Saturday, August 2, 2008

Familia de Honor

After creating several layouts for almost everyone here at home (I said almost because I haven't created a layout yet for my beloved grandma who passed away last April - I'm still trying to find a picture of her among my files.), I have created one now which featured my family (at least kasama na ako sa pic! hehehe! ÜÜ). This layout features my family (my brother carrying the "#1" banner at the back, my Dad, my Mom, my son Zion, and of course Moi!). This pic was taken last January - at the eve of New Year 2008. I almost got left out (again!) of the pic. Had to set the camera on timed mode, run, and land on my brother (hehehe.. thanks for catching me bro! Ü). I love my Family. I wouldn't know where I would be without their constant support, guidance, and of course love. As the quote in my layout says, "Home is where Your Story begins".

For this layout (paper & embellishments), I used the Family History Collection at

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