Sunday, May 23, 2010

Free As The Wind

One of the wonderful places that we visited from our trip to Ilocos last April was the Bangui Windmills in Ilocos Norte. Yes! We have those here in the Philippines! :-) According to one of the locals, the Bangui Windmills are the main suppliers of electricity in the province of Ilocos. If I remembered it correctly, there were around 20 towering windmills in the area, all facing the sea (the locals say it is already the South China Sea). The sight of these windmills was really majestic and breathtaking. Being under one of these gigantic windmills and feeling the sea breeze through your hair and face, one would have an exhilirating feeling of freedom. For all those visiting the northern region of Ilocos, the Bangui Windmills is a must-see landmark.

Journalling: As Free As the Wind.. Bangui Windmills, Ilocos Norte, Philippines, April 2010.

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