Sunday, December 27, 2009

Little Computer Geek

I'll like to deviate a little from the Christmas theme to post a funny layout of Zion. The photos used in this layout were taken when Zion was about 2 years old. The photos on the left side were taken while he was playing (or should I say messing) with his toy laptop. He enjoys it when he gets the correct answer and the voice command goes "Excellent!". But sometimes his bully side gets in the way and he intentionally answer incorrectly so that the voice command keeps on saying "Sorry.. try again.. Sorry try again.". On the other side, is his picture showing Zion wearing his grandfather's eyeglasses. My dad was reading the newspaper that time, when Zion suddenly grabbed his eyeglasses to try it. When Zion tried the eyeglasses, his eyes rolled perhaps due to the eyeglasses' high grade.

Credits for this layout: Techno Geek Kit from Peppermint Creative.

1 comment:

gwacie said...

Ay this is cute! not your usual kiddie layout. The grays and the yellow dots go well with the theme. Malay mo sis, you have a budding Bill Gates or Steve Jobs there! :)