Saturday, June 25, 2011

Joann's Inner Beauty

For my second layout this week, I dedicate it to another good friend from my previous employer, who is incidentally also a June birthday celebrant. I dedicate this second layout to my team lead and good friend, Joann. For a team lead, I can say that Joann has a high level of patience and understanding, especially with a feisty team like ours. She has a way of handling and understanding a bunch of hyperactive and oftentimes feisty team members, especially during those crunch time moments. But outside of work, Joann is definitely a good (and funny) friend. She never fails to give us her level-headed advice, especially when we need those religious feel-good ego-boosts.

To dear Joann, belated happy birthday girl! Mishu! :)

Credits for this layout: Back to Basics Kit by Elemental Scraps; WordArt from Random Thoughts by Linda; Photo taken by Shy Arizala.

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