Saturday, November 13, 2010


For my second layout today, I am featuring another friend whose birthmonth is also in November - Ara. Ara was my Quality Analyst when I was doing development/programming work in my previous company. She was a fresh graduate when she joined the company and our team, but over time, I really think she improved a lot. Having seen how she works, I really think she deserves more than what she's having now (i.e. matiisin lang sya talaga... hehehe..). Aside from work, I consider Ara as one of my girl buddies in my circle of friends in that company. She was very fun to be with it, but she definitely has something between her ears. Despite the fact that she is younger than most of us, this lady (lady daw o?!? heheheh...) knows when and how to speak her mind. When I was still with that company, we used to discuss and make okray (i.e. criticize and diss) people, things, and even systems/processes which we think are really out of line. Lastly, I also consider Ara as my "daughter-in-law-na-hilaw" because of her self-professed crush on my 4-year old son, Zion. Goodluck always Ara! Your boypren Zion wishes to extend to you his hugs and kisses! :-)

Credits for this layout: Funny Valentine Kit by Scrap Indonesia; Girls Divas WordArt by Kellie's Kreations.


5Star Digital Scrapbooking said...

very cute love all the layouts you've done. if i didn't know better i'd think they were traditional paper layouts.

love your selection of music too!

Tsina said...

Very nice. I'd love start scrapbooking too. =)