Sunday, September 7, 2008

50 Years

Now I can say for this week, my theme for my layouts is definitely on the "blue side of things". After my "Faith & Light" layout last Friday which utilized the color blue, here's my 2nd layout for this week - 50 Years which incidentally uses blue papers and embellishments. This is also my 2nd attempt (afte the Faith & Light LO) to use Photoshop. Hope I'm improving. Ü

Both pictures used were "stolen" shots - the first pic was taken when Zion was about 3 or 4 months old, and the second one is a picture of my Dad (Zion's grandfather) taken while he was sleeping (I'm thinking if I should show this LO to my Dad... he might ask me to remove it from the net due to his "macho" pose while sleeping.. hehehe... Ü). Zion is the "50 Years Before", while my Dad is the "50 Years After".

Credits for this layout: Jeannelle Paige July 08 Freekit at for the Background paper, Blue Flowers, Blue buttons on the flowers, and the blue pins; Moody Blues Collection at for the blue printed papers used as frames; Festival Collection at for the light blue ric-racs; Splendid Collection at for the light blue Alphas.


G said...

This is nice LO sis, as in they have the same sleeping position..i like the is my fave shade kasi hehehe.

gwacie said...

hehehe... before and after photos? ;-)

I love blue too!