Sunday, October 26, 2008

Devilishly Cute

All Soul's Day is just around the corner. I'm saying that the occassion is just around the corner. I'm hoping that the souls associated with it are NOT around the corner. Hehehe... As we all know it, this occassion is usually tied up with Halloween, where all the underworld and out-of-this world creatures come to life for just a day (or night) to "mingle" with humans.

For my second layout this week, I chose various pictures of Zion in his supposedly Halloween getup - the red horns (unfortunately, it is not visible from the photos that the horns are actually "glowing"), the pitchfork, and the scythe (which I think is called "kalawit" in Filipino). The shades/sunglasses was added because it was personally requested by Zion himself (remember I told you that he is fond of wearing shades and sunglasses that I was able to create a separate layout featuring him modelling various sunglasses). One may think it is very easy to take those pictures. Hell no!! It was literally hellish taking the pictures because Zion won't stay put and my poor digicam was suffering from a shutter lag. We had to bribe him with chocolates, biscuits, and several hours of playtime before he finally settled down.

Credits for this layout: Halloween Kit from and Spooky Night Kit from


leahanne31 said...

wow! nice nice LO sis! ang cute niya dun sa nakatayo siya. hehe.

Zahava Pasternak said...

I remember trick or treat festivals at church. I have a different perspective on this day now.

jennyjenjen said...

so cute!

G said...

Love Zion's pix here! nakakatuwa, very cooperative siya sa posing niya...enjoy talaga viewing this LO, cute as ever si zion!

Have a happy holloween sis! ;)