Sunday, February 1, 2009

Sweet Valentine

I must admit Valentines was never my favorite season (hehehe...). But hey, why spoil the moment for those who enjoy the occassion (like my brother... hehehe..)? So for my first layout this month, I'll be featuring my brother Philip and his "close friend" Nella in this simple yet sweet layout. I am not so sure what is the real score between them (my brother is soooo "showbiz" in answering questions about them), but from the pictures I think anyone can make an accurate guess where they're heading. Hehehe... =)

Credits for this layout: Enjoy Life Kit from; Wordart from Heart's Expression from Gbrosas, available at

1 comment:

G said...

Thanks sis! sarap pala feeling to see your artwork in other's LO...nice one sis...and sweet ha!