Sunday, June 28, 2009

July Calendar Layout

For my July calendar layout, I chose to feature my friend/officemate Glenda and her fiance' Bong. July will be a special month for them because they will tie the knot in marriage on the 4th of July. To some people the 4th of July means Independence day and it is celebrated with fireworks. To my friend Glenda, the 4th of July will also mean sparks and happiness - not because of independence, but because she will be united with the man of her life, Bong.

To Glenda and Bong - Congratulations and Best Wishes on your Wedding!! May God bless your Union with prosperity, love, and happiness! :-)

Credits for this layout: Le Simply Collab Kit - available at the websites of the following designers: Muriel 1326 , Sue, Trinity, Lvy, Miss13.

Take Time to Explore

It was the last week of June 2008 when I first started to create digiscrap layouts. I thought it was just a "ningas-kugon" thing (i.e "ningas-kugon" in my native language means something that one is only interested in doing at the start, but later on one will lose interest in that thing). As the months passed by, I noticed that my interest in digiscrapping increased. It was no longer a task I did to "document" my son's growth milestones. But instead, my layouts already featured family members and friends, places I've been to, as well as funny and serious moments. I also remembered starting with Scrapbookflair in creating my layouts, until I finally leaped to Adobe Photoshop CS3. Digiscrapping became the outlet to unleash those creative juices that were suppressed when I entered my logic-filled job. It became my respite from my stressful Monday to Friday sched. I would like to thank my friends and sisses in Girltalk for inspiring me to start and continue pursuing this interest.

For this layout, I feature my brother walking on the shores of Bohol beach. He doesn't know that I was walking behind him while he was trying to look around the beach. In this aspect, I think my brother and I are the same - we are interested in exploring new things. And I guess this desire to explore is one of the things that helped me start and continue with my digiscrapping.

Journalling: Take time to explore the untravelled paths and secret gardens of the sweet life.

Credits for this layout: Gentle Spring Kit from Un-Leashed-Scraps available from WordArt from

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Of Siblings and Simple Joys

If I will be asked what are those moments that make me truly happy, I believe these are the simple things - some of which are a hug and kiss from son, losing a few pounds, long weekends, and the bonding moments between me and my brother Philip. Despite the 14-years gap (yup.. I'm 31 and my brother is turning 17 this August), everytime my brother and I get together, there will surely be no dull moments. Our pictures together can be considered full of fun and laughter.

Take the case of the pictures I used in this layout. These are some of the wacky pictures that were taken in HK Disney and the Wax Museum (also in HK). We don't actually talk about how should we pose, but when the two of us get in front of the camera, somehow, we know how to make those shots less boring and not the usual "smiling" shots.

Credits for this layout: Love All Year Long Kit from JadyDayStudio available at; WordArt from WordArts Crazy Circus by Pouyou designs available at

Boys Will Be Boys

Tomorrow (June 21) we will be celebrating Father's Day. As a "tribute" to my Dad and the other 2 boys (my brother and my son) in our family, I created this layout which features them in funny and cute poses. The shots were taken during our trip to Tagaytay last May 1, 2009. The "boys" had a lot of fun in their picture-taking that they were able to come up with wacky poses.

To my dear Dad and to all the dads out there, "Have A Happy Father's Day!!". May the world bring forth more responsible dads like you. :-)

Credits for this layout: Kit Precious One available at; Photomask by Bouille available at

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Girls of Golden Sunset

Now that we are having rainshowers and thunderstorms, I surely miss the warm and sunny days of summer. I miss the sunny days of summer during which I am able to take brisk walks without worrying of catching colds and flu. I miss the sunny days of summer especially the out-of-town trips with family and friends.

Once again, I reminisce on the days of summer in this layout. This pictures used in this layout were taken during a trip my friends (from the office) and I had last April 2009. We went to this resort called Golden Sunset located at Calatagan, Batangas. This resort is owned by a known Filipino beauty icon, Ricky Reyes. Overall, I can say that the resort and its amenities were great (except for the dinner buffet.. one should come early to appreciate the so-called buffet). We had the chance to swim in the resort's pools and jacuzzis, roam around the mini-zoo and outdoor museum, and spend the evening watching a cultural show performed by the resort's employees.

Credits for this layout: Why Don't We Kit from; Spring Mini Kit from; Romantic Heritage Kit from

The Calaruega Getaway

When I was a kid, I usually associate the month of June with two things: start of classes and the end of summer (which also means it's the start of the wet and rainy season). I'm not really sure if I ever liked this month because of these two reasons. Hehehe.. But time flies, and when I started working, my dislike for June was lessened by the fact that no more long summer vacation for working people. When I started working, my summer fun consists of the simple joys I have from spending weekends (and long weekends) with my family and my close friends.

To reminisce one of the summer activities I had this year, I chose to create a layout featuring me and my friends/officemates' trip to Batangas last April. Before heading off to the resort where we were supposed to go, we chose to pass by the church located at the hilltop area of Calaruega (also in Batangas). It's a serene yet breathtaking place where one can find peace and tranquility. And since it's my first time to visit the church and the place, I made three wishes. :-) We had a great time taking pictures in the said place because the scenic view matched the comfort and trust level we had since we're all friends.

Credits for this layout: Eight Days A Week Kit by Madame Wing available at; Blooming Friendship Kit from JadyDay Studio designs.

June Calendar Layout

Ok.. I know it's a few days late because the month of June has already started, and it is only now that I will be posting my calendar layout for this month. But hey, as the old saying goes, "better late than never". So here's my calendar layout for the month of June.

Since it is also in June when we celebrate Father's Day, I chose to feature my own Dad for my calendar layout this month. Note that my calendar layout for this month is more formal and simpler than last month's? Well.. I made it this way to fit my Dad's simplicity and his more formal taste. To my Dad and to all the father's out there, Happy Father's Day! May God continue to shower this world with loving and responsibe fathers like you.

Credits for this layout: Blue Dream Kit from