Saturday, October 30, 2010

November 2K10 Calendar Layout

It's 2 days before the first day of my favorite month of the year - November. I will not say why I like this month. :-) But since it is my favorite month of the year, I will post my monthly calendar layout a little earlier. :-)

For my calendar layout this month, I feature myself. :-D. Well, I enjoy taking pictures of my family and friends, but seldom do I enjoy being in those pictures. There are only those rare occassions wherein I want to have my own pictures taken. It's not that I don't want to be with family and friends. It's just I feel self-conscious when I know I am being photographed. This is the reason behind the picture in this layout.

The picture was taken in Ugo Bigyan's Pottery in the town of San Pablo in Laguna. The place was one of the venues included in the Viaje del Sol trip (check Within the compound of Mr. Ugo Bigyan, is a corner where a simple wooden chair is located. I surely love this spot within the compound. It may feel eerie at the start, but it definitely registered well with the camera, and relaxing on the chair somehow brings a feeling of serenity. I sat there, shut my eyes, my ears, and even my mind. And even for a few seconds, I felt peace within.

Journalling: "Simplicity ... Minsan gusto mo na lang huminto, pumikit, maging bulag at bingi sa lahat ng ingay ng mundo... " (i.e. There are times when one just wants to pause, close his eyes, and be blind and deaf to all the distractions in this world.)

Credits for this layout: Simplicity Kit by Little Angel Designs; Photomask by Bouille; Veteran Typewritter font by;

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