Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Baby Beachcomber

It's 11:30pm on a Tuesday evening and I'm still awake. My abdominal cramps is keeping me awake. *sigh* It's really hard to be a woman! It's one of "those days"... Aaarrggghh! =(

Oh well.. Instead of whining, I tried to put this lack of sleep into good use, by making a digiscrap layout. I wasn't able to create one last weekend because of my busy schedule, so I think now will be a good time to create one. At least it takes my mind off the nasty cramps I'm having right now.

For tonight's layout, I chose Zion's picture when he was about 10 months old. Pics were taken during a trip to Camayan Beach in Subic. Zion loves the outdoors. He is curious about everything he sees outside the four corners of our house. And since he seldom gets the chance to get outside, he enjoys every moment he gets when he's out. I'm thinking that he's a future beachlover just like his mom, me!

Journalling : Sand, Sea, and Sun - I Love the Beach!!

Credits for this layout: Seashore Splendor Kit from tempusfug.blogspot.com. Font used is Rickles from dafont.com.

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