Saturday, September 25, 2010

Everything About You

As I've mentioned in my one of my most recent posts, the main reason why I bought a DSLR camera was my son, Zion. For this reason, when I got my DSLR camera, he was also one of my first subjects in trying out the various features of the cam, especially the continuous shooting mode. I really find the continuous shooting mode a very great help especially if I have to take pictures of Zion while he is performing in school.

The pictures I used in this layout were from the "test shots" I took while exploring the features of my DSLR camera, most especially the various scenes (including the very challenging Manual mode) and the continuous shooting mode. The set of pictures on the upper right corner were the shots I took using the continuous shooting mode. I was quite delighted with the way the camera clicked continuously and the way it was able to take successive pictures of Zion, that if I scroll through those pics, it would appear as if Zion was actually moving (like the way they create cartoons!). I'll try to experiment and explore the other features of the DSLR camera. Hopefully, I'll get to post more layouts in the future using the pics taken from the cam. :-)

Credits for this layout: Little Star Freebie Kit by Andrea of Here A Scrap There A Scrap; WordArt from Random Thoughts by Linda.

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