Sunday, August 31, 2008

Slim Shady

I am trying to catch up with the 2 days I lost due to Adobe Photoshop. This afternoon, I made another layout. Zion is not exactly slim-shady (i.e. crazy, weirdo, wacko). Well.. there are times he's so "makulit" and naughty, he drives US crazy. :-) But one thing's for sure, Zion definitely has a passion for shades/sunglasses. During long trips, I or Yaya Linda, never forget to bring along a pair of shades for him because at the middle of the trip, he usually asks for his own shades, if he sees me or his grandma wearing ours. I was able to take several photos of him "modelling" his and our shades. This layout shows some of his cutest and most playful shots.

Credits for this layout: Background, ribbons (blue w/ black dots, white w/ blue and black stripes, black with white stitches), Blue w/ black design button, and Alphas from Moody Blues collection and Urban Kiwi collection at; Black filmstrip and black flowers elements from Tropically Hot Collection at


gwacie said...

he sure looks like he's enjoying those shades! cute! :)

jennyjenjen said...

sis, how cute! natuwa ako