Sunday, November 15, 2009

Too Young

I was listening to some Eraserheads song, when my brother requested me if I could create a digiscrap layout out of some recent pictures of him with his girlfriend (yes, it's confirmed! tee hee!) Nella. I found the pictures quite cute since it's like one of those teen-romance flicks (ala Young-Love-Sweet-Love). While thinking of what word art or journalling I could use for their layout, the song "Toyang" (by the Eraserheads) played. The opening lines of the song "Toyang" were lifted from the song "Too Young" (by Nat King Cole, I think). I think the opening lines of the song is quite appropriate for my brother and his girlfriend. As my brother may say, they may be young, but they know what it means to be in love... Awww.. how cheesy... :-)

Journalling: "They try to tell us we're too young... Too young to really be in love.. "

Credits for this layout: Tranquility Freebie Mini-Kit by Andrea; Jane Austen font from Too Young lyrics originally done by Nat King Cole.

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