Thursday, August 19, 2010

In Your Eyes

It has been some time since I created a layout which featured my son Zion. I was busy creating layouts which featured my friends from my former workplace, the places I visited last summer, and some family layouts, but not Zion solo. So for my layout today, I am featuring my son Zion. The close-up shot used in this picture was taken during Zion's 4th birthday party last summer. It was taken by my officemate-friend Shy, who served as the party's photographer.

They say that all kids are beautiful, especially in the eyes of their own mothers. I know this may sound conceited, but I really do think that there is something in my son's stare that can make me really feel fulfilled as a mother, and as a person in general. Perhaps it is my mommy-side that is speaking, but everytime I look at those pair of small brown eyes, a certain feeling of peace, happiness, and fulfillment settles in me.

In Your Eyes
... i can see my dream's reflections

... found the answers to my questions

... i can see the reasons why our love's alive... You and I

... we're drifting safely back to shore, and I think I finally
learned to love you more....

Credits for this layout: Mango Tango Kit by Delicious Scraps; Larger Mine, Segoe Script, and Howser fonts available; In Your Eyes song by George Benson; Shy Arizala for the picture.

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G said...

ay sis, fave ko rin mga lines na ito and i think ive used na rin in one of my LOs...ganda no, at bagay sa picture ni Zion...=)