Sunday, December 6, 2009

Bhangskie & Chepot

If there is one friend that I miss lately, it would be Bhang. "Lola Bhang" as I fondly call her is not miles away. In fact she is still in Manila. However, due to our busy schedules (she's currently taking up her 2nd college degree), we seldom meet and would only communicate via SMS or if Bhang is online in YM.
Bhang is one of those few friends I have whom I feel very comfortable with. We can talk about anything under the sun - from the safe and mundane to the most sizzling and taboo topics. Bhang is one of those few people to whom I can put down my guard, and be myself, without being afraid of being judged and measured incorrectly. We only met a few years ago (through another close friend Weng), but it seems that we've known each other since kindergarten. Perhaps Lola Bhang's friendly and open-minded nature allowed her to melt and get-through my ice-cold and snooty exterior (yes.. I admit, people always had the first impression that I'm snobbish because I'm not really the outgoing type.. ).

Well, I guess I may have a few friends in this lifetime. But I also think that God was good enough that even if I only have a few friends, He made sure that these few friends are worth my time and worth the space in my heart. I miss you Lola Bhang...

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