Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Put Your Head on my Shoulder

I am on the 3rd day of my vacation which started last Monday. As I've mentioned in my previous post, I took some time off from work, to relax and unwind, to take care of some things here at home, and of course to spend some quality time with my son, Zion. I remember the last time we had a real mother-and-son bonding time was during his Moving Up activity from Toddler Playschool. He was awarded the Little Mr. Newscaster award because of his fondness for talking and telling interesting and funny stories to his teachers and classmates. After the school activity, we had a small celebration. It was also my brother's graduation from high school, so my Mom and I decided to have a sort-of double celebration - for my brother's graduation from high school, and Zion's moving up from Toddler Playschool to the much formal level of Nursery (this coming June). Since it was loooong and hectic day, Zion was really exhausted at the end of the small party. As expected, after all the hustle and bustle and his being hyperactive, he would end up carrying him, as he slowly dozes off to sleep while resting on my shoulder.

Journalling: Always remember this moment.

Credits for this layout: Sahabat Lama Kit by Jak-ART-a Scrappers; Moments WordArt by Agnieszkag;

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