Saturday, October 24, 2009

Blessed Sleep

My friend/officemate Glenda showed me a picture of her pet Chuchay while the latter was sleeping. Having heard a lot of funny stories about Chuchay I was really laughing my heart out when I saw the cat's pose while it was sleeping. I was also laughing because it reminded me of how my friend Glenda slept (and posed) during our summer getaway last April. :-D. So in this layout, I paid tribute to the "sleeping" Master and Pet. The sleeping picture of Glenda was taken by another friend (Shy) during our summer getaway last April. Meanwhile Chuchay's picture was sent to me by Glenda herself. I am having second thoughts telling Glenda about this layout. She might never talk to me again. Teee heee!! Then again, perhaps I'll tell her about it... a month after I've posted the layout.. Hihihihi!! :-D

Journalling: Sleep Oh Blessed Sleep poem by Susan Aldren Lugton.

Credits for this layout: Black Night Kit by Muriel1326 available Ikeagoddess; Sleep Oh Blessed Poem from Poemhunter; Swenson font from Dafont.Com

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