Saturday, September 26, 2009

An Angel Was Born

I tried my hand at digiscrapping about a year ago to "preserve" and and present my son's pictures in a more creative way. When I started out a year ago, I did not have the basic knowledge about Photoshop, so my layouts were quite "kindergarten" in appearance. After a year, and having at least the basic knowledge of how Photoshop works, I try to recycle some of the pictures I used before, and make better layouts out of them. This is what I did in my current layout. These are pictures of Zion taken 3 years ago, while we were visiting him in the Nursery of Medical City. As early as 2-3 days old, it appears that Zion already has a knack for posing in front of the camera. It appears that he even tries to turn his small head to follow the camera.

Journalling: A little ANGEL was born...

Credits for this layout: Serenity Mini-Kit from Gwenipooh Designs and Stephinette Designs; Gabrielle Add-On WordArt from JoeG Designs;

Three Peas In A Pod

My mother once told me that a fortune-teller had predicted that she would have 3 children. Well.. biologically speaking, the fortune-teller was wrong, because my mother has only 2 biological children - my brother and I. But looking at my family from a "non-biological perspective", the fortune-teller was correct. My cousin Josie who has stayed with us for the past 12 years, can be considered as my mother's 3rd child. She has stayed with us to help in taking care of my brother when the latter was just about 5 or 6 years old (my brother is now 17). Eversince, my mother has always considered my cousin as her 3rd child. Together, my cousin, my brother, and I can be considered as the "Tatlong Itlog" here at home. During long travels (such as our trip to Baguio, in the picture in this layout), we usually enjoy taking funny picture shots, just like any other siblings would.

Journalling: Three peas in a Pod.

Credits for this layout: Crazy Earth Mega Collab Kit available at Digiscrapdepot;
WordArt from

Monday, September 21, 2009

Angel Eyes

Since Zion was a little baby, the first thing people notice about him is his eyes and his long and curly eyelashes. This long and curly eyelashes highlighted his Garfield-eyes even more. An aunt even asked me if I trimmed Zion's eyelashes when he was born. There is that belief that trimming an infant's eyelashes would allow it to grow longer and make it curlier. Since my baby was a boy, I didn't find any need to trim his eyelashes (he won't need it for maskara and/or curlash in the future, anyway). Somehow, his eyelashes just became long and natural without any human intervention. It was just natural. Well.. most friends and relatives had said that Zion might have inherited the shape of his eyes and his long eyelashes from me, his mother. Though I must admit, my eyelashes are not as curly as Zion's. And if I had to remember the eyelash length of Zion's dad, it would definitely be a far-cry from Zion's (in Filipino: ni wala sa kalingkingan ng mata at pilik-mata ni Zion.. tee hee!!). My son's eyes are so expressive that Zion need not say anything at times, to let me know how he feels. His eyes could tell me how happy or sad he is. Also, during those moments wherein I feel sad and frustrated about work or my personal life, I try look at those pair of eyes. Somehow, those pair of eyes also give me the strength to go on with life.

Journalling: I love your Angel eyes.

Credits for this layout: Meliage Kit by Petit Moineaux; Angels WordArt from Designs by Helly

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Wonderful Moments

If there is one thing that Zion inherited from me, it would definitely be our interest to pose in front of the camera. When he was still a baby, it was quite difficult to ask Zion to pose (add this to the fact that my digicam is suffering from a severe case of shutter lag). However, as he grew up, and as he discovered the wonderful pictures produced from that small machines that flashes a bright light, a.k.a. the camera, he became a very willing subject to my photography-tripping side. I really treasure and appreciate these moments wherein both of us can pose in front of the camera at the same, in one shot/pose. These are rare moments because most of the time, I am my the family photographer. :-D

Journalling: I'd rather have a moment of wonderful, than a lifetime of nothing special.

Credits for this layout: Moments of Wonderful by Vinnie Pearce

Monday, September 7, 2009

This is My Moment

If there is one thing I regret wass not being able to attend Zion's first "graduation" or moving-up activity from his first Toddlers Playschool class last March 2009. I wasn't able to attend it because it coincided with my vacation together with my Mom and brother. His Ninang (my cousin) took my place during the graduation and awarding ceremonies. Well, Zion did not actually "graduate" because he is still in Toddlers class today (Important NOTE: I enrolled him in his first Toddlers class at the middle of December 2008 to prepare him for the actual class in June 2009) but seeing him on the pictures receiving his Humble Pie Award made me quite teary-eyed (even if it was not really a "formal" award since he only joined the class for half a year). Oh well! I'll try to make it up this year. This year he would "formally graduate" or "move up" from Toddlers Playschool to Nursery. I hope that he would receive another award this year. And I hope to be there to hand him his award. :-)

Journalling: I am Zion. Today, I graduated from Toddlers Playschool. Today I received the Humble Pie Award. This will make my Ninang and everyone who loves me very proud. This is MY MOMENT.

Credits for this layout: Softly Blooms Kit from Heavenly Designz. WordArt stamps from Sueli Colbert Designs. Photomask Pack3 from Bouille.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

September Calendar Layout

September is one of the months in the year wherein there are no birthdays or anniversaries being celebrated in my family. It's sort of a rest month after 2 birthdays being celebrated last August, and in preparation of the upcoming birthdays of my cousin and grandmother in October. Since there are no celebrants in my family for September, and it's unfortunate that I don't have a picture of one of my "kumares" who will be celebrating her birthday come Sept. 12 (advance happy birthday Candz!), I just created a simple layout for my calendar this September. My calendar layout this month featured my mom with a bunch of flowers as her background. She loves flowers sooo much that she would love to take pictures having these as her background.

Credits for this layout: Oopsie Daisies Kit from BonScrapatit Designs. MissMint 2009 Calendars from Peppermint Creative.