Sunday, September 19, 2010

Septemeber 2K10 Calendar Layout

I know I lagged again in updating this blog with more digital scrapbook layouts. *sigh*. Again, I was busy adjusting at work. Have this high productivity number of hours to meet. Plus, I was being asked to do some additional admin. tasks which sometimes eats even my time at home and with my son. Oh well.. proby guys can't complain that much... *sigh*... Hopefully all this effort at work will earn me my regularization come January 2011 or hopefully earlier.

Anyway, having my girl friends Weng and Bhang here at home about a few weeks ago was a very good respite from my work-from-home weekends. It has been 2 years since Weng and I have seen each other because she was working in Dubai (UAE). It has been several months since Bhang and I have seen each other since she was studying hard for her 2nd college degree which was Nursing. The weekend together was a great time to bond and catch up on each other's lives. It was also a great time since my son Zion was able to play with Bhang's son (my godson), Enzo. The two boys had a blast playing Plants vs. Zombies, while my girlfriends and I shared stories and updates while munching on pizzas and soda. I hope there will be a repeat of this the next time Weng comes home for a vacation. :-)

Credits for this layout: Plentiful Kit by Shabbyprincess; WordArt from Bethany's Elegant WordArt.

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