Monday, May 18, 2009

Of Motherhood and Understanding

If there's one thing motherhood has taught me, it would definitely be patience and understanding. I must admit that before Zion arrived, I am short-tempered and tend to lose my patience over petty things. Zion's naughty and playful nature has tested my patience. Over time, I have realized that, as his mom, I should be the first to understand and show him patience. My patience-understanding-and-compassion project is still a work-in-progress. There are still those instances when I just want to gag and hogtie Zion just for him to be still. However, I guess, mother's love always takes over.

The picture used for this layout was taken last May 1, 2009 during our trip to Tagaytay. I remember taking a bath before leaving the house, so I guess I am not the reason why Zion is covering his nose (defensive si mommy! heheheh..). We had a hard-time asking him to remove his hand from his nose. So just to finish the shot, I just imitated him and covered my nose as well.

Journalling: It's not until you become a mother, that your judgement turns to understanding and compassion.

Credits for this layout: New Dream Kit by Carla Holf Designs; Spring Mini Kit by; Wordart by Motherhood quotes by


gwacie said...

Sis, I was wondering about your poses until I read the rest of the text. It's a funny moment that you'll look back on fondly. I think you picked a great wordart for this. :)

G said...

*gigles* nakakatuwa naman si zion...nice LO sis and colors used!
Good day sis!