Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Bebegirl Bailey

Among our three lovable "bebegirls" (that's how we call our pet dogs), one always stands out - Bailey. Not because of how she looks (she's an "AsPin" - Asong Pinoy - with some resemblance of a Jack Russell), but because of her "primadonna" attitude, and her desire to always stay indoors. She also enjoys riding the car and travelling to the vet. While our other bebegirls, prefer to stay outdoors especially during sunny weather, Bailey prefers to stay inside the home to watch TV with us, join us for lunch/dinner, or simply sleep inside the room. It is no wonder it is very easy to take pictures of her. :)

Credits: On The Farm Kit from Scrapvine Digital Scrapbooking

Tuesday, August 20, 2019


"Paalam" is the Filipino word for goodbye. This layout is dedicated to an old friend. I am saying goodbye to that person not only physically - i.e. he/she could probably still be alive, living somewhere. But I am saying goodbye to our friendship. Perhaps some things are only meant to last a certain length of time or for certain reasons. And after we have learned the lesson from the experience, it is time to turn the page and move on.

Credits: Thankful Harvest Kit from Digitee Designs by Sheila Reid

Saturday, August 17, 2019

Brother's Burger Birthday

Today's my brother's 27th birthday. And definitely the whole family's glad that he is with us to celebrate it - i.e. he's working on a ship most of the months of the year. For his 27th birthday, he treated us to Zark's Burger - a known burger joint in the metro having a variety of burger options, including their specialty, the Tombstone. This behemoth of a burger is composed of 8 big burger patties jammed between two burger buns. The rich and juicy burger patties is indeed to die-for but eating this alone will definitely send you to your tomb because of the cholesterol levels. 😆

So to my dear brother Philip, HAPPY 27th BIRTHDAY! I know you may not be able to see this blog post because you don't even have the slightest idea that I do have digital scrapbooking blog -- the downside of being a personified Johnny Bravo. Nonetheless, I would like to wish you many more years and birthdays, and a plenty more burger treats in the future! 😋😋😋

Credits:  That Teen Life - Everyday Kit from DigiTee Designs by Sheila Reid

Friday, August 9, 2019

American Dream

My brother had always been a fan of the American culture. Not that he is not patriotic or has less love for the Philippines, but if given the chance to choose a second nationality, I guess it would be American. The color of his room follows the color of the US flag - red, white, blue - you would mistake it for a kindergarten kid's room (note that my brother is in his 20's). His former plate was shaped after the American flag, and even his boxing shorts has the American flag as a design. 😁

Credits for this layout: Americana Kit by Marisa Lerin Designs.

Thursday, August 8, 2019

The Best Cure

Yesterday, I was trying to comfort my son. He was having a not-so-good day at school after learning that his crush had eyes on him... only as a friend (i.e. friendzoned) plus the fact that his mobile phone conked out on him... again for the nth time (i.e. he considers his mobile phone as 3rd arm or 3rd leg). With the hopes of making him feel better, I treated him to some cold and sweet desserts - korean bingsu!

I don't know with you folks, but for me, desserts (especially any of them that have the ice cream component) have always made me feel better. There ain't any pain that dessert/ice cream can't ease or cure - including pains of the heart. Thankful that this also worked for my son. Well.. we can't have his mobile phone fixed immediately - as we'll only be able to go to the repair guy this coming weekend - but at the least, he's no longer moping that much over his crush. :)

Credits for this layout: Going Place Kit from Scrapvine.

Saturday, August 3, 2019

Girl Friends

I am on my way to reviving this digital scrapbooking blog.😍

It's been yearssssss since I last made a digital scrapbooking piece and it has been yearsssss since I updated this blog. As I am trying to find ways to positively and productively spend my energies, I decided to go back to digital scrapbooking. It was a good de-stressor before, it may as well be a good means to destress now.

For my first "revival" entry, I would like to pay tribute to my special set of girl friends. We might have known each other for a shorter period of time, but our common experiences and our shared set of values have made our bond stronger despite the short span of time that we have know and we have spent with each other. To my Balabac Beauty sisters, I will always be thankful for having you in my life. 😘

Credits: Rustic Reflections Kit from http://scrapgirls.com

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Mae's Happiness

For my third layout this week, I dedicate it to another June celebrant, and also a good friend from my previous employer - Marichu, este Cherry Mae pala. I can say that Mae is one of those people (from my previous company) who's very easy to get along with. In our circle of friends, she has been a good source of our comic relief. I cannot forget our Potipot getaway - the game of Taboo combined with the crab-inside-the-tent incident with Ara. Definitely, no dull moment when Mae's around.

Dear Mae, belated happy birthday! Wishing you success, happiness, and most importantly l-o-v-e! Mishu girl! :)

Credits for this layout: Spring Fling Kit by Elemental Scraps; Word Art by AgnieskaG
; Photo by Shy Arizala.

Joann's Inner Beauty

For my second layout this week, I dedicate it to another good friend from my previous employer, who is incidentally also a June birthday celebrant. I dedicate this second layout to my team lead and good friend, Joann. For a team lead, I can say that Joann has a high level of patience and understanding, especially with a feisty team like ours. She has a way of handling and understanding a bunch of hyperactive and oftentimes feisty team members, especially during those crunch time moments. But outside of work, Joann is definitely a good (and funny) friend. She never fails to give us her level-headed advice, especially when we need those religious feel-good ego-boosts.

To dear Joann, belated happy birthday girl! Mishu! :)

Credits for this layout: Back to Basics Kit by Elemental Scraps; WordArt from Random Thoughts by Linda; Photo taken by Shy Arizala.