Saturday, July 25, 2009

Al's Best Friends

Now this is just a simple layout. I just found the pictures so funny, I had to create a layout for it - even without my cousin's Al knowledge and consent (hehehe..). Anyway, featured in this layout is my cousin AL closely hugging their 3 puppies. On the 2nd picture, the other puppies are shown. My cousin's family have a lot of pet dogs in their home. I even got the chance to play with one of these puppies. But I can now say, behind my cousin's tough exterior lies that soft side which has a special affection for his pet puppies.. :-)

Journalling: Embrace happiness.

Credits for this layout: New Dream Kit by Carla Holf Designs; Shower of Flowers Kit by Bonscrapatit Designs; Why Don't We Kit by; Monkey Business Kit by Mandy Mystiques Designs; WordArt by Crazy Circus WordArts by MissK POUYOU Designs.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

One Lovely Blog Award

I would like to thank sis Gwacie (from GT) for this award:

Here are the rules of this award
1. Put the award on your blog

2. Include a link of the person who gave you the award

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I am sending this award to the following:

GMemoirs - sis G is a fellow digiscrapper from GT. miss her a lot in our digiscrapping thread in GT.

Snwqueen - another sis from GT who loves koreanovelas. very informative blog especially on how to earn from blogging.

It's Me Tey - another sis from GT. it's fun reading her blog. adventures of a proud Pinay living in Canada.

VivaPinay - another proud Pinay and another sis from GT. her blog is very informative most especially her recent post on the various Modus Operandi by crooks in the Metro.

AuntieDoc - another informative blog. i learn a lot of medical stuff (plus a few recipes!) from her blog posts.

Lovingsue - another sis from GT. and another digiscrapping "guru". together with sis Gwacie, they share their digiscrapping tips at the forum.

UtotMoPink - another sis from GT. her "pink" blog is full of recipes that I sometimes wish I could cook (yes.. I admit I'm totally useless in the kitchen..hehehe..).

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Missing C-GRAM

I was going through some old files here in our home computer, trying to dispose old documents which may no longer be needed. I finally reached my personal folder and went through the old photos I have there. I found a couple of photos of me and my high school close friends. Suddenly I stopped. Memories suddenly resurfaced - our lunchbreaks back in high school, the study sessions we had during exam weeks, those unforgettable fun-filled retreat nights during our senior year (with matching DMZ shorts.. hehehe), the exciting NCEE exam (hahaha! i remember the "common eraser"..Ü), our class electives, our class yearbook, our (in)famous and well-loved teachers and classmates, and a whole lot more. I remember the name which we coined for our high school "barkada" - CGRAM. It was named as such because each letter of the word corresponds to the first letters of our names. Several years have passed since we graduated from high school. Some of these friends are no longer in the country. But the memories, the good times, and the close friendship will always be remembered and will always be cherished. To my high school girlfriends : Weng, Ge, Grace, Lida (adopted member of our barkads, elder sister of our friend Grace), Charms, Cana, Gaye, and Rio - thanks for the friendship and the memories! I surely miss you ladies. :-)

Journalling: "A friend is a person with whom I may be sincere. Before him I may think aloud. I am arrived at last in the presence of a man so real and equal, that I may drop even those undermost garments of dissimulation, courtesy, and second thought, which men never put off, and may deal with him with the simplicity and wholeness with which one chemical atom meets another." - Ralph Waldo Emerson.

Credits for this layout: Shower of Flowers Kit by BonscrapatitDesigns.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

My Greatest Joy

Last July 4, 2009, my friend/officemate Glenda tied the knot with her long-time fiance' Bong at the Malate Church in Manila. Zion was lucky enough to be part of her great entourage and was assigned the role of the arrhae or coin bearer. It was Zion's 2nd time to be an arrhae bearer. His first stint as an arrhae bearer was quite a "crying experience" - he was so surprised (or should I say shocked) with all the camera flashes that he cried all the way to the altar. To avoid this "crying scene" this time, I had to do a pep-talk with him, threaten him that Father (the priest) will take him away from Mommy, and bribe him with all sorts of stuff - from toy snakes, ice cream, to Nick Jr. tv sessions. Thank God all the prodding worked! He was able to make it to the front row without a single tear in his eyes. On the contrary he was smiling and giggling while he was walking.

The picture I used in this layout was the photo taken by a photographer prior to the start of the march. Since I was so busy convincing Zion to walk without crying, I wasn't able to take pictures of him when we got in the church, just before the wedding. I had to contend myself with the photo I bought from that photographer.

Credits for this layout: Yuyu Memories Kit by Armina Designs, Serendipity Kit by MandyMystiques Design; Love WordArt by Thaty Borges Designs.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Little Schumacher

Among Zion's prized toys are his toy cars and motorcycles. Young as he is, he knows some car models like Mitsubishi Adventure, Toyota Fortuner, and Honda CRV. Although I must admit, he has his own way of naming these car models - "Enchum" (for Adventure), "Pichuchum" (for the Fortuner), and "Arbee" (for the CRV). He calls his little toy motorcyle "Onda" (I presume this is Honda).

For this layout, the pictures I used were taken during our trip to Tagaytay last May 1, 2009. Zion was enjoying his photo shots while he was wearing his race car driver jacket. He appears proud, happy, and contented while wearing this jacket. Even on our trip back to Manila, he still insisted on wearing the jacket despite the warm climate.

Credits for this layout: Boys Kit by Claudia Sachs Designs

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Best Friends

If there's one person who knows me well (aside from my family), that would definitely be my best friend Weng. I have known Weng since we were in first grade. We spent our elementary and high school years in the same school. When we were still studying, she was my personal tutor in Math and Physics (she knows how I loathed those subjects). And despite her quiet nature (quiet daw oh!! hehehe...), she's a very sociable person having a lot of extra-curricular activities during those days - a choir member, parish coordinator, and a student librarian - balancing all these with her being a student, a sister, and daughter. As time passed by and we finished schooling, the friendship grew and matured. From being my personal tutor back in school, she became my confidante and adviser. She's always willing to listen to me, and share her two cents on things, but allowing me to make the final decisions. And that's one thing that I like about her... even if we don't always meet eye to eye on certain things, and even if I don't follow her advice, she's always there. "Suportahan ta ka" was our motto, as friends. Currently, my best friend Weng is now happily married and is working in Dubai. I forgot to mention that she is one of Zion's godmothers (ninang). And even though we are far apart, the communication is still very much alive. We keep in touch via email, YM, and even via SMS.

I dedicate this layout to my best friend Weng. She will be celebrating her birthday on the 12th of July. Through this layout, I want her to know how much I treasure her friendship, how much I love her like a sister, and how much I miss her. Advance Happy Birthday bespren!! :-)

Journalling: What is a friend? A single SOUL dwelling in two bodies - Aristotle.

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