Saturday, October 10, 2009


This afternoon I tried to do a backup of some of Zion's old pictures. I knew I have used some of these photos before in my previous layouts. And since I was still a newbie in digiscrapping during that time, some of the layouts I have created were so kindergarten, I bet even Zion can replicate it once he enters Nursery. So to give justice to these cute photos that were "wrongly used" in those layouts, I try to recycle them to give them a new "look". A sample of this recycling is done in my layout today. If you'll try to look back, the photos that I've used here were also used in my Wondering layout. I just gave it a fresh look today.

These photos were taken when Zion was just 9 months old. His chubby cheeks, girl-like hair, cute smile, and those expressive eyes makes him simply adorable.

Credits for this layout: Granny's Den Kit from
Joni Gray Designs; Adorable WordArt from EveningSphere freebie available at Lien Clickphoto Designs.

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