Tuesday, December 29, 2009

My Christmas

Zion had their annual school Christmas party presentation last December 16. Since I was busy the past days, I was only able to upload the pictures from my camera to the laptop today. I was going through the pictures, as well the videos I took, when I noticed that how fast time flies. Unlike last year when Zion cried (or should I say wailed) during the Toddler Class' entire presentation, this year he was more cooperative. Even if he wasn't able to follow all of the gestures his teacher showed, the least he did was to walk around and laughed while the "Kumukuti-kutitap" song played in the background. Compared to last year's crying session, this year was more presentable and more pleasing to the camera. My son is indeed growing up. *sigh*... Well, as his mom, I just wish that when he grows up, he'll learn the true meaning of Christmas and why we are celebrating. :-)

Journalling: My Joy... My Love... My Christmas...

Credits for this layout: Merry Christmas Collab Kit available at Digiscrap Mania Shop; Love and Hope Kit by Jaelop Designs; Swenson font available at Dafont.com.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Little Computer Geek

I'll like to deviate a little from the Christmas theme to post a funny layout of Zion. The photos used in this layout were taken when Zion was about 2 years old. The photos on the left side were taken while he was playing (or should I say messing) with his toy laptop. He enjoys it when he gets the correct answer and the voice command goes "Excellent!". But sometimes his bully side gets in the way and he intentionally answer incorrectly so that the voice command keeps on saying "Sorry.. try again.. Sorry try again.". On the other side, is his picture showing Zion wearing his grandfather's eyeglasses. My dad was reading the newspaper that time, when Zion suddenly grabbed his eyeglasses to try it. When Zion tried the eyeglasses, his eyes rolled perhaps due to the eyeglasses' high grade.

Credits for this layout: Techno Geek Kit from Peppermint Creative.

Christmas Cheers

Merry Christmas!!! Yeah I know my Christmas greetings is 2 days late. Well, I was busy with work the past weeks, and busy preparing for the Holiday seasons these past days.

For this layout, I chose to create a "non-traditional" Christmas layout. Non-traditional because it doesn't use the usual Christmas colors of green and red. Instead, I used the girly pastel colors of pink and sky blue. Well, the pictures I used were "girly" also. It featured my mom, my cousin, and I during our trip to Singapore. The pictures were taken at the Singapore airport during our last day in Singapore. There was these HHHUUUGGGEE christmas balls in the airport waiting area. My cousin and I went on a photo-shoot trip. We didn't mind that some of the people were staring at us. We're just enjoying the holidays anyway... Tee hee!! :-)

Credits for this layout: A Little Whimsy Kit by Scraps by Andrea available at Stufftoscrap.com

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Word Art Freebie - Book Quotes

I must say that I haven't updated this blog lately because of my busy schedule at work and here at home. Have been busy (and sometimes frustrated) with my office work. And the Christmas season also means Christmas school programs for my son Zion. Hopefully, I could create some more Christmas layouts using the pictures I got from Zion's school Christmas programs. Hopefully, I could create those layouts before the Christmas season comes to an end. Tee hee!! :-D

For now, I want to share this set of WordArt on some famous Book Quotes. This is my first time to share some stuff here in my blog. And since I'm just a newbie in Photoshop, as well as in digital scrapbooking, I would like to start with sharing WordArts. Here's my first set of freebies. Hopefully, I could share some more wordart freebies in 2010.

Please feel free to share your thoughts and leave some comment here in my blog. Merry Christmas!! :-)

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Bhangskie & Chepot

If there is one friend that I miss lately, it would be Bhang. "Lola Bhang" as I fondly call her is not miles away. In fact she is still in Manila. However, due to our busy schedules (she's currently taking up her 2nd college degree), we seldom meet and would only communicate via SMS or if Bhang is online in YM.
Bhang is one of those few friends I have whom I feel very comfortable with. We can talk about anything under the sun - from the safe and mundane to the most sizzling and taboo topics. Bhang is one of those few people to whom I can put down my guard, and be myself, without being afraid of being judged and measured incorrectly. We only met a few years ago (through another close friend Weng), but it seems that we've known each other since kindergarten. Perhaps Lola Bhang's friendly and open-minded nature allowed her to melt and get-through my ice-cold and snooty exterior (yes.. I admit, people always had the first impression that I'm snobbish because I'm not really the outgoing type.. ).

Well, I guess I may have a few friends in this lifetime. But I also think that God was good enough that even if I only have a few friends, He made sure that these few friends are worth my time and worth the space in my heart. I miss you Lola Bhang...

Credits for this layout: Sweet September kit by Lliela & Jannylyn; WordArt by Sueli Colbert Designs; additional font - Rai available at Dafont.com;

Motherhood: A Calling

When I was still in my teens, I never understood the arguments my mom and I were having. As a typical teenager, I wanted my freedom and I cannot understand why my mother was soooo overprotective. It is amazing to watch and know that despite of the numerous arguments my mom and I had in the past, my mom is still always there for me (and Zion). When Zion came, it is only then when I understood Mama (my mom). It is only then when I understood that motherhood is calling - a calling to love and nurture unrelentlessly. I know I could never repay all the love, affection, patience my Mama has given me. But I know that I can "pay it forward" by showing the same amount of love, affection, and patience to my own son, Zion.

Journalling: Motherhood - a calling to love and to nurture...

Credits for this layout: Mommitude Kit from Miss Mint Designs available at Peppermint Creative;

Saturday, December 5, 2009

December Calendar Layout

I know it's already December and my calendar layout for this month may be a few days late. But hey, we're still on the first week of the month so I guess it's not yet too late to create and post my calendar layout for this month.

Definitely one can say that it is already December and the Christmas breeze is slowly making its way. Christmas is said to be the happiest time of the year. Children enjoy this season because of the gift giving and of course the long vacation that comes with it. In addition, Christmas is said to be the season where the spirit of love, joy, and compassion is felt at its best. People tend to be happier, more loving, and more charitable and generous.

In the spirit of giving and charity, I am featuring the children of Cottolengo Filipino Bahay Para Sa May Kapansanan. It was my Mom (and her high school batchmates) who visited this charitable institution last October. She came home with a bunch of pictures and a brochure showing these abandoned mentally handicapped children. As a mother myself, I felt a mixuture of feelings when I saw the pictures - sadness because I can't imagine how some parents/mothers can abandon their own kids; and a feeling of hope because somehow there are still people out there who are genuinely concerned about these kids.

Below is a copy of the brochure my mom took home from their trip.

Credits for this layout: Christmas Cheer Kit from Connie Prince avalaible at Gottapixel; Segoe font from Dafont.com

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Your Smile

My 4-day birthday vacation is about to come to an end today, as I return to work tomorrow. Back to work. Back to 8am-5pm programming. Back to deadlines. Back to reality. Back to stress and tension. There are those times when I think back and regret having taken this degree back in college having known that my passion was really in writing and that the creative side of my brain was, more often than not, dominant than the logical side. I guess the only thing (or being) that keeps me from throwing in the towel is Zion, my son. At the end of a grueling day at work, I look forward to going home to see and hear my son's smile and laughter. His smiling face and naughty chuckle is a soothing therapy after a rough and tough day at work. I am thankful that I still have work that feeds me and my son. But funny (or cocky) as it may sound, I think my work should also be thankful to my son. He is the reason why I wake up early in the morning, why I try to complete my deliverables, why I exert maximum patience with my tickets, why I try to be civil with some unruly people, why I strive to work hard as I could.

Journalling: Peaceful is when I see your smile.

Credits for this layout: Calming Down Collab Kit available at the following :
Aprilisa Designs; Blue Orchid Digiscrap Designs; Nona's Creations; Pixeliliy Designs; Tritya Creations; and YantiScrap

Sunday, November 15, 2009


I really find it amusing everytime my officemate/friend Glenda tells me that her uber-domesticated cat Chuchay had done "something" again. With "something", I mean an action or behavior that is not normal for a cat to do. As Glenda relates it, Chuchay sometimes behaves less like a cat, but more of a human being, perhaps minus the gift of speech (I would be scared-to-death if one day Glenda tells me that Chuchay is talking). There are times wherein Chuchay would throw tantrums if Glenda accidentally ignores him, or if Glenda is too busy to play with him. Talk about a cat with an attitude! But in the end, the master-pet tandem of Glenda and Chuchay will always be in good terms - Glenda hugs Chuchay, and Chuchay lovingly purrs back to his ever-loving master.

Journalling: I am Chuchay. Got a problem with that?!?. // I don't have an Attitude problem, I just have a Personality you can't handle!"

Credits for this layout: Little Star Kit by Andrea; WordART from WordArtWorld. Garfield font (for the "Iam Chuchay..." writeup) from Dafont.com.

Too Young

I was listening to some Eraserheads song, when my brother requested me if I could create a digiscrap layout out of some recent pictures of him with his girlfriend (yes, it's confirmed! tee hee!) Nella. I found the pictures quite cute since it's like one of those teen-romance flicks (ala Young-Love-Sweet-Love). While thinking of what word art or journalling I could use for their layout, the song "Toyang" (by the Eraserheads) played. The opening lines of the song "Toyang" were lifted from the song "Too Young" (by Nat King Cole, I think). I think the opening lines of the song is quite appropriate for my brother and his girlfriend. As my brother may say, they may be young, but they know what it means to be in love... Awww.. how cheesy... :-)

Journalling: "They try to tell us we're too young... Too young to really be in love.. "

Credits for this layout: Tranquility Freebie Mini-Kit by Andrea; Jane Austen font from Dafont.com. Too Young lyrics originally done by Nat King Cole.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

November Calendar Layout

Of all the months in the year, I love November the most. Perhaps, because the anticipation for Christmas builds up during this time, as radio stations and malls play Christmas carols more often. Another reason would be the 13th month pay which is usually given towards the end of the month. But most important reason of all would be, November is my birth month. I won't tell when exactly is my birthday, but I am one proud Scorpio - embodying the strengths and weaknesses of that quiet arachnid. ;-)

Journalling: I am me. In all the world there is no one else like me. Everything that comes out of me is authentically mine, because I alone chose it - I own everything about me: my body, my feelings, my mouth, my voice, all my actions, whether they be to others or myself. I own my fantasies, my dreams, my hopes, my fears. I own my triumphs and successes, all my failures and mistakes... I can see, hear, feel, think, say, and do. I have the tools to survive, to be close to others, to be productive, and to make sense and order out of the world of people and things outside of me. I own me, and therefore, I can engineer me. I am Me, and I am Okay. - Virginia Satir.

Credits for this Layout: Serenity Kit by Stephinette and Gwenipooh; November calendar template from Miss Mint 2009 Calendar Stamps from Peppermint Creative;

Little Vampire

Now I know this layout is quite late. But cliche as it may sound, it would definitely be "Better late than never".

Last October 28, Zion's school had their annual Trick or Treat activity. The preschoolers were advised to come in their best (and cutest) Halloween costume and participate in the Trick or Treat activity within the school's premises. Buying the candies and goodies was the easy part. Buying Zion's costume was not. As Zion's mom and a regular mallrat, I never thought that SM would run out of Halloween costume. But it did... well almost. I went to SM Makati (nearer my office) a day before Zion's school activity. To my surprise, the only costume left for little boy toddlers like Zion was that of the vampire (black and red cape) with the small black bag. Little girls were luckier because there were still the princess and fairies costumes on the shelves. So I went for the vampire costume. I just told my mom (Zion's grandma) to apply makeup and eyeshadow to make Zion look like a little Edward Cullen, oh I mean, a little vampire. :-)

Journalling: Clothes make a statement. Costumes tell a story. - Mason Cooley

Credits for this layout: Twilight Tagger Kit from Cora's Creations; Photomask with Wings and WordArt from BintyDesigns.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Blessed Sleep

My friend/officemate Glenda showed me a picture of her pet Chuchay while the latter was sleeping. Having heard a lot of funny stories about Chuchay I was really laughing my heart out when I saw the cat's pose while it was sleeping. I was also laughing because it reminded me of how my friend Glenda slept (and posed) during our summer getaway last April. :-D. So in this layout, I paid tribute to the "sleeping" Master and Pet. The sleeping picture of Glenda was taken by another friend (Shy) during our summer getaway last April. Meanwhile Chuchay's picture was sent to me by Glenda herself. I am having second thoughts telling Glenda about this layout. She might never talk to me again. Teee heee!! Then again, perhaps I'll tell her about it... a month after I've posted the layout.. Hihihihi!! :-D

Journalling: Sleep Oh Blessed Sleep poem by Susan Aldren Lugton.

Credits for this layout: Black Night Kit by Muriel1326 available Ikeagoddess; Sleep Oh Blessed Poem from Poemhunter; Swenson font from Dafont.Com

Good Company

I enjoy watching my brother when he is with his friends and girlfriend. Somehow it reminds me of my own friends (and okay.. past boyfriends.. tee hee!!). How fast time flies. Several years ago, my brother was still a timid gradeschooler who usually spends his free time here at home playing with his toys and his Ate (me!). As soon as he entered his teenager years and high school life, things slowly changed. He now enjoy more the company of his friends, and definitely wants to spend more time with his girlfriend. Not that I am jealous or against it. In fact, I am happy that my brother is in good company. I know most of his close friends (since they spend countless overnights here in our small home), and he has introduced his girlfriend to the rest of the family (and his girlfriend's family know my brother). In this layout, my brother is with his girlfriend Nella, and his best buddy Inno.

Journalling: Keep good company and ye will be counted one of them - Scottish Proverb

Credits for this layout: Funky Kit Collab Kit from DigiscrapmaniaShop; WordArt from Party On! WordArt by Tina Chambers available at Digital Scrapbookplace.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

A Letter to Zion

Zion and I were left at home today while the rest of the family went out to do the grocery. I was staring closely at Zion while he was busy playing with his PSP. How fast time flies. It was only today that I realized that Zion is no longer a baby (though I still call him "baby", and he still thinks he is still a baby). He is slowly growing up to be a little boy who's eager to explore the world. I know soon, he will ask THAT dreaded question. Sooner or later, he will notice how he's different from his classmates and from other kids who have a "normal" family setup. Oh well.. I guess I'll cross the bridge when I get there. Besides, I have been preparing for it since day1.

In my layout today, I created a personal letter to Zion. He may not be able to read it now. But I know someday, he'll be able to. Hopefully, when that time comes, he'll be able to appreciate everything and every effort I have done for him.


Dear Zion,

Time flies so fast. As if it was only yesterday when I learned that I will be given the chance to bring forth life. It was a mixture of fear and excitement. Fear because I know this will not be easy for the two of us. After all, we've only got each other to rely on. Excitement because I know we have a lifetime of smiles, laughter, and happiness to look forward to.

Now you are three years old. The glow in your eyes and that cheerful grin had always helped me get through every grief, sorrow, and heart ache. You are the reason why I look forward to every sunrise. You are the reason why I brave all hardships at work, and why I strive to do my best in everything I do. You are the fullness and fulfillment of my being and my existence. I thank God for sending you into my life. I love you Zion.

~ Mommy ~

Credits for this layout: Fall Collection 2009 by Kevin and Amanda; Strawberry Nirvana Kit from Let Me Scrap; Happiness WordArt from Feel the Love Collection - Petit Lips;


This afternoon I tried to do a backup of some of Zion's old pictures. I knew I have used some of these photos before in my previous layouts. And since I was still a newbie in digiscrapping during that time, some of the layouts I have created were so kindergarten, I bet even Zion can replicate it once he enters Nursery. So to give justice to these cute photos that were "wrongly used" in those layouts, I try to recycle them to give them a new "look". A sample of this recycling is done in my layout today. If you'll try to look back, the photos that I've used here were also used in my Wondering layout. I just gave it a fresh look today.

These photos were taken when Zion was just 9 months old. His chubby cheeks, girl-like hair, cute smile, and those expressive eyes makes him simply adorable.

Credits for this layout: Granny's Den Kit from
Joni Gray Designs; Adorable WordArt from EveningSphere freebie available at Lien Clickphoto Designs.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Centerfolds 2009

If there is one magazine here in the Philippines that I really love buying, it would definitely be Cosmopolitan (Cosmo) Philippines. Aside from being entertaining, it has very informative articles about beauty, fashion, career, and even love and relationships. There are 2 issues that I never miss - the summer issue (March or April issue) wherein swimsuits for women of all shapes and sizes are featured; and the much coveted September issue which features the jaw-dropping and eye-popping hunks called the Cosmo Centerfolds.

For my layout today, I featured 8 out of the 10 (or 11) centerfolds featured in the September 2009 issue of Cosmo Philippines. Of course, the 9th centerfold, is my own little hunk Zion... in his diapers. How I wish Zion would grow up to be like one of these guys, an eye-candy to behold! Teee heee!! :-)

Credits for this layout: Life, Liberty, & The Pursuit of Scrappiness Kit from Vintage Flea Designs; Cosmo Philippines magazine September 2009 issue.

October Calendar Layout

For my October calendar layout, I chose my cousin Josie as my "model". The reason is that she will be celebrating her 28th birthday this October 15. Credit must be given to this cousin of mine. She was my brother's caretaker since my brother was 5 or 6 years old. Now that my brother is in his teen years, my cousin Josie is his official project-manager (i.e. taga-gawa ng mga art and design projects ng kapatid ko). This cousin of mine has her artistic side and the dexterity of her fingers proves to be useful in helping my mom with her choco-lollipops and balloon-making sideline. Incidentally, she is also one of Zion's godmothers. So I do hope, Zion inherits her artistic side and her patience in doing school projects.

Journalling: Be Happy for this moment... this moment if your Life.

Credits for this layout: Serendipity Kit by MandyMystiques; Yuyu Memories Kit by Armina Designs; AboutLove Wordart from Elisja Designs;

Saturday, September 26, 2009

An Angel Was Born

I tried my hand at digiscrapping about a year ago to "preserve" and and present my son's pictures in a more creative way. When I started out a year ago, I did not have the basic knowledge about Photoshop, so my layouts were quite "kindergarten" in appearance. After a year, and having at least the basic knowledge of how Photoshop works, I try to recycle some of the pictures I used before, and make better layouts out of them. This is what I did in my current layout. These are pictures of Zion taken 3 years ago, while we were visiting him in the Nursery of Medical City. As early as 2-3 days old, it appears that Zion already has a knack for posing in front of the camera. It appears that he even tries to turn his small head to follow the camera.

Journalling: A little ANGEL was born...

Credits for this layout: Serenity Mini-Kit from Gwenipooh Designs and Stephinette Designs; Gabrielle Add-On WordArt from JoeG Designs;

Three Peas In A Pod

My mother once told me that a fortune-teller had predicted that she would have 3 children. Well.. biologically speaking, the fortune-teller was wrong, because my mother has only 2 biological children - my brother and I. But looking at my family from a "non-biological perspective", the fortune-teller was correct. My cousin Josie who has stayed with us for the past 12 years, can be considered as my mother's 3rd child. She has stayed with us to help in taking care of my brother when the latter was just about 5 or 6 years old (my brother is now 17). Eversince, my mother has always considered my cousin as her 3rd child. Together, my cousin, my brother, and I can be considered as the "Tatlong Itlog" here at home. During long travels (such as our trip to Baguio, in the picture in this layout), we usually enjoy taking funny picture shots, just like any other siblings would.

Journalling: Three peas in a Pod.

Credits for this layout: Crazy Earth Mega Collab Kit available at Digiscrapdepot;
WordArt from

Monday, September 21, 2009

Angel Eyes

Since Zion was a little baby, the first thing people notice about him is his eyes and his long and curly eyelashes. This long and curly eyelashes highlighted his Garfield-eyes even more. An aunt even asked me if I trimmed Zion's eyelashes when he was born. There is that belief that trimming an infant's eyelashes would allow it to grow longer and make it curlier. Since my baby was a boy, I didn't find any need to trim his eyelashes (he won't need it for maskara and/or curlash in the future, anyway). Somehow, his eyelashes just became long and natural without any human intervention. It was just natural. Well.. most friends and relatives had said that Zion might have inherited the shape of his eyes and his long eyelashes from me, his mother. Though I must admit, my eyelashes are not as curly as Zion's. And if I had to remember the eyelash length of Zion's dad, it would definitely be a far-cry from Zion's (in Filipino: ni wala sa kalingkingan ng mata at pilik-mata ni Zion.. tee hee!!). My son's eyes are so expressive that Zion need not say anything at times, to let me know how he feels. His eyes could tell me how happy or sad he is. Also, during those moments wherein I feel sad and frustrated about work or my personal life, I try look at those pair of eyes. Somehow, those pair of eyes also give me the strength to go on with life.

Journalling: I love your Angel eyes.

Credits for this layout: Meliage Kit by Petit Moineaux; Angels WordArt from Designs by Helly

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Wonderful Moments

If there is one thing that Zion inherited from me, it would definitely be our interest to pose in front of the camera. When he was still a baby, it was quite difficult to ask Zion to pose (add this to the fact that my digicam is suffering from a severe case of shutter lag). However, as he grew up, and as he discovered the wonderful pictures produced from that small machines that flashes a bright light, a.k.a. the camera, he became a very willing subject to my photography-tripping side. I really treasure and appreciate these moments wherein both of us can pose in front of the camera at the same, in one shot/pose. These are rare moments because most of the time, I am my the family photographer. :-D

Journalling: I'd rather have a moment of wonderful, than a lifetime of nothing special.

Credits for this layout: Moments of Wonderful by Vinnie Pearce

Monday, September 7, 2009

This is My Moment

If there is one thing I regret wass not being able to attend Zion's first "graduation" or moving-up activity from his first Toddlers Playschool class last March 2009. I wasn't able to attend it because it coincided with my vacation together with my Mom and brother. His Ninang (my cousin) took my place during the graduation and awarding ceremonies. Well, Zion did not actually "graduate" because he is still in Toddlers class today (Important NOTE: I enrolled him in his first Toddlers class at the middle of December 2008 to prepare him for the actual class in June 2009) but seeing him on the pictures receiving his Humble Pie Award made me quite teary-eyed (even if it was not really a "formal" award since he only joined the class for half a year). Oh well! I'll try to make it up this year. This year he would "formally graduate" or "move up" from Toddlers Playschool to Nursery. I hope that he would receive another award this year. And I hope to be there to hand him his award. :-)

Journalling: I am Zion. Today, I graduated from Toddlers Playschool. Today I received the Humble Pie Award. This will make my Ninang and everyone who loves me very proud. This is MY MOMENT.

Credits for this layout: Softly Blooms Kit from Heavenly Designz. WordArt stamps from Sueli Colbert Designs. Photomask Pack3 from Bouille.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

September Calendar Layout

September is one of the months in the year wherein there are no birthdays or anniversaries being celebrated in my family. It's sort of a rest month after 2 birthdays being celebrated last August, and in preparation of the upcoming birthdays of my cousin and grandmother in October. Since there are no celebrants in my family for September, and it's unfortunate that I don't have a picture of one of my "kumares" who will be celebrating her birthday come Sept. 12 (advance happy birthday Candz!), I just created a simple layout for my calendar this September. My calendar layout this month featured my mom with a bunch of flowers as her background. She loves flowers sooo much that she would love to take pictures having these as her background.

Credits for this layout: Oopsie Daisies Kit from BonScrapatit Designs. MissMint 2009 Calendars from Peppermint Creative.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Increasing Your Link Tags

A fellow Girltalker (UPink) had tagged me. Like her, I don't know how this started but it is definitely one creative way to make your blogsite known, and at the same time acknowledge other people's blogs and their creativity.

Here are the Rules:

  • Try to make a post just like this one and mention this process.
  • From the list of blog sites below remove the number 1 and move the rest in the list 1 step higher (i. e number 2 becomes number 1, and so on). Add your blog name in the 5th position. Don't forget to copy the links. (Here's my list-my site added in the end)
  1. Rosilie: My Blog
  2. My Life Story
  3. Chuchie's Hideaway
  4. UtotMoPink
  5. WaRpeD & TwIsTeD
  • List at most five of your friends blogsite here with link and inform them of this post and ask them to do the same. Here's my list:
  1. My Lil' Spot of Sunshine
  2. On My Left Hand Corner
  3. Know Me Better
  4. The Esquared Life
  5. Anything Under the Sun

Zion's First Wedding

Zion had attended his first wedding as part of the wedding entourage (arrhae bearer) during his Ninong Pao's wedding last June 2009. It was quite an experience for Zion because it was his first time to walk down the aisle with about 5 to 10 cameras flashing simultaneously. He was so surprised (I guess would be a more appropriate term) with all the cameras flashing, that he stopped at the middle of the march and started to cry (howl would be better term to describe what he did). Since I was accompanying him during the march, I was so embarrassed with what happened. I had to carry him so that he could finish his walk. It was just a good thing that the couple was so understanding of Zion.

For this layout I reused a Philippines-inspired kit to match Zion's outfit in the picture (i.e. the local Barong Tagalog). The Crop Dreams Kit was a collaboration kit created by Filipina digital designers. Part of the proceeds from this kit was given to the Opportunity House which is a Pearl S. Buck foundation program which helps kids from impoverished countries like the Philippines.

Credits for this layout: Crop Dreams Kit available at mabuhayproject.blogspot.com

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Remembering HappyTeamLaklak

If there was one set of friends I will always remember, aside from my high school buddies (who are like sisters to me), it would be my first officemates at BPI. We were like in college during training, and adjusting to the real corporate world became easier with them by my side. One memorable experience I had with my very first officemates was our trip to Boracay last 2004. It was my first time to Boracay. And my first time in Boracay was made more memorable because I was with a bunch of people whom I was very comfortable with. I remembered how we saved for that Bora trip (we initially planned for Hongkong but due to booking problems, we ended up in Boracay.. hehehe..). I remember our One-two-three-pass games while gulping fruit shakes at Jonah's, our banana boat ride, our snorkelling (mis)adventures. I will always remember and cherish our gimmick-till-we-drop-nights at Bora while dancing to Squareheads' Happy - which gave birth to our group's name HappyTeamLaklak. And best of all, I will definitely remember (and miss) the sincere friendship and memories I've made with my first officemates. *sigh*

Credits for this layout: Our Friendship Kit from Jaelop designs available at Scrapbookflair.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Apple of My Eye

This is one of Zion's funny and candid shots. It's quite a funny shot because he has no idea that I was about to take his picture while he's munching on an apple. It appears that he's enjoying his apple so much, he doesn't care if anybody would take his picture that time. Well, I can't blame him. Munching on an apple on a lazy afternoon, is a good way to keep a very naughty kid busy and out of trouble. :-)

Journalling: You're the Apple of My Eye...

Credits for this layout: Tutti Fruti Kit from Stacey's Scraps

Monday, August 10, 2009

Tahitian Goddess

I was going through the pics here in my laptop, trying to create some backups of the files, when I suddenly chanced upon the pics we had during our summer getaway at Golden Sunset last April. I went through the pics and was really amused when I found Glenda's pics while she was dancing the hula/tahitian. Everytime I remember the events that led her to be on stage dancing the hula, I can't help but giggle. All of us were actually surprised that Glenda agreed to go on stage and do the hula. But I definitely would like to give a thumbs-up to my friend Glenda for being a good sport, and a graceful hula dancer.

Glenda doesn't know that I will be creating and posting this layout. Well.. being an honest friend, I will tell her eventually that I created this layout, to give tribute to her being a good sport, and for making our summer getaway much more fun.

Journalling: Dance like nobody's watching.

Credits for this layout: Hawaiian Kit from Digiscrapdepot.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Eyeglass Models

I just had to create a layout using this picture, no matter how simple it would be. This is one of the wacky photos taken with my friends from my previous work. It was sent to me by one of my friends who's also included in the picture. There's a funny story behind this funny shot. One of our "mothers" (i.e. one of the more "senior" employees) in the office was selling eyeglass frames during that time. We can't help but notice that some of the frames had "shocking" colors, we were wondering if those frames are "sellable". And so to help one of our "mothers" in selling those frames, we agreed to model the eyeglass frames for almost several hours in the office, and even took a picture wearing those eyeglass frames.

Journalling: Together friends can see things clearer and better.

Credits for this layout: Wubulous Kit by Amy Sumrall Designs.

August Calendar Layout

For my August calendar layout, I chose 3 people who will be celebrating their birthdays on the same date this August - my Mom, my close friend Ge, and of course the-late-great Michael Jackson. All three has a common birthday - August 29. All three are under the zodiac sign of Virgo. I'm not sure with Michael Jackson, but with my Mom and my friend Ge, I guess both of them are typical Virgos - very practical in their approach to things, very orderly, and have close ties to their families anfd friends.

Journalling: Virgo - A mutable earth sign, ruled by Mercury. As the 6th sign of the zodiac, and the only sign represented by a woman, the Virgo individual is reliable, industrious, intelligent, and practical, adhering to standards that are quite high in virtually all aspect of their lives.

Credits for this layout: Yuyu Memories Kit by Armina Designs; Miss Mint 2009 Classic Calendar stamps from Peppermint Creative.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Al's Best Friends

Now this is just a simple layout. I just found the pictures so funny, I had to create a layout for it - even without my cousin's Al knowledge and consent (hehehe..). Anyway, featured in this layout is my cousin AL closely hugging their 3 puppies. On the 2nd picture, the other puppies are shown. My cousin's family have a lot of pet dogs in their home. I even got the chance to play with one of these puppies. But I can now say, behind my cousin's tough exterior lies that soft side which has a special affection for his pet puppies.. :-)

Journalling: Embrace happiness.

Credits for this layout: New Dream Kit by Carla Holf Designs; Shower of Flowers Kit by Bonscrapatit Designs; Why Don't We Kit by sweetdigiscraps.blogspot.com; Monkey Business Kit by Mandy Mystiques Designs; WordArt by Crazy Circus WordArts by MissK POUYOU Designs.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

One Lovely Blog Award

I would like to thank sis Gwacie (from GT) for this award:

Here are the rules of this award
1. Put the award on your blog

2. Include a link of the person who gave you the award

3. Nominate 7 or more blogs

4. Leave a message in their blog letting them that they have award from you

I am sending this award to the following:

GMemoirs - sis G is a fellow digiscrapper from GT. miss her a lot in our digiscrapping thread in GT.

Snwqueen - another sis from GT who loves koreanovelas. very informative blog especially on how to earn from blogging.

It's Me Tey - another sis from GT. it's fun reading her blog. adventures of a proud Pinay living in Canada.

VivaPinay - another proud Pinay and another sis from GT. her blog is very informative most especially her recent post on the various Modus Operandi by crooks in the Metro.

AuntieDoc - another informative blog. i learn a lot of medical stuff (plus a few recipes!) from her blog posts.

Lovingsue - another sis from GT. and another digiscrapping "guru". together with sis Gwacie, they share their digiscrapping tips at the forum.

UtotMoPink - another sis from GT. her "pink" blog is full of recipes that I sometimes wish I could cook (yes.. I admit I'm totally useless in the kitchen..hehehe..).

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Missing C-GRAM

I was going through some old files here in our home computer, trying to dispose old documents which may no longer be needed. I finally reached my personal folder and went through the old photos I have there. I found a couple of photos of me and my high school close friends. Suddenly I stopped. Memories suddenly resurfaced - our lunchbreaks back in high school, the study sessions we had during exam weeks, those unforgettable fun-filled retreat nights during our senior year (with matching DMZ shorts.. hehehe), the exciting NCEE exam (hahaha! i remember the "common eraser"..Ü), our class electives, our class yearbook, our (in)famous and well-loved teachers and classmates, and a whole lot more. I remember the name which we coined for our high school "barkada" - CGRAM. It was named as such because each letter of the word corresponds to the first letters of our names. Several years have passed since we graduated from high school. Some of these friends are no longer in the country. But the memories, the good times, and the close friendship will always be remembered and will always be cherished. To my high school girlfriends : Weng, Ge, Grace, Lida (adopted member of our barkads, elder sister of our friend Grace), Charms, Cana, Gaye, and Rio - thanks for the friendship and the memories! I surely miss you ladies. :-)

Journalling: "A friend is a person with whom I may be sincere. Before him I may think aloud. I am arrived at last in the presence of a man so real and equal, that I may drop even those undermost garments of dissimulation, courtesy, and second thought, which men never put off, and may deal with him with the simplicity and wholeness with which one chemical atom meets another." - Ralph Waldo Emerson.

Credits for this layout: Shower of Flowers Kit by BonscrapatitDesigns.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

My Greatest Joy

Last July 4, 2009, my friend/officemate Glenda tied the knot with her long-time fiance' Bong at the Malate Church in Manila. Zion was lucky enough to be part of her great entourage and was assigned the role of the arrhae or coin bearer. It was Zion's 2nd time to be an arrhae bearer. His first stint as an arrhae bearer was quite a "crying experience" - he was so surprised (or should I say shocked) with all the camera flashes that he cried all the way to the altar. To avoid this "crying scene" this time, I had to do a pep-talk with him, threaten him that Father (the priest) will take him away from Mommy, and bribe him with all sorts of stuff - from toy snakes, ice cream, to Nick Jr. tv sessions. Thank God all the prodding worked! He was able to make it to the front row without a single tear in his eyes. On the contrary he was smiling and giggling while he was walking.

The picture I used in this layout was the photo taken by a photographer prior to the start of the march. Since I was so busy convincing Zion to walk without crying, I wasn't able to take pictures of him when we got in the church, just before the wedding. I had to contend myself with the photo I bought from that photographer.

Credits for this layout: Yuyu Memories Kit by Armina Designs, Serendipity Kit by MandyMystiques Design; Love WordArt by Thaty Borges Designs.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Little Schumacher

Among Zion's prized toys are his toy cars and motorcycles. Young as he is, he knows some car models like Mitsubishi Adventure, Toyota Fortuner, and Honda CRV. Although I must admit, he has his own way of naming these car models - "Enchum" (for Adventure), "Pichuchum" (for the Fortuner), and "Arbee" (for the CRV). He calls his little toy motorcyle "Onda" (I presume this is Honda).

For this layout, the pictures I used were taken during our trip to Tagaytay last May 1, 2009. Zion was enjoying his photo shots while he was wearing his race car driver jacket. He appears proud, happy, and contented while wearing this jacket. Even on our trip back to Manila, he still insisted on wearing the jacket despite the warm climate.

Credits for this layout: Boys Kit by Claudia Sachs Designs

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Best Friends

If there's one person who knows me well (aside from my family), that would definitely be my best friend Weng. I have known Weng since we were in first grade. We spent our elementary and high school years in the same school. When we were still studying, she was my personal tutor in Math and Physics (she knows how I loathed those subjects). And despite her quiet nature (quiet daw oh!! hehehe...), she's a very sociable person having a lot of extra-curricular activities during those days - a choir member, parish coordinator, and a student librarian - balancing all these with her being a student, a sister, and daughter. As time passed by and we finished schooling, the friendship grew and matured. From being my personal tutor back in school, she became my confidante and adviser. She's always willing to listen to me, and share her two cents on things, but allowing me to make the final decisions. And that's one thing that I like about her... even if we don't always meet eye to eye on certain things, and even if I don't follow her advice, she's always there. "Suportahan ta ka" was our motto, as friends. Currently, my best friend Weng is now happily married and is working in Dubai. I forgot to mention that she is one of Zion's godmothers (ninang). And even though we are far apart, the communication is still very much alive. We keep in touch via email, YM, and even via SMS.

I dedicate this layout to my best friend Weng. She will be celebrating her birthday on the 12th of July. Through this layout, I want her to know how much I treasure her friendship, how much I love her like a sister, and how much I miss her. Advance Happy Birthday bespren!! :-)

Journalling: What is a friend? A single SOUL dwelling in two bodies - Aristotle.

Credits for this layout: Tout Simplement Kit by Elodie Designs, available at ikeagoddess.blogspot.com; WordArt from Sister WordArt collections from tinadesigns.blogspot.com.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

July Calendar Layout

For my July calendar layout, I chose to feature my friend/officemate Glenda and her fiance' Bong. July will be a special month for them because they will tie the knot in marriage on the 4th of July. To some people the 4th of July means Independence day and it is celebrated with fireworks. To my friend Glenda, the 4th of July will also mean sparks and happiness - not because of independence, but because she will be united with the man of her life, Bong.

To Glenda and Bong - Congratulations and Best Wishes on your Wedding!! May God bless your Union with prosperity, love, and happiness! :-)

Credits for this layout: Le Simply Collab Kit - available at the websites of the following designers: Muriel 1326 , Sue, Trinity, Lvy, Miss13.

Take Time to Explore

It was the last week of June 2008 when I first started to create digiscrap layouts. I thought it was just a "ningas-kugon" thing (i.e "ningas-kugon" in my native language means something that one is only interested in doing at the start, but later on one will lose interest in that thing). As the months passed by, I noticed that my interest in digiscrapping increased. It was no longer a task I did to "document" my son's growth milestones. But instead, my layouts already featured family members and friends, places I've been to, as well as funny and serious moments. I also remembered starting with Scrapbookflair in creating my layouts, until I finally leaped to Adobe Photoshop CS3. Digiscrapping became the outlet to unleash those creative juices that were suppressed when I entered my logic-filled job. It became my respite from my stressful Monday to Friday sched. I would like to thank my friends and sisses in Girltalk for inspiring me to start and continue pursuing this interest.

For this layout, I feature my brother walking on the shores of Bohol beach. He doesn't know that I was walking behind him while he was trying to look around the beach. In this aspect, I think my brother and I are the same - we are interested in exploring new things. And I guess this desire to explore is one of the things that helped me start and continue with my digiscrapping.

Journalling: Take time to explore the untravelled paths and secret gardens of the sweet life.

Credits for this layout: Gentle Spring Kit from Un-Leashed-Scraps available from digiscrapdepot.com. WordArt from tinadesigns.blogspot.com.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Of Siblings and Simple Joys

If I will be asked what are those moments that make me truly happy, I believe these are the simple things - some of which are a hug and kiss from son, losing a few pounds, long weekends, and the bonding moments between me and my brother Philip. Despite the 14-years gap (yup.. I'm 31 and my brother is turning 17 this August), everytime my brother and I get together, there will surely be no dull moments. Our pictures together can be considered full of fun and laughter.

Take the case of the pictures I used in this layout. These are some of the wacky pictures that were taken in HK Disney and the Wax Museum (also in HK). We don't actually talk about how should we pose, but when the two of us get in front of the camera, somehow, we know how to make those shots less boring and not the usual "smiling" shots.

Credits for this layout: Love All Year Long Kit from JadyDayStudio available at jadydaystudio.blogspot.com; WordArt from WordArts Crazy Circus by Pouyou designs available at digital-crea.ch.

Boys Will Be Boys

Tomorrow (June 21) we will be celebrating Father's Day. As a "tribute" to my Dad and the other 2 boys (my brother and my son) in our family, I created this layout which features them in funny and cute poses. The shots were taken during our trip to Tagaytay last May 1, 2009. The "boys" had a lot of fun in their picture-taking that they were able to come up with wacky poses.

To my dear Dad and to all the dads out there, "Have A Happy Father's Day!!". May the world bring forth more responsible dads like you. :-)

Credits for this layout: Kit Precious One available at malilydigiscrap.canalblog.com; Photomask by Bouille available at creabouille.blogspot.com.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Girls of Golden Sunset

Now that we are having rainshowers and thunderstorms, I surely miss the warm and sunny days of summer. I miss the sunny days of summer during which I am able to take brisk walks without worrying of catching colds and flu. I miss the sunny days of summer especially the out-of-town trips with family and friends.

Once again, I reminisce on the days of summer in this layout. This pictures used in this layout were taken during a trip my friends (from the office) and I had last April 2009. We went to this resort called Golden Sunset located at Calatagan, Batangas. This resort is owned by a known Filipino beauty icon, Ricky Reyes. Overall, I can say that the resort and its amenities were great (except for the dinner buffet.. one should come early to appreciate the so-called buffet). We had the chance to swim in the resort's pools and jacuzzis, roam around the mini-zoo and outdoor museum, and spend the evening watching a cultural show performed by the resort's employees.

Credits for this layout: Why Don't We Kit from sweetdigiscraps.blogspot.com; Spring Mini Kit from kevinandamanda.com; Romantic Heritage Kit from snowsmoon-myworld.blogs.com.

The Calaruega Getaway

When I was a kid, I usually associate the month of June with two things: start of classes and the end of summer (which also means it's the start of the wet and rainy season). I'm not really sure if I ever liked this month because of these two reasons. Hehehe.. But time flies, and when I started working, my dislike for June was lessened by the fact that no more long summer vacation for working people. When I started working, my summer fun consists of the simple joys I have from spending weekends (and long weekends) with my family and my close friends.

To reminisce one of the summer activities I had this year, I chose to create a layout featuring me and my friends/officemates' trip to Batangas last April. Before heading off to the resort where we were supposed to go, we chose to pass by the church located at the hilltop area of Calaruega (also in Batangas). It's a serene yet breathtaking place where one can find peace and tranquility. And since it's my first time to visit the church and the place, I made three wishes. :-) We had a great time taking pictures in the said place because the scenic view matched the comfort and trust level we had since we're all friends.

Credits for this layout: Eight Days A Week Kit by Madame Wing available at madamewing.blogspot.com; Blooming Friendship Kit from JadyDay Studio designs.

June Calendar Layout

Ok.. I know it's a few days late because the month of June has already started, and it is only now that I will be posting my calendar layout for this month. But hey, as the old saying goes, "better late than never". So here's my calendar layout for the month of June.

Since it is also in June when we celebrate Father's Day, I chose to feature my own Dad for my calendar layout this month. Note that my calendar layout for this month is more formal and simpler than last month's? Well.. I made it this way to fit my Dad's simplicity and his more formal taste. To my Dad and to all the father's out there, Happy Father's Day! May God continue to shower this world with loving and responsibe fathers like you.

Credits for this layout: Blue Dream Kit from digiscrapbycoco.blogspot.com.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

A Smile is The Light

About a month ago, Zion celebrated his 3rd birthday. It was celebrated at a local fastfood joint near our area. I only invited my a few close relatives and my closest friends. The birthday party was just held to give way to my parents' request that their "unico hijo apo" was given a birthday party since children his age love celebrating parties and opening gifts. And I must agree they were right. Zion truly enjoyed his birthday party, as seen from most of the pictures that were taken during the celebration, just like the one used in this layout. I must say this is just one of his naughtiest and most "pilyo" shots. I'm planning to feature the other cute shots in future layouts.

Journalling: A Smile is the light in the window of your face that tells people you are at home.

Credits for this layout: Happy Mommy Kit from jadydaystudio.blogspot.com; Spring Mini Kit by kevinandamanda.com; WordArt from Scrappy Pony designs at

Monday, May 18, 2009

Of Motherhood and Understanding

If there's one thing motherhood has taught me, it would definitely be patience and understanding. I must admit that before Zion arrived, I am short-tempered and tend to lose my patience over petty things. Zion's naughty and playful nature has tested my patience. Over time, I have realized that, as his mom, I should be the first to understand and show him patience. My patience-understanding-and-compassion project is still a work-in-progress. There are still those instances when I just want to gag and hogtie Zion just for him to be still. However, I guess, mother's love always takes over.

The picture used for this layout was taken last May 1, 2009 during our trip to Tagaytay. I remember taking a bath before leaving the house, so I guess I am not the reason why Zion is covering his nose (defensive si mommy! heheheh..). We had a hard-time asking him to remove his hand from his nose. So just to finish the shot, I just imitated him and covered my nose as well.

Journalling: It's not until you become a mother, that your judgement turns to understanding and compassion.

Credits for this layout: New Dream Kit by Carla Holf Designs; Spring Mini Kit by kevinandamanda.com; Wordart by Motherhood quotes by vivaartistry.blogspot.com.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Zion Turns 3

A few weeks ago Zion celebrated his 3rd birthday. We held the children's party in a nearby fastfood chain. I only invited close family and friends, those who know Zion's "history". I just paid for video and photo coverage since it would be a waste if the children's party was not recorded. As of writing, I am still waiting for the video and the pictures.

For this layout, I made use of the pictures I was able to take after the party. Zion was very excited during the opening of his gifts so most of his pictures appeared distracted or irritated (hehehe.. he wasn't able to open his presents right away because his mom always wanted to take his pictures... hehehe.. ).

Credits for this layout: Birthday Collection from scrapbookflair.com

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Zion's Prayer

Everytime my family and I go on an out-of-town trip, I am usually the family photographer. But I always make it a point to take or request someone to take a complete family picture. This is not an easy task since most of the time, I am not satisfied with the picture taken. More often than not, I ask that person or ask Zion's nanny to re-take the shot. I guess one of the reasons for the family picture would be, when Zion grows up, I want to show him and let him feel how much the entire family loves him, despite the circumstances that surrounded his birth 3 years ago. He may lack "things" other kids have, but the things he can always be assured of is the family's love, care, and appreciation of him.

The picture was taken during our trip to Tagaytay last May 1, 2009. It was taken at the Taal Vista Hotel. May 1 was a non-working holiday so the family had planned to go on a roadtrip to nearby Tagaytay to relieve ourselves of stress and to spend some quality time with each other.

Journalling: Dear God, I thank You for entrusting me to a wonderful and loving family. It may not be the usual family setup but nevertheless, my Mommy, Lola, Lola, and Ninong has showered me with the love, joy, and affection, any child could wish for. I may lack things other kids have, but I am lucky to be part of my family. Amen. Love lots, ZION.

Credits: Cosy Spring Kit from Bea & Jill Creations available at digiscrapbooking.ch.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

May Calendar Layout

Since Mother's Day falls on the month of May, I chose to feature a picture of my mom, together with my brother and I for my calendar layout. The picture was taken at the Harbour View in Hongkong during our vacation there last March.

Definitely, my brother and I are very lucky to have a cool mother like our Mama. She is definitely a mother, an older sister, and a cool buddy rolled into one. She may be overprotective at times, but I guess (being a mother myself) all mothers are like that, varying only the degrees of overprotectiveness.

To my Mama and to all the mothers in the world, Advance Happy Mother's Day!

Credits for this layout: Mom's Day Collection from scrapbookflair.com

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Of Discovery

It's the 3rd day of our 4-day weekend. I don't want to think about it, but I have to go back to work the day after tomorrow... *sigh*... Oh well... I think I just have to make the most of what remains in the weekend.

Since my parents had to go and visit my Lolo and Lola (i.e grandfather and grandmother) in the province, Zion, his nanny, and I had to stay at home and spend the rest of the day here. Since there is nothing to do, I went through the pictures I have here in the PC to check which are good for digiscrapping.

Since it is summertime (and we haven't went out yet for our family outing), I went through the pictures we had last November during our vacation in Bohol. I chose 3 pictures featuring Philip while he was playing near the seaside. He was picking up corals and fossils that were washed away on the shore and threw these back to sea. It was fun watching him because he was very serious while he was doing this, although there was a time when he got tired of it, took off his shirt and just jumped into the water! =)

Credits for this layout: Secrets of the Sea Collab. Kit from digiscrapbooking.ch.