Friday, April 10, 2009

Life Is Worth Living

It's a four-day vacation for us. Whooohoo!! After some very stressful days at work, I was able to take some rest and relaxation and spend time with my precious Zion.

I devoted most of my layouts for the month of April to my son Zion. For my layout this week, I chose a layout which features my son and I while we are walking at the Boardwalk in Subic. The journalling I used simply expressed my happiness and feelings in having a son as lovable and as precious as my Zion.

Journalling: Life has given me my share of joys and sorrows, good and bad times, success and failures. It has opened my eyes to the ugly and beautiful. It has allowed me to reach the highest peaks. But it has also allowed me to feel pain and defeat in their purest forms. I was able to taste heaven and have been through hell and back. All these life has thrown at me. Despite everything, life is still worth living... Worth living because of you... my Zion.

Credits for this layout: Sweet Envy Kit 5 from

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gwacie said...

This is such sweet journaling sis! I like your clustering there. :)