Sunday, September 14, 2008

Sibling Revelry

My second layout for this week features pics of me and my brother Philip. My brother and I are not really the perfect brother-sister siblings. There are also times when we get into each other's nerves, and fight like 5-year olds (note that I'm older by 15 years... my brother is only 16 years old... hehehe.. Ü). But most of the time, we get along well. I must say that my brother Philip, despite his young age, has been one of my closest male friends. Sometimes we cover each others' backs when our parents are making their infamous "sermon".

The pictures were taken from different locations. The first one was taken from Camayan Beach in Subic. The second one from 8 Waves in Bulacan, and the third one from Leo's Leisure Park in Pampanga.

Credits for this layout: Seashore Splendor kit from

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