Saturday, December 18, 2010

Zion and Santa Clause

In our family, it has been a tradition to play Santa Clause to all the kids in the family. My grandparents started it with my mom. My mom (as well as my dad) continued the tradition with me and my brother. And now that I have my own son, I am continuing the tradition of Santa Clause with Zion. As it has been, the kids write a letter to Santa Clause and place it on the Christmas tree on the night of December 15. I can't remember why it had to be on December 15. I think it was just in time for the start of the Simbang Gabi (i.e. Midnight Mass) and of course, to give Santa enough time to ask his elves to assemble the gift. :-) The kids are on "waiting stage" from December 16 to the evening of December 24. I remember going to bed early on the night of December 24 so that Santa could drop my gift without me noticing him. :-) The kids (well.. at least my brother and I) would wake up as early as 4 or 5AM of December 25, to check our gifts under the Christmas tree. And since we did our best to behave ourselves, we would often get what we wished for. Well, as for Zion, it is his 4th year to ask for a gift (we started when he was just 1 year old). This year, he told me that he wished for a bike accompanied with a helmet. As his mom, I told him that he should always be good so that Santa would give him his bike and helmet. :-)

Journalling: He knows when you are sleeping / He knows when you're awake / He knows if you've been bad or good / So be good, for goodness' sake... / Santa Clause is coming to town..

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