Saturday, March 19, 2011

Incredible Apple

Another good friend who is celebrating her birthday this month is Apple. Aside from being a good friend, she was also a colleague from my former company. Apple can be described as a silent and soft-spoken lady. But do not be deceived by her quiet exterior. Being a quality analyst, she is very keen and has a very good eye for details. Programmers whose program codes she review, have to ensure that everything is working well, in order to get pass Apple's eagle-eyes. Aside from this, the fun part begins when you get to know her and become her friend. Apple may not be the loud-type, but her "hirits" and "punchlines", combined with her "ala-eh" accent (this Maria Clara is a genuine Batanguena), can surely make the cut when it comes to the funniest antics in our circle of friends. So Epols (as I fondly call her before), a happy happy birthday to you.. SUFFFRISE!!! :-D

Journalling: Absolutely Incredible

Credits for this layout: Tutti Frutti Kit by Stacey's Scraps; Alpha from Shabby Mommy Kit from Shabby Princess; WordArt from Evening Sphere WordArt by Lien Clickphoto Designs. Photo taken by another friend, Shy Arizala.

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