Saturday, August 23, 2008

Bold Star

Don't be deceived by the post's title. This should be a very wholesome post. Ü My first post this week is about Zion enjoying his bath time. Pictures were taken when Zion was about 10 or 11 months (just before his 1st birthday). Zion loves to take a bath and play with his bath water. This is the same reason why nobody wants to give him a bath - because they will also end up taking a bath because of his playfulness. Ü Yaya Linda (please refer to a previous post for her picture.. Ü) is always the patient one who gives Zion and bath, and ends up taking a bath too. Ü

Credits for this post: Papers by FreshNClean paper collection at, Embellishments from Sweetie Pie Collection and Tropically Hot Collection at, Gilgongo Kaps font at


Anonymous said...

Very Catchy title. lovely set of photos and the color of your paper is so bright and sunny. perfect. :)

leahanne31 said...

adorable baby! nice LO sis.