Saturday, October 18, 2008

Proud Momma

I guess only a handful of people would disagree with me that next to the two days of weekend - Saturday and Sunday - Friday is the day most people love. For one, I love Fridays because it gives me some time off from the mental demands of my very logic-dependent work, as it allows my creative energies (or whatever remains of my used-to-be-abundant creative energies) to get recharged. Friday nights allow the left-side of my brain (they say that this is the "thinking side" of the brain?) to relax, as it allows the right side (the creative, artsy side) to get some exercise. And what better way to do it than digiscrapping!

For today's layout, I chose a pic which includes me and Zion takes in front of a fountain in Nayong Pilipino in the Clark Expo Zone in Pampanga. If you would try to look at my previous LO's, you'll notice that it is seldom that I use pictures with me on it. "Makulit"and "magulo" as I may be perceived, I still hesitate to show the whole cyber community how I appear on pics. But I guess, no mother would hesitate to show the whole world how proud she is of her own son, even if it is just in pictures. I'm proud of my son, Zion. We've been through a lot, even while he was still in my womb. But despite of everything, we survived and we are still surviving. I guess that's one of the enduring traits of every Filipino - to be able to thrive even in times of adversity.

Credits for this layout : Crop Dreams Kit by

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Lorie M Designs said...

Love your layouts sis using the crop dreams...pinoy na pnoy talaga ang dating! thanks again!