Saturday, October 24, 2009

Good Company

I enjoy watching my brother when he is with his friends and girlfriend. Somehow it reminds me of my own friends (and okay.. past boyfriends.. tee hee!!). How fast time flies. Several years ago, my brother was still a timid gradeschooler who usually spends his free time here at home playing with his toys and his Ate (me!). As soon as he entered his teenager years and high school life, things slowly changed. He now enjoy more the company of his friends, and definitely wants to spend more time with his girlfriend. Not that I am jealous or against it. In fact, I am happy that my brother is in good company. I know most of his close friends (since they spend countless overnights here in our small home), and he has introduced his girlfriend to the rest of the family (and his girlfriend's family know my brother). In this layout, my brother is with his girlfriend Nella, and his best buddy Inno.

Journalling: Keep good company and ye will be counted one of them - Scottish Proverb

Credits for this layout: Funky Kit Collab Kit from DigiscrapmaniaShop; WordArt from Party On! WordArt by Tina Chambers available at Digital Scrapbookplace.

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