Saturday, November 7, 2009

Little Vampire

Now I know this layout is quite late. But cliche as it may sound, it would definitely be "Better late than never".

Last October 28, Zion's school had their annual Trick or Treat activity. The preschoolers were advised to come in their best (and cutest) Halloween costume and participate in the Trick or Treat activity within the school's premises. Buying the candies and goodies was the easy part. Buying Zion's costume was not. As Zion's mom and a regular mallrat, I never thought that SM would run out of Halloween costume. But it did... well almost. I went to SM Makati (nearer my office) a day before Zion's school activity. To my surprise, the only costume left for little boy toddlers like Zion was that of the vampire (black and red cape) with the small black bag. Little girls were luckier because there were still the princess and fairies costumes on the shelves. So I went for the vampire costume. I just told my mom (Zion's grandma) to apply makeup and eyeshadow to make Zion look like a little Edward Cullen, oh I mean, a little vampire. :-)

Journalling: Clothes make a statement. Costumes tell a story. - Mason Cooley

Credits for this layout: Twilight Tagger Kit from Cora's Creations; Photomask with Wings and WordArt from BintyDesigns.

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