Saturday, October 18, 2008

Remember the Moments

Zion's 2nd birthday was very memorable. I had only about a month to prepare since I was out of the country due to an onshore assignment/training. The preparations were difficult and I was just thankful that my family was always supportive of us - physically, emotionally, and even financially (hehehe...). Despite of the lack of sleep and tiring preparations, I was so happy and touched with the turnout of the visitors/guests. Family and friends came, partied, and showed their support and love for Zion. As described, the picture was taken during Zion's 2nd birthday this year. It was taken by one of my former officemates, as an experiment of the black&white features of his new SLR camera. I am just so thankful to my former officemates (Pao and Jelly) for being my "photographers" during the event. They were trying out the features of their SLR cameras and used it to take wonderful pictures during the birthday celebration.

For this layout, I tried my hand on creating a minimalist layout and to resist the urge of putting a llllloooootttt of embellishments, I used black and white elements together with the black & white photo.

Journalling: We do not remember days, we remember moments.

Credits for this layout: Black and White side stitching, White Stamp, and White lace from Urban Kiwi Collection at; Black brackets from MzP brackets by Coralee Evans at; Black and White small ribbons from Colorful Memories Collection at; Black buttons from Tropically Hot Collection at; Silver Pocket Watch Birds of A Feather Collection at;

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