold and snooty exterior (yes.. I admit, people always had the first impression that I'm snobbish because I'm not really the outgoing type.. ).

Well, I guess I may have a few friends in this lifetime. But I also think that God was good enough that even if I only have a few friends, He made sure that these few friends are worth my time and worth the space in my heart. I miss you Lola Bhang...

Credits for this layout: Sweet September kit by Lliela & Jannylyn; WordArt by Sueli Colbert Designs; additional font - Rai available at Dafont.com;

Motherhood: A Calling

When I was still in my teens, I never understood the arguments my mom and I were having. As a typical teenager, I wanted my freedom and I cannot understand why my mother was soooo overprotective. It is amazing to watch and know that despite of the numerous arguments my mom and I had in the past, my mom is still always there for me (and Zion). When Zion came, it is only then when I understood Mama (my mom). It is only then when I understood that motherhood is calling - a calling to love and nurture unrelentlessly. I know I could never repay all the love, affection, patience my Mama has given me. But I know that I can "pay it forward" by showing the same amount of love, affection, and patience to my own son, Zion.

Journalling: Motherhood - a calling to love and to nurture...

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Saturday, December 5, 2009

December Calendar Layout

I know it's already December and my calendar layout for this month may be a few days late. But hey, we're still on the first week of the month so I guess it's not yet too late to create and post my calendar layout for this month.

Definitely one can say that it is already December and the Christmas breeze is slowly making its way. Christmas is said to be the happiest time of the year. Children enjoy this season because of the gift giving and of course the long vacation that comes with it. In addition, Christmas is said to be the season where the spirit of love, joy, and compassion is felt at its best. People tend to be happier, more loving, and more charitable and generous.

In the spirit of giving and charity, I am featuring the children of Cottolengo Filipino Bahay Para Sa May Kapansanan. It was my Mom (and her high school batchmates) who visited this charitable institution last October. She came home with a bunch of pictures and a brochure showing these abandoned mentally handicapped children. As a mother myself, I felt a mixuture of feelings when I saw the pictures - sadness because I can't imagine how some parents/mothers can abandon their own kids; and a feeling of hope because somehow there are still people out there who are genuinely concerned about these kids.

Below is a copy of the brochure my mom took home from their trip.

Credits for this layout: Christmas Cheer Kit from Connie Prince avalaible at Gottapixel; Segoe font from Dafont.com