Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Dad's Day 2010

Today is a day wherein the world gives credit to fathers, the responsible and loving head of every household. For my layout today, I feature my own Dad, together with my brother and my son. My Dad is not a perfect man. There are times wherein we don't see eye-to-eye because of his more conservative outlook on things. But I can definitely say, I couldn't and I wouldn't ask for a much better Dad, because my Dad has been a very responsible, loving, and understanding father to me. I hope and I pray that when my brother and my son, become fathers themselves, they too, will be like my Dad.

To my Dad - Happy Father's Day!! We may not always see things from the same perspective, but your love, patience, and understanding have made you what you are now - the best Dad anyone could have.

Credits for this layout: Dadditude Kit from Peppermint Creative; Not His Angel font from Kevin and

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