Saturday, January 29, 2011

You Are My Dream

I was taking care of Zion today, as he is not feeling well. We went to his pedia earlier and found out he has sore throat. No wonder he was complaining about his painful throat the entire day. As I was giving him his medicines, I tried to look closely at Zion. At almost 5 years, Zion has grown a lot. He has developed physically, emotionally, and even mentally. As I listen to him speak, I realize that I am truly blessed having Zion in my life. As I am a dreamer, my son Zion is my greatest dream.

Journalling: How fast time flies, my son... To me it was only yesterday, when you were still a baby, cuddled in my arms, finding peace and happiness in my simple and hushed lullabye. In a span of four years, you have grown so much. Now, I look at you with wonder and amazement. In a span of four years, I see the grace of God unfold. In you, I realize why life is beautiful and why it is worth living. I thank God for you. I am a dreamer and your are my greatest Dream...

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gwacie said...

awww.... love the journaling, sis! :)