Saturday, October 9, 2010

October 2K10 Calendar Layout

For my calendar layout for the month of October, I am featuring a former colleague and friend from my former office - Catherine, or Cae as we fondly call her. =D. Cae is one of those friends whom I can describe as sugar and spice rolled into one package. Sugar because she is definitely a good friend to me back in our previous company. She was honest enough to tell me what was wrong with me and what people say behind my back - and I admire people, most especially friends, who are honest inside and out. She is also one helluva spice! =D Cae can make anyone smile and laugh with her antics and pranks. Everyone in our circle of friends had fallen victim to her kakulitan... and even our previous manager was not spared. :-D

To Cae, advance happy happy birthday (for October 11)! Wish you happiness and success in your new work and office! Meron ka na naman bago mabibiktima dun.. Hihihihi! And definitely, I wish that you will not miss your flight after you have rescheduled it. :-P

Journalling: "As we go on.. We remember.. All the times we had together... As our lives change, come whatever.. We will still be friends forever.."

Credits for this layout: Spontaneous Delight Kit by Carrie Stephens available at Shabbyprincess; Pictures taken by another friend Shy Arizala; Journalling taken from The Graduation Song by Vitamin C.

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