Saturday, September 27, 2008

Music Lover

It's weekend again and it's digiscrapping time! I noticed that for my past layouts, I have tried the shades of blue, green, brown, and some brighter colors such as yellow, pink, and orange. Have tried most colors, except for the daring color red.

For this week, I tried to experiment with creating a layout featuring the color red. And for the pics, I chose to feature one of Zion's interests : music. At his young age of 2, Zion enjoys listening to music, be it on my or my brother's mp3 player. Even our stereo here at home is not safe with Zion because he knows how to turn it on if he wants to listen to the radio. This is not a surprising phenomenon because ever since he was in my womb, I already exposed him to music. I usually listen to my mp3 player when I was still pregnant with Zion. I put one end of the earphones near my tummy to allow him to hear whatever was playing on my mp3 player. I listen to a variety of music that time, from classical to hiphop, and even reggae! When Zion grows up, it would no longer be a surprise if he would appreciate a wide range of musical genres.

Credits for this layout: Paper background, polka-dot red-white-and-blue ribbon, and red buttons from Going Circles kit at; Beadstring and tag from Radiant Roses kit at; Frizzel Edge embellishment used as border from Kiddy Kit at

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gwacie said...

Nice work stepping out of the box with RED! I have a tendency to stick to browns, greens and blues. Maybe I should try for more purples and yellows! We'll see. :)