Sunday, August 31, 2008

Slim Shady

I am trying to catch up with the 2 days I lost due to Adobe Photoshop. This afternoon, I made another layout. Zion is not exactly slim-shady (i.e. crazy, weirdo, wacko). Well.. there are times he's so "makulit" and naughty, he drives US crazy. :-) But one thing's for sure, Zion definitely has a passion for shades/sunglasses. During long trips, I or Yaya Linda, never forget to bring along a pair of shades for him because at the middle of the trip, he usually asks for his own shades, if he sees me or his grandma wearing ours. I was able to take several photos of him "modelling" his and our shades. This layout shows some of his cutest and most playful shots.

Credits for this layout: Background, ribbons (blue w/ black dots, white w/ blue and black stripes, black with white stitches), Blue w/ black design button, and Alphas from Moody Blues collection and Urban Kiwi collection at; Black filmstrip and black flowers elements from Tropically Hot Collection at

For Pao and Mau

It's Sunday and it was only now that I was able to create a LO. I was busy last Friday and yesterday studying and playing around with Adobe Photoshop because it was more "powerful" in creating digiscrap layouts, and more flexible in manipulating and altering images. I guess it will take some time before I learn some PS tricks. Still have to stick with scrapbookflair. :-)

For this post, I would like to thank my friends Pao and Mau for allowing me to create a LO for them, even if I'm just a novice in digital scrapbooking. Pao is one of Zion's godfathers during the latter's baptism. And soon (January 2010 if I'm not mistaken), this lovely couple will tie the knot in marriage. Advance best wishes to you Pao and Mau! :-)

Credits for this layout: Mother's Love Collection at for the background, paper slices, and rose embellishment. Spring Breeze collection at for the pink staples. At The Beginning lyrics (Donna Lewis and Richard Marx) for the notes on the post.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Young Jin

According to my brother, people who study or who are into Taekwondo are called Jins. This post shows one of Zion's current interest - to be a little Taekwondo jin. I cannot blame him. He watches eagerly and closely while my brother practices his routines, and even watches during tournaments. At his young age of 2, Zion can already kick and punch with some impact because my brother patiently teaches him because he can see Zion's inclination and interest in the said sport. Perhaps, I will enroll him in a real class when he reaches four or five. By that time, he can, at least, understand the command "ZION STOP!". ÜÜ

Credits for this layout: Blue background paper and white printed paper used for frame from It's My Party Kit at; Embellishments from Back to School Collection at and Splendid Collection at Last Ninja font from

Bold Star

Don't be deceived by the post's title. This should be a very wholesome post. Ü My first post this week is about Zion enjoying his bath time. Pictures were taken when Zion was about 10 or 11 months (just before his 1st birthday). Zion loves to take a bath and play with his bath water. This is the same reason why nobody wants to give him a bath - because they will also end up taking a bath because of his playfulness. Ü Yaya Linda (please refer to a previous post for her picture.. Ü) is always the patient one who gives Zion and bath, and ends up taking a bath too. Ü

Credits for this post: Papers by FreshNClean paper collection at, Embellishments from Sweetie Pie Collection and Tropically Hot Collection at, Gilgongo Kaps font at

Friday, August 15, 2008

For The Boys

It's Friday once again and as you might have noticed, this is digiscrap time for me. A friend who just recently learned of my addiction to digital scrapbooking had asked/challenged me if I could create a layout using only a single kit, such that everything (papers and embellishments) except for the photos (hehehe.. Ü) should come from that kit. It was quite difficult at first because I was used to getting a little bit of everything from several kits, but the challenge was really interesting, so I agreed. Here's the product of that challenge - For The Boys. This layout "features" the 3 most special men in my life - my Dad, my Brother, and my son Zion. These pics were taken during our trip to Baguio last August 2007. Pictures were taken at Bakahan at Manukan with those real-looking Igorot statues (for my Dad and Zion), at Camp John Hay (for Zion and my Brother), and at the PMA (where the three boys posed in front of an armalite).

Credits for this go out to : July 08 Freekit by Jeanelle Paige at

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Remembering Lola

Here is one layout that's overdue. I created this layout as a tribute to another special and influential woman in my life - my Lola Pacing. She was a second mother to me, taking care of me since I first set foot on earth. She was a grandmother, a mother, a sister, a lawyer (who always saved my neck from my parents' wrath.. hehehe.. Ü), and a best friend rolled into one. She saw me in my best and worst fits, and loved me in both occassions. Unfortunately, some good things never last. Last April (of 2008), God decided to give my Lola her own set of wings. I surely miss her. And I know wherever she might be, she is happy. For she had a life well-lived, full of rich experiences, and wisdom gained through the years.

Credits for this layout: Family History Collection and Colorful Memories Collection from

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Be Like Mom

Despite the fact that I'm not feeling well today, I was still able to create 2 digiscrap layouts (I'm not sure if I'll be able to finish the 3rd one this Saturday). For my 2nd post today, I chose to create a layout/post for my little boy, Zion. I've created layouts for almost everyone here at home, I almost forgot that Zion was the primary reason why I decided to go into digital scrapbooking! Hehehe.. Ü While I was going through our pics here at home, I chanced upon my picture in front of a PC which was taken on my last day at my previous company. And then I remembered taking Zion's pics while he was playing with his toy lappy. My imagination became playful which allowed me to create this cute layout.

Credits for this layout: Tropically Hot Collection from (for the background, aqua rickracks, and swirl with butterflies embellishments); Pink and Blue staples from Spring Breeze Collection at

Pinoy in Canada

It's weekend once again so I get to create digiscrap layouts! Ü I have informed a couple of friends of my new addiction - that is, digital scrapbooking. Hehehe... Ü And have dared some of them to allow me to create layouts for them (lakas ng loob ko noh? hehehe.. Ü). Some of them have answered my "challenge" and readily submitted their pics. Here's my first "victim" - my good friend Jun who currently resides in Canada.

Credits for this post go out to the following: Oh Canada Collection at (paper, red & white frames, red & white paperclips, white rickracks, red corner markers, red leaf embellishments, and Canada word-art); StitchedX from Splendid Collection at; Red and white buttons (on the frames) from

Saturday, August 2, 2008

San Na Nga Ba'ng Barkada Ngayon

I love weekends (who doesn't?!?)! Ü I was able to create another layout today. This time I chose my high school barkada as the subject of my layout. My high school friends and I graduated last April 1994. 14 years after, we still do our best to keep in touch - via email, chat, or text message. If one comes over to Manila for a short visit (since some of us are already living or working abroad), we try to arrange a get-together so that we can meet up, update each other on personal developments, and of course reminisce about the good old high school days! Ü I can definitely say that my high school friends are one of the closest set of friends I've had and will have. I surely miss our get-together-events, and the memories, and stories that go with it.

Since my high school buddies are much younger than my mom or my dad, I chose colors and embellishments which are more refreshing and "young". Paper background from Festival Collection at; Green buttons from Sun Porch Collection at; Green and Orange Flowers from Tropically Hot Collection at; Friendship and Wonderful Memories word-arts from Sunny Days Collection at

Familia de Honor

After creating several layouts for almost everyone here at home (I said almost because I haven't created a layout yet for my beloved grandma who passed away last April - I'm still trying to find a picture of her among my files.), I have created one now which featured my family (at least kasama na ako sa pic! hehehe! ÜÜ). This layout features my family (my brother carrying the "#1" banner at the back, my Dad, my Mom, my son Zion, and of course Moi!). This pic was taken last January - at the eve of New Year 2008. I almost got left out (again!) of the pic. Had to set the camera on timed mode, run, and land on my brother (hehehe.. thanks for catching me bro! Ü). I love my Family. I wouldn't know where I would be without their constant support, guidance, and of course love. As the quote in my layout says, "Home is where Your Story begins".

For this layout (paper & embellishments), I used the Family History Collection at