Saturday, September 25, 2010

Let's Play

About 2 weeks ago, my good friends and kumares came over to my place for some catching up and some bonding moments among girlfriends. One of my kumares, Bhang, came with her son, Enzo, who is my godchild. Incidentally, Zion was also at home that time, so both our boys were able to spend some together in their own chitchatting world and of course, in play. Their common interest? Plants vs. Zombies! The game had helped us, their moms, to calm them down, and prevent them from interfering with our own girl talk. Both boys enjoyed the game, and both willingly paused everytime we asked them to pose in front of the camera. :-)

Credits for this layout: Boy's Kit by Claudia Sachs.

1 comment:

bhang said...

i love it..hahaha...sige, send me please the jpeg file. nakakatuwa ang mga mutokoy na yan...hahahaha!